Stranger Part 1

February 4, 2010
*Tik Tok* The Clock above the Teachers head Counted every second we sat in this room guessing on about all the questions on this god for sakin math test. We all knew it was coming but one of us get the idea to maybe i dont know study? No of course not it's basketball season. Girls have to cheer boys have to play and of course there are those girls who play too. I mean even the people who dont play and dont watch or cheer still did not study. So now we all seat here staring blankly some at the test some at the clock and some at people. "Psst." a hissing whisper comes to me ears. I turn around to find my best friend Brittany sitting two seats away from me and making the funniest most dumbest faces at me. I laugh then hear "Carrie turn around and finish your test." my teacher Mr. Long said forceing me to turn around. I looked down at my test blankly i did not remeber any of this how was i suppose to do this "Psst." I hear Brittany again calling i strugle not to turn around i mean i was already failing this class i didn't need trouble to because lord knows this test was not going to help. *Ring!* Yes! finallt the bell lunch time. "Class please hand me your test on the way out, It's ok if you did not finish it." Mr. Long said taking people test as they walked out. "Carrie! Wait up." Brittany called out. "How did you do on the test?" She asked me. "Fine just Fine you know how i am with test, better yet you know me and how i am with Math." I laughed knowing she did not understand that when i said fine i was joking. "Brit Care wait for me." Tom called out to us our other best friend who happened to be a guy. "How did you guys do on that big math test you two had?" He asked i laughed. "I think i did good and Carrie said she did fine." Tom laughed. "Did she say it like this? 'Fine Just Fine'" He memicked me vocie and words. "Yes! Just like that." She said smiling so proud of herself. "Ha Brit Hun she means she did terrible." Tom said in a slow baby vocie. Oh how i loved my friends i said to myself watching the argue back and forth oh how watching this could make anyone laugh. I turned my head to look out the window when i saw a guy i had never seen before he was looking in the window like he was lookin for someone he was tall had brown hair that came down to his eyebrows his eyes were almost gold and he looked grogues standding there you could tell he was our age or so. I stood up out of my seat and walked to the doors thats lead you outside i wanted to know what he was doing. I felt weird as i walked though the grass area to where he was standing i would never do this never in my life time i was always to shy. I walked up to him we was wearing a Green shirt and gray skinny jeans that weren't that skinny they. I tapped his shoulder, he turned around to meet my eyes. "Hey, Um i was kinda wondering why you were out here all by yourself?" I asked he smiled then grabed my hand and dragged me off to the middle of the grass area away from everyone else. "Waiting for you." He said then before i could reply his warm lips touched my cold lip soom we were one. He pulled away for what felt like to early. "Wh-Who are you?" I asked swaying back and forth i just had the best kiss of my life with someone i knew nothing about. "Adam is the name." He said sitting on the ground patting the gound next to him. "I'm-" He cut me off "I know who you are." "and i know nothing about you Adam." I said confused. "Ya i know."

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contrygurl said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 5:37 pm
i luv this so much cant wait for the nxt part =)
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