Rivalry part 2

January 31, 2010
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You are slowly approaching. Inch by inch by inch. Step by step. I am dreading the moment when you will reach me, and probably humiliate me. You will smile at me, the smile that always makes me second-guess my decision. Makes me think about if I should give you up, even though I never really had you to begin with. It makes me ponder and makes me think about my feelings, do I really like you? No, I don’t. I don’t, but you bribe me with that smile and it is so unfair. My friends are eyeing me suspiciously. Amy nudges me and whispers, “What?” She follows my gaze and she sees you walking towards me. Her mouth falls open in amazement and she moves closer to me in a defensive way. She knows just how much pain you put me through. Now, everyone is staring as you step closer to me. Everyone in our whole grade watches as you stand right in front of me.

“Lindsay,” you mumble.

“What, Kyle?” I inquire. “What do you want now? Please don’t-“

“I don’t want to embarrass you Lindsay. I don’t want us to fight anymore.”

“What is it then? Just tell me.”

Everyone glances at me, then you. You eye me apologetically and you inch closer to me. I can hear your heart beating and mine speeds up. I sense the look in your eyes and my frustration melts away. It evaporates from my head just as quickly as snowflakes do when they hit the ground. There is still a hint of anger in my voice when I speak, “Kyle, listen. I can’t take this anymore. You hurt me so deeply; nothing can bring us back together again. I’m sorry, but I have to go.”
My friends are all stunned and they know better then to follow me. I pick up my sweatshirt and I walk past you, our shoulders touch and there is a sudden warmness inside me. I stride away with your sorrow- stricken eyes glued to me.

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