*The Aburn Eclipse* (Part 7)

February 8, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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The class finished and they were inseparable from there. They wouldn’t let go of each other as they waited in the hallway. He held her by the waist while she held on tight around his arms. They laughed and laughed knowing they really were in love but still in shock at how fast it happened. But they knew at the way they looked at each other, the tingle in every touch and what they each do that the other loves’.

“Okay what’s up with y’all!?” Calypso asked as she walked behind them. “Oh nothing” Mason said as he used one of his fingers to intertwine Selene’s hair with his finger. “Do you really expect us to believe that? I mean you can’t even fool me about that!” Skylar said. “Psssttt I’ll tell you later!” Selene whispered as she and Mason walked towards the next class laughing again.

After this class it was time for lunch. Both Mason and Selene shared a salad and a chocolate milkshake. “So are you gonna tell us what’s going on!?” Calypso asked with total impatience. “Didn’t you hear me? I said later.” “Ugh it is later!” she said annoyed. “Please just be patient!” Selene said while showing her puppy dog face. “Fine!” she said while grunting.

They all talked about how the day had gone by with all the teachers and classmates and then continued on to the next class periods. The rest of the night flew by pretty quickly. Then at 5:00 a.m. school was over.

While finishing getting their stuff at their lockers Violet appeared. “How do you like it so far here Mason?” she asked in her most decent and welcoming voice. “Actually I’m enjoying very much! It’s been great thanks for asking” he replied with “his” smile. “I’m glad to hear that! So are you kids getting along with each other and showing Mason around?” she asked towards the three girls. “Yes, they have very well actually! They’re great!” he said as he turned back and smiled at all three of them. “Great well enjoy the rest of the day! I’ll be around if you need me!”

They all went outside to go the entertainment area. There were all the video games and huge flat-screen TV’s. Calypso and Skylar sat on the two bean bags while Selene and Mason sat on the love seat. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly while she fell helplessly but enjoyably in his arms. Skylar set up the game “Rock Band II” while Calypso took Selene out of Masons’ arms and slipped away with her and then later Skylar to the bathroom.

“Ok girl it’s time!” she said. “Ok, ok, ok fine!” she said while laughing. “Well?” Skylar asked. “He said ‘I Love you’!!! In French” she screamed and squealed with joy as did her best friends. “OH MY GOD!!!” they said. “I KNOW!” she answered. They screamed and jumped even more before calming down just a little bit. They left the bathroom to find Mason right outside the door laughing.

Selene turned really hot and red. As he saw her face he smiled and wrapped his arm around her. “I feel the same way as you did right in there my Lady” he whispered. “Good!” she whispered back as she let her self fall into his strong arms. He led her back to the love seat and caressed her face and looked her straight in the eyes. Calypso and Skylar played the first round while Selene rested against Masons’ chest and felt her heart race rapidly.

“I can hear your heart and it’s racing like crazy!” he said. “So is yours” she said while giggling. He held her tighter and kissed the top of her forehead. Now they all played. Skylar went on the drums, Calypso sang, Selene did the bass and Mason did the guitar. They “jammed” out to the songs “Eye of the Tiger”, “We Got the Beat”, “Hungry like the Wolf”, “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Nine in the Afternoon” and “Cool for Cats”.

“Hahaha that was so much fun!” Selene and Mason said together as they sat back down in the love seat. “Heck Yeah!” said Skylar and Calypso. Calypso and Skylar than prepared the popcorn and drinks for the Harry Potter Marathon. “Do you even like Harry Potter?” Selene asked to Mason. “Of course I love wizards!” She then snorted which made him laugh. They only watched the first movie before being too tired to stay up. They walked back to the dorm so they could sleep before the Moon ceremony.

Calypso and Skylar left purposely after hugging Mason good-night so he and Selene could have their own private good-bye. “Well I loved hanging out with you today!” she said with a smile. “As did I” he said with a smile. They hugged for like what seemed hours but then looked in each others’ eye’s and they both said “I love you” to each other. Just about when Selene was turning away to go upstairs he took her wrist and made her face him again. He kept bringing her closer and closer until there was only a thin layer of air between them.

