What Now? Part 2

February 15, 2010
By crunchyginger18 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
crunchyginger18 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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When I walked in, Mr. Fields was already at the head of the room. “Miss Bern, are you aware you are a minute late?’’ I ducked my head. “Sorry Sir”. I walked to my desk, trying not to make a stir, but that’s a impossibility for me. Jake Shore stuck out his foot, and I tripped over it. My books, and pens went all over the place, and I ended up butt first on the ground. I sighed. Another day in the life of Lizzabel Bern. I stood up, and picked up my stuff. “Are you ready to sit down now, Miss Bern?” Asked Mr. Fields. I nodded, not looking up, not wanting the class to see the tears in my eyes. I sat down, and Mr. Fields started roll call. Just as he got done, with no James, the door was thrown open, and James came in. He glanced at me, then said “Sorry Mr. Fields, I really wanted to be here on time, but my car had a flat”. Mr. Fields raised an eyebrow, and said “Couldn’t you walk this morning, Mister Young? Please sit down’’. In every class I have with James, he sits behind me. He sat down, and Mr. Fields started in on the class. I was spacing out, when I felt a tap on the back. I jerked out of my daze, and looked behind me. James pointed to his desk, and I looked at mine. A little wade of pink paper was on top of my book. I unfolded it, and read, in James messy scrawl: ThanksJ. I blinked. Thanks for what? Quickly, I opened my notebook, and wrote back:
For What?
For keeping your mouth shut. You knew my car didn’t have a flat. Sorry about Alex.-J
Oh, that’s okay. I should be the one saying sorry. He’s a jerk, but I won’t say what Barbie is.-L
Lol, what are you doin’ af school? I need help on math. U help? -J
Was he asking me out? How does he know I’m good at math?
Not a lot, yeah, sure I’ll help you. Where? Looks like you need help with your spelling ;p-L
I don’t get off work till 4, so how’s about 4:30 at Frank’s IC?
Sounds good. Better pay a bit ‘o mind to Mister Fields is saying, if you wanna go to collage.
Yes mother. TTYL ;)

I grinned. I drew a smiley face on my hand, and pretended to scratch my head. He snorted behind me, and Mr. Fields gave him the evil eye. The rest of the class was spent in a wonderful dreamland, of myself and James. When the bell rang, I jumped. I packed up my stuff, and headed to French. The rest of the day was spent in anticipation for the afternoon ahead. When the last bell rang, I walked home. When I unlocked the door, I heard a yell, coming from down the hall. I glanced down the hall, wondering which apartment the yell had come from. It was number 14, the one right down the hall, 3 doors down from mine. Addis Long lived there, with her step-dad. I hoped she was okay. Often there was yelling from that apartment. Her step-dad often brought girl-friends home, and then they’d get in fights, or he and Addis would fight over her boyfriend, TJ, who was known for being a jerk. She was kind of known for being a woman of the world, so I kind of didn’t talk to her, but sometimes, when she came into the hall to cry, I would give her a cookie, to try to make her feel better. She had always made fun of me, calling me four eyes in 7th grade. Then, the first time she fought with her dad, I had given her a glass of milk and a cowboy cookie. To this day, she’s never made fun of me again. I opened the door, and mom met me in the hall. “How are you dear? Did you find out why?” I nodded. “Yeah, he left me for Barbie Wells. You know, James’ girlfriend? Well, was girlfriend”. She looked concerned. “Does James know this?” My mom is a therapist, so she worries about everyone. “He didn’t till this morning, when he saw them snogging by her locker. She’s really rather tactless” I heard a door slam, and I knew Addis was out in the hall. “Excuse me Mom, I’m going to take Addis a cookie”. Mom smiled at me, and I went into the kitchen, where Laney was eating a chocolate chip cookie mom had made. “Those good?” I asked her. She nodded, grinning at me, her mouth too full to talk. I got two out of the jar, one for me, and one for Addis. Then I poured two cups of milk. I put it all on a tray, and walked into the hall. She was sitting in the small alcove, crying. I sat down next to her. She gave me a watery smile, and took a cookie. “Need to talk?” I asked, in my mother best voice. “Oh, dads just being stupid again”. I smiled at her. Suddenly, I felt my self telling her about James. She was silent, while I talked. Then I asked her if I should tell Miya. “Well, I’m not sure. Does she seem protective of him?’’ I shook my head no. Miya doesn’t give a kangaroos fart about her brother. All the better for me, I guess. “Well, I would wait a little bit. Tonight, if he’s really nice, I’d think maybe he likes you. I’m not really an expert on these kind of things. Don’t you have to meet him in ten minutes?” I jumped up. “Oh my god, you’re right. Thanks, or I would have forgotten. Talk to you later?”

The author's comments:
This is part two. Tell me what you think! Please;)

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The Reader! said...
on Mar. 6 2010 at 10:33 am
I loved that. Can't wait till you make a next one, if you do!

on Feb. 21 2010 at 8:18 pm
contrygurl BRONZE, Sanbernardino, California
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OMGUSHERS!!!!!!!!I love this story!! keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!


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