Waves of Light (Part 2)

January 31, 2010
He turned and walked out of the room, completely engulfed in disbelief.
“Frank!” She hurried after him, tears starting to collect in the corners of her eyes. They commenced streaming down her already glossy cheeks.
“Now what?”
“I’m sorry…”
“That’s alright.”
Lilly stepped forward into Frank’s arms. She leaned immediately into his shoulder to prevent him from observing her unleash her despair and uncertainty. When she had managed to somewhat compose herself, she took a deep breath before quietly mumbling, “I will marry you, but only if when you asked me it wasn’t just a jest and, of course, you still want me to.”
After a few moments Frank broke the silence with a strong, apologetic voice, “No. We’re not getting married unless you let me do this the right way.”
Lilly stared in vexation at him until she saw him get down on his left knee. He reached into the recesses of his coat pocket, and out emerged a velvet-coated box. As he slowly opened it, revealing a glistening array of sapphire, emerald, and amethyst, Lilly exerted a sigh of relief.
“Now, Lilly, will you marry me?”
“Frank, as I have already indicated, I will indeed accept your request of being joined by marital bonds!”
“What a relief! I had had thoughts that you might say no. By the way, you couldn’t resist using a wordy phrase, could you?”
Lilly started giggling, as Frank proceeded to slide the silver ring on her finger. He arose and they – once again – kissed, only this time the event was short and sweet.
Later that evening, Lilly gave Amos a gentle reminder that they could not be together. He took it lightly and agreed it would be best. When she went to sleep, Frank dealt with informing Amos of the engagement and how Frank wanted him as his best man. Although this sort of put Amos into a gloomy mood, he was enthralled for his friends.
The following week, the couple planned their wedding, for that Saturday they would be married. Their main task was to send out invitations to their immediate family and closest friends. They had decided to hold the most prominent occasion of their lives in Lilly’s parent’s cliff-side backyard in Scotland.
When the day came, Frank and Lilly felt as if their brains were reeling with anxiety. Despite that, Lilly looked absolutely stunning in her flowing satin gown. Frank’s tuxedo was crisply ironed, his green tie perfectly placed, and a small amount of purple lilacs in his buttonhole.
She strolled down the flower-adorned aisle with a bouquet of lilies, pansies, roses, and lilacs in her grasp. When she arrived to Frank, she rested her hand on his arm, and they sat down. The judge droned on and on for what seemed like hours. All the while, they breathed the scent of the sea and focused on the light reflecting off the waves to ease their minds. Finally, the moment they had waited all their lives for came.
“Lillian Scarletta Pelkins, the first second we met I knew our lives were meant to be intertwined. It was love at first sight, and I’m glad it was. Now, my promise to you is that I will strive to be the most loyal, devoted, and caring husband anyone could ever wish for.”
“Franklin Klaude Samdok, my love for you has been a constant inferno that I wish never to extinguish. You have always been my one true love. No one has ever been able to persuade me otherwise. My oath is to be your bride, the one you can always go to when you need someone to talk to. However, my intention is to be able to act as if we did when we were nothing more than close friends.”


There was one final inspection of the rocket before it was stocked with the supplies mandatory for the trip. Lilly refused to leave Frank’s side, fearing he would board without saying farewell. She was rather upset that he was so willing to leave her on Earth just so he could play the drums on the moon. Her constant nagging and badgering was starting to annoy him, but he knew she could not fully comprehend his decision.

Amos thoughtfully watched the two of them chat. He sided with Lilly, for he believed Frank was being a complete fool. What if I could make there be an important reason for him to stay? Not to say that Lilly’s pregnancy is not important, but maybe I could find something to keep him here. . .

“You don’t have to leave, though!”

“Lilly, I’ll be back before you know it.”

Fool. Does he not realize she needs him to be there? It is just so she does not have to fret, but he is blind to that. . .

“Lilly, I’ll be fine!”
Try listening to her for a change. Neither you or her know of her visionary fantasies. If you had recognized her anxiety and interrogated her about the matter, you would know of her lurid dreams. You, that spaceship, and me: exploding because of the energy blasts from a black hole. However, she did not see who directed the ship into the magnetic ring, me. I am not sure yet why, but I just did.
“Lilly, take care. I’ll talk to you soon!”
“Frank, she knows how to take care of herself. Take care, Lilly.”
“I will. Farewell to both of you, and good luck on your journey.”
“Goodbye, Lilly.”
“Goodbye, Amos. Goodbye, Frank.”
“Goodbye, sweetheart.”
Little did Frank and Lilly know, this would be their final departure.

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