He put his hand behind her neck, pushed the hair out of her face, smiled and leaned in. His lips pressed against hers. His felt soft and warm against hers. This tingly feeling between their touch was more warm and electric than the simple touches of hand. This one was so much powerful that it felt like they were becoming combined together as one. This made it impossible to want to get away from. Instead of trying to pull away Selene got closer by pressing her body against Masons’ and wrapping her arms around his neck. He then wrapped his arms around her waist and continued having that tingly feeling that made them feel like they were the only ones in the world. After they noticed they had been there for a while they let go very reluctantly. He once again said good-night, kissed the palm of her hand and left as she went upstairs to her room to tell Calypso and Skylar what had just happened.




All four of them rested for a few hours before waking up. The girls woke up at 8:00 p.m. just an hour before the Moon ceremony. But last night Selene was too tired last night to tell them what had happened last night.

“Hey guys I didn’t get to tell you last night what happened” she said with a pretty big smile. Just thinking about it made her blush. “What happened girl!?” Calypso said while jumping from her bed. “Oh just…that he kissed me!” she squealed with joy. “No!” she and Skylar said. “Yes! Oh My God it was the greatest kiss of my life” she said. “How!?” they said. “Well they way he did it was so…amazing! The touch between our lips was electric and really warm that it was so hard to stop” she said. “OH MY GOD!” they squealed together. “Yeah it was so romantic! I don’t how I’ll be able to face him today without turning so red” she said while grunting at the thought of it.

“Don’t worry sugar he likes you for who you are! That’s what makes him love you more!” Calypso said while soothing her shoulder. “Thanks” she said. “Well I’m gonna take a shower to get my mind off it” she said while getting up. “Kay” they replied.

Selene walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked very raggedy. Her hair was all tangled and her eyes were droopy because she was still really tired. She had started getting dark blue marks under her eyes which was very unusual. So she put on some special cream to help stop it and within a minute her pale skin was showing brightly again. She started taking off her Bugs Bunny pajamas and Star Wars undies.

She stepped in the shower and turned on the faucet. The hot sensation made her feel so much better instead of being all cramped up. She really didn’t feel like going anywhere, not even the Moon ceremony. But of course she had to go but she could probably pull off skipping school besides you never got in trouble if you skipped school once or twice-I think.Oh well I need it she thought to herself.

She finished drying her hair and putting on some black ripped jeans, a purple v-neck, a black leather jacket, purple converse and her silver moon necklace-again. She then wore her hair in a pony-tail to the side and put on some make-up.

“Ooo girl you look smoking!” Calypso said as she caught sight of Selene. “Hahaha thanks!” “Welcome” she replied. “I’m gonna skip school today” she said once there was silence. “No you can’t Violet will be mad especially because you’re the leader of the Moon council!” Skylar said in shock. “Well I’m exhausted so I’m sure she’s gonna understand” she said with a shrug. “Probably, so you want us to go with you?” Skylar asked with concern. “Nah, its ok I don’t want you guys to miss school.” “You sure?” “Yeah I’m positive” she replied. “Kay”

Selene read her Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix while Skylar and Calypso finished getting dressed. There was still a little a bit of time so Selene packed her dress and cloak for the Moon ceremony so she could get dressed over there and then put it away so she can skip school.

They went downstairs and had their Fruit Loops cereal while again watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. Once they were done they headed outside. They walked and walked until they saw Mason again on the same bench reading his book. He saw them and waved.

“Ello girls’!” he said in his happy voice. “Hey replied Skylar and Calypso because Selene wasn’t there with them. “Where’s Selene?” he asked worried. “Oh she decided to hide behind that trashcan because she was scared that she would turn so red in front of you because of last night” Calypso replied with a laugh. “Well I guess I’ll have to go over there!” he said in his breath-taking smile while moving between Calypso and Skylar and walking towards the trashcan.

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