February 1, 2010
By Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
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I am one of those people who love the world. I am happy when everything seems sad. No one could understand why I was so happy and there not. When everyone is trying to change the world I am just taking a break and watching. I thought to myself I need change me. My mom just got done getting ready. I said “ I want to change my wardrobe.” My mom gave me her usually look and said “ why honey its fine how it is?” I waited till she stopped with the look then said “ but, I am going to be in 12th grade this year and I think I need a new style that says a lot about me.” She looked at me some more then coughed and finally said “ fine go get ready.” I gave her a kiss then ran to my room to get ready. A few minutes later my mom yelled up “ sweetie are you almost ready?” I yelled back “ yes mother.” She hates it so much when I call her mother. I ran down stairs to meet my mom by the door. She said “ grab a coat.” I looked at her funny then said “ Mom its summer.” Her face got all red then said “ oh yeah sorry about that honey.” When we got in the car my mom said “ honey are you sure about this I mean you have some perfect clothes in your closet.” I let out a sigh and said “ Yes mother, God cant you at least want to help me.” Then I turned so I could look out the window. I could feel her watching me. She put her hand on mine and said “ honey I was just asking. There is no need for pouting about this fight.” I felt the angry inside me build up in till I screamed. She jumped and looked over at me and said “ Lucy?” I said “ mom drop me off at Ethan’s house now.”
She said “ but I thought you wanted to go to the mall?” I said with angry “ not anymore.” It was silent in the car in till we got to Ethan’s house. She said “ bye honey call me if you want me to pick you up.” I waved bye as I was walking to the front door. When I got up there Ethan was waiting for me. Me and Ethan go way back. I met him in 1st grade, he was in my class. We became best friends for life. Now we might just be more than friends I am not sure about it. I love him more than anything but I don’t know if he loves me like I love him. He opened the door for me and said “ hey what’s up?” I said “ hey my mom was taking me shopping and said some stuff to me.” He gave me a hug then said “ Lu I am just happy that you’re here.” My name is Lucy lulu Shank. My friends just call me Lu. I said back “ I am just happy to be here.” He smiled and said “ I have to go to work today so maybe we should hangout after I get off of work?” I said “ Sure. Just call me when your done.”
He kissed me on the cheek and walked away. As I was walking down the driveway I saw this guy running towards me. He wasn’t paying attention and he knocked me down. I hit the ground pretty hard and all I could hear was his voice. He said “Are you ok?” I managed to say “ I think.” He grabbed my hand to help me up. He said “ I am sorry about knocking you down.” I smiled and said “ its fine and Are you new here?” He said “Yes I just moved in last week.”
I said “ My name is Lucy. I live a couple of house down.” He smiled and said “ My name is Adam. And nice to meet you Lucy.” I think I blushed and said “ Its very nice to meet you Adam.” He hesitated and said “ Since I knocked you down I think I owe you. So what do you say you come to dinner with me tonight?” I thought for a moment then said “ I would love too.” He smiled and said “ I will pick you up at 7.” I said “ here is my address.” We said our goodbyes and went are own ways. The whole way home I thought of what to wear. I know he is just taking me out because he knocked me down and all but I still want to look good. I ran the rest of the way home. When I got there I saw that my moms car wasn’t there. So I figured I would call her on her cell. I said “ Mom where are you?” She said “ I am just doing some food shopping. Why?” I said “ could you pick me out a cute outfit I have a date tonight?” My mom took forever to answer my question but she said “ sure thing honey.” I said “ bye.” Than hung up. I don’t think my mom was to happy to hear that I was going on a date with someone.
The only person my mom wants me to date is Ethan but, since I met Adam I don’t think I want too. I mean Adam seems really caring you can tell by the way he pulled me up. I think I need to keep Adam close like with Ethan. Suddenly my phone rang and it was Ethan. I answered and said “ yes?” He said “ I don’t have to work today to do you want to go do something?” I said “ Can’t I have a date tonight.” Those words coming out of my mouth felt great. I haven’t said that in a long time and I just wish I could see the look on his face. He said “ oh with who may I ask?” I said “ Adam he just moved here and he lives right next to you.” He was silent for awhile but he managed to say “ oh I thought we had plans?” I said “ We did but I don’t wont to go out with you tonight. I have a date.” Ethan said “ Well we had a date and you blew it off.” I said “ can’t you just be happy for me. Its not all ways about what you want. I have needs and wants too.” He sounded mad when I was talking. It felt very good to have said all those things to him.
I heard a loud scream through the phone. He said “ you have nerve saying all that to me. Earlier today you loved me but now that some d****** bag comes along and sweeps you away from me. Why is that?” The angry inside was building up again I couldn’t help myself not to say it but I did say “ You really want to know. Well its cause I want something new in my life, something fresh. You talk like you’re the only one in the relationship. I am just done with dating or pretend dating. I want a real boyfriend who cares for me and talks about us not just him.” He said “ wow. I never herd anyone talk about themselves then you. I care deeply about you. Why cant you do the same?” I said “ I talk about myself all the time? Forget this when you realize that I don’t care about you anymore. Call me back and we can talk it over. Cause now and forever we will be only friends. And that is it. Goodbye.” I hung up the phone.

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