Immortal love chapter 10

February 6, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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I walked down the hall silently. I had to get Vander and Head Master stone to love me or at least be able to tolerate our marriage. It was really bothering Ludicrous and my heart hurts when he’s sad. I clutched my hands together. I had left my swords back in the room. No need to make Vander hate me for the use of swords. I was almost completely defenseless with out my swords.
I reached Vander’s room with a sigh. I knocked. After a few seconds he opened the door. He glared at me then shut the door. “Oh come on Vander I need to talk to you” I moaned. “Go away you wretch” Vander hissed. “Oh come on. Ludicrous is sad and pissed because half his family hates him for the marriage. Don’t you want to see your little brother happy Vander?” I asked almost ready to beg him to open the door. “He’s unhappy?” Vander asked looking at me with a slight bit of worry in his eyes. I hit a pressure point.
I walked into his room. His room matched Ludicrous’s only his had an extra room that went to an office and the colors of the walls, carpet and furniture were different.
I sat down on one of the steps to his large bed. “He’s not happy. Not happy at all.” I whispered. “It hurts to see him so crushed.” “You must have known this would happen. A wretch like you should know the consequences of vampire’s loving humans.” Vander hissed at me. “Stop hissing at me! This isn’t about me this is about Ludicrous. Your little brother. My fiancé” I hissed back at him. He sighed. I looked down at my hands. “I knew the consequences but……so did Ludicrous. He doesn’t care. He thought he could have me and be happy and he is happy when he’s not thinking about his family.” I whispered. Vander looked at me.
“I can’t keep making out with him just to keep him happy. That’s not solving problems. That’s stalling” I whispered. He frowned. “How many times have you made out with my brother?” Vander asked. I bit my lip hard. “Not the point” I said looking away from him as I blushed. He sighed. “You know what I could care less so what do you want from me?” he asked. “I want you to pretend you can tolerate me. Just think your evil killing thoughts to yourself. If you want your little brother to be happy you have to at least try to except me.” I said. He began to protest but I quickly added “Me leaving isn’t goanna make him happy. It’ll break his heart. You know that and that is the last thing I want.”
Vander sighed. “I guess I can tolerate you” he said. “We’ll just have to pretend we like each other for a little while. After the wedding we’ll be busy so you can loosen up but we have to keep Ludicrous happy for a while.” I said. “Fine” he said.
I leaned back on the steps. “Can you tell me one thing though?” I asked. He sighed. “What?” he asked. “Why do you hate me so much?” I asked. “I may not be a ray of sunshine but at least I have a bright personality most of the time.” “Because you’re a wretched human and even worse a wretch like you is after my brother. I hate you kind and I hate that you love my brother and I hate that you’ve been kissing him and making him happy in ways that should be illegal for a young girl like you.” Vander hissed. “I keep everything PG-13…..not counting last night. That was R-Rated” I mumbled. “Please tell me you didn’t” he moaned. “I can’t” I mumbled. “Great” he groaned. “Hey it was his choice. He wanted me to so I did. Waiting sucks” I hissed. “Whatever.” He hissed looking away from me. “Ok let’s get off your brother’s sexy life. Do we have a deal?” I asked. “Fine but I want you to leave me alone as much as possible” he hissed. “No problems over here. I hate your kind just as much as you hate mine but unlike you I accept things. I want to learn to accept your kind because I’m now apart of it. I want to learn to love what I’ve become and I want to be able to love the vampire’s out there who I am goanna rule when I marry Ludicrous. I accept. You should too” I hissed getting up. I left the room with a hiss and a slamming of his door.

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Hi this is idcwhatcoloritis. Check out my account and message me telling me what you thought of Immortal love! I go by idcwhatcoloritis there too. Thanks for reading!
Peace from idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria.

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