*The Auburn Eclipse* (Part 5)

February 8, 2010
The ceremony area was completely dark but only lit by white candles. “Ok before we do anything we have to tell you about well first what the Moon ceremony is” Calypso said while turning to Mason and giving him her flirty smile. “I think Selene can take over from here” Skylar said while pointing towards Selene. Selene walked in front of Mason.

“Well legend says that our descendants were made from the moon. They say that she is our goddess. They started multiplying on earth because she sent them there to feed on some new kind of fresh blood. You see she wanted the best-of-the-best for her children. The leader of that time said he had a message sent to him from the goddess herself to go to earth and feed on humans. We get our powers, immortality, and great instincts from her. On full moons’ our powers are the strongest. We can practically do anything. To show our appreciation and gratitude we have ceremonies in her honor. That is why we call this the House of Moon” she said in a quick and sophisticated way. “And you are the leader because you have special powers from the actual goddess herself and that’s why your name is Selene like the Greek goddess that is the goddess of the moon” he replied glad by his knowledge. Selene just reacted by opening her mouth wide in shock. “I studied a lot about vampires back when I was human they interested very much” he said simply.

“Well know that you know let’s go or we’ll be late” Skylar said while taking his hand and leading him towards his seat. Before Selene and Calypso started walking Calypso gave her one of those I-know-how-you-feel looks.

With a roll of her eyes and a little hint of a smile she took her best friends’ hand and led her to the member’s of the ceremony table where they sat. The table was made of a dark pure oak that had silver goblets filled with blood. There was a flowery pattern on the sides of the table that was colored in white. Each member took their seat at the table as did the rest of the vamps that were in rows in front of the table. With a single chime of the silver bell next to Selene they all hushed.

“We have gathered here once again to honor our very own goddess the Moon. She is very powerful and we thank her with all of our hearts at the greatness she has brought to this race. We will continue to honor her and her greatness as long as we shall live for she is our powerful mother that shows us right from wrong and leads us in the right direction-always. For now we must thank her and pray to her to grant us our wishes and hope she listens to her magnificent children” she said while putting both her hands together in front of her chest and bowed respectfully towards her classmate.

They all bowed respectfully too and stayed there wishing for what they’ve been wanting from the goddess. Dear Goddess I’m not sure if you can really hear me but I need some advice on the leader of your Moon Ceremony council. She is amazing, smart, and beautiful! I don’t know what it is but it’s just something about her that makes me feel better than ever. Please if you are said to lead me in the right direction please, please, please tell me what I should do. Follow my heart or leave a good chance to die off? He prayed to the Moon goddess. My almighty goddess I appraise you and will practically do anything for you. But for now can you please tell me what I should do. Confront my fears with this new guy that makes me feel better than ever and incredible like I’m actually worth something or let him caress and fall in love with someone else? Please lead me… Selene thought to herself.

“Now that we have all prayed to our goddess we must drink from the sacred blood. Each member of the council drank every last drop from their goblet as did the other vamps with the goblets they had in front of them. Now form a line in front of me to place the very sacred mark of our goddess to perform the midnight dance” she said while walking towards the front of the table and taking the dark navy blue paint.

They all got up from their silk pillows that they were kneeling on and made a line in front of Selene. With every vamp that approached her she dipped two of her fingers in the paint and traced a half crescent moon on every vamps forehead. Once she was don’t marking a vamp she would say “May the almighty goddess be with you and guide you through strengths and weaknesses”. Then came around the time to mark Mason.

He gave her his breath-taking smile, and then she returned it finally making him and her blush slightly. She placed both her fingers that had the paint on his forehead but before being able to trace the actual half crescent moon they both felt the warm, tingly, and electric feeling from before. With shock she quickly traced the moon on his forehead making him walk away so she could do it to the next vamp. He walked away disappointed that he couldn’t continue having that feeling with her, so he slowly followed the rest while making grunting sounds.

Once she was done she joined the rest of the council members outside in the terrace where the dance would be performed. “Now that we are all here with our goddess’s mark we must dance! The first thing the descendants did once they arrived on their goddess they danced with a partner wanting to bond as one and show respect for the goddess while using their new graceful moves” she said with a smile. “Now pick a partner and dance with our goddess in the sky!” she said cheerfully.

Every vamp picked each other with a partner and began dancing with the soft music in the background and twirling in circles in perfect motion. The only two people that were left were Selene and Mason. He approached her slowly while showing his smile. He stood before her looking very handsome. He then bowed in front her and offered his hand to her so they could dance together. At first she hesitated making him frown slightly but then she smiled back, bowed respectfully and took his hand after she got a feeling deep inside her telling her to take his hand.

She walked hand-in-hand with him towards the center of the terrace passing through all the other dancers. They stood in front of each other smiling. Then he put his hand on her waist and pushed her towards him. Once she was closer to him he put his other hand on her waist while she put both her arms around his neck. They both continued smiling as they danced to the music. They both moved in little quick moves. After a while Selene decided to rest her head on Mason’s shoulder. He put his head against hers and rubbed the side of her head in a lover’s kind of way. Thank-you my goddess! Thought Mason and Selene as they continued dancing under the moon-light.

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