The Warm Embrace of Him!

February 1, 2010
His Hands are soft and genital.They are always there to embrace me and show me he cares all the time. When we are at school we barley get to see each other.His eyes shine lights so I can see. His heart speaks of only me.
As days come and days go,he is always there for me. Most people that look at us are like gross. They don't like the fact of blacks and whites mixing. I say if your in love and know your not leaving each other It doesn't matter. I love him with all my heart no matter what people say or think.
My heart has been broke more than once and he is piecing it back together. Some of my friends are mean and non-supportive to mine and his relationship. Others don't care they see how much in love he and me is. We have both lost loved one and it hard. I try my best to get over my passing and he is there to support me through thick and thin.
It seems as if it doesn't care what i do he will always be there to see me through. He shows me he cares everyday. I just don't see how I can live without him. I love his family they are just like mine. I claim them as if they were my own and one day I know the will be.
I don't care what people think about Him and I but I know that every time i look into his eyes they make me ignore everyone in around me and he takes me to they sky. His love makes me fly up really high.
I can't but help look into his eyes because I know they will catch me if I fall. He is always there to make sure I don't fall and I am never hurt. He shows me no matter what happens he is always gonna be here for me.

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