Immortal love chapter 9

February 6, 2010
I walked into the room carrying my close and bikini. Ludicrous was still lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. I walked up the steps and sat down next to him. “You haven’t moved since I left. What’s going on?” I asked. “I’m just worried. I know Vander will pull another stunt soon. My father will probably help” Ludicrous said. I kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry alright. I’ll wear a dress and hide my swords just like last time.” I said. “That’s a bad idea” he said. “Not really. I can’t really defend myself with out my swords” I shrugged. He sighed. “Alright” he said. “Then come have some fun with me. I’m goanna go change. Go put on your swim trunks.” I said. I walked into the bathroom.
I walked out of the bathroom in a sexy way as I noticed that Ludicrous was in the hot tub already. There was a bottle of wine sitting near the hot tub. I smiled. Wine always makes me happy.
I slid into the water and slid over to him. It was warm against my new pail skin. “That feels so good” I whispered slowly sliding my head under the water. Ludicrous slid under with me. I stared at him under the water as I held my breath. He looked really funny under water. I shot up and saw that I had pushed a lot of water onto the carpet. Oh well. It would dry eventually. I sat back down on the small marble bench that stretched around the hot tub. Ludicrous stood and sat down next to me. He put his arm around me. I slid close to him and shut my eyes as I laid my head against his shoulder.
“Are you worried?” I asked. “About?” he asked waiting for my answer. “About me. You’ve been really stressed since we woke up this morning. I expected you to be a little happier after you slept with me” I said with a slight giggle as I mentioned the word slept. He sighed. “It’s just……there’s so much going on right now. It’s hard to handle” he said. “As your almost wife it is my job to help you with your stress so what’s wrong?” I asked suspiciously. “It’s just……I feel like we were more pressured into mating and then even more pressured into marriage. Plus my father hates me and so does Vander” Ludicrous said sadly. I sighed. “Then do you want to mate again tonight? No pressure at all?” I asked. He smiled a little. “Sounds good to me” he said.
“And for the whole marriage thing I really don’t mind as long as the man standing at the end of the ail is you.” I whispered. He smiled. “I guess I can live with that” he said. I frowned. “Are you saying I’m a terrible bride?” I mumbled. “No no! I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and amazing bride” he said. “Good cause your not goanna be asking. I am your only bride. Ever” I proclaimed with a slight pout. He chuckled. “I can live with that. Sounds good to me” he chuckled.
“As for you father and Vander I’m sure they will not forget who I am. I don’t plan for them to except me nor do I want them to. I’d be happy just being with you. Everyone else’s opinions aren’t important. The only one that matters to me is yours.” I said. He sighed. “I think my father will come around eventually but Vander will not. He’s not forgiving.” He said. I kissed his neck. “Don’t worry about it. All work on Vander. As a wife it is my job to keep my handsome husband happy. If that’s what it takes to make you happy then I’ll make Vander except me” I proclaimed. “That’s crazy Sapphire” Ludicrous said. I smiled. “That’s who I am Ludicrous. As your guardian I will protect you from harm so I will be careful what I say and say it at the right time. The last thing I want is you in pain” I whispered. He smiled. “Don’t worry so much.” He said. “I’m your fiancé it’s my job” I said as if it was so obvious.
He kissed my forehead. “You need to relax” he said. “So do you so smile for me” I said. He chuckled and smiled at me. “There’s my Ludicrous” I whispered. I kissed him. His strong arms slid around my like pythons and got so tight that if I was a human I would be seriously bruised. I slid my hands up to his cheeks. “I love you” I whispered then pressed my lips back against his. The adrenaline kicked in and the hot bubbly water didn’t really help the whole turn on thing. His lips were furious against mine.
I could tell he’d been waiting for this for so long. After all I use to hate him. How had I ever resisted those perfect eyes? Those strong muscles. That soothing voice. That gorgeous face. That bright personality. How beautiful and sexy he makes me feel. The love I feel for him that I could never run away from. That serious attraction that always drew me towards him. His perfect and soft lips against mine. How could I have resisted.
I heard a knock on the door. I backed away a little then sat down next to Ludicrous. “Come in” Ludicrous moaned. I giggled. It was Head Master Stone. I reached behind my back and tied my bathing suit tighter. Ludicrous had been working on getting it off me. “Son I’ve spoken to the Immortal council and they say that Sapphire Mason must meet some qualifications” Head Master Stone said. “What kind of qualifications?” Ludicrous asked protectively pulling me against him. “She must be a vampire for at least a week which really works with the schedule of the wedding. She must be a good leader. Must have some relation to vampires in a past life. Must be bound to you. Must be over the age of 18 and must be eligible for graduation.” Head Master Stone said. “My grades are flawless, I turned 18 2 months ago, my grandparents were vampires as well were my parents, I’m an amazing leader, I am bounded to Ludicrous, I will be a vampire for a week.” I said proudly going over each issue. “One more thing” he said. “Hum?” I asked suspiciously. “You must meet the council in 3 hours” he said. I nodded. Head Master Stone grinned an evil grin at me and left.
I glared at him as he left. “Well this isn’t good” he said. “I’ll be fine. You just relax” I said running my finger tip down his muscular arm. He sighed. “Just be careful” he said. “I don’t ever go anywhere unprepared.” I said. He sighed. “Don’t strap any deathly weapons to your legs” he said. “I make no promises” I said proudly. “Sapphire” he moaned. “I don’t go anywhere unprepared. If it’ll make you happy I’ll bring my older swords. They’ll likely break soon anyways.” I said. He sighed. “Alright” he said. I kissed his neck. “Don’t worry my love. I’ll be fine” I whispered. “I hope so” he whispered pulling me closer against him. I sighed.

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