The Click Of A Heartbeat

January 29, 2010
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"Why are you making that face?" He asked.
I smiled.
"You see that's not so bad is it?"
"Just hurry up and finish already, you're killing me."

After he took the picture, he smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. He sat the camera down and started toward me. My heart started beating faster with each step he took. I knew what he was about to do, of course I already thought about it a million times already. Everything would be storybook beautiful.

After it happened we would instantly fall in love, as if we weren't already. My friend's would finally get the chance to meet him, they would love him, as my grandma already did. Of course my father won't like him at first, but eventually he would warm up to him. I didn't see why not. He's great, wonderful, fantastic. There isn't a single thing about him that I would even consider changing. When he smiles, his dimples. His teeth, white and perfectly straight without braces. His skin, a smooth light brown. His hair, long, wavy, black. His voice, beautiful.

Together he and I would take over everything. The World. Life. More importantly, my world, my life, would officially be complete. Anything I doubted about him, about anything, would simply vanish. There would be no more need to ever feel afraid. No more need to worry about anything, ever again. Everything would be taken care of after this moment. I might be nervous now, but I'll be okay after its all over, because I know it won't be.

He's the only person I want to spend my time with, He's the only person I envision being in my life longer then just this week. It's only fit that this would be the beginning of everything. It may have taken longer than expected. But I'm glad we didn't rush into anything. If this was to happen sooner, it might not have been right. I wouldn't have felt this way yet, so there would've been way less emotion put into all of this.

My friend's may not be able understand why we waited so long, but once they see the two of us together, it won't even matter to them anymore. They'll know, they'll be able to see. We were made for each other, we're perfect together. There's no one else out there for either one us. It's me for him and him for me. Simply put. So what if his mother doesn't approve. She'll see, she'll be able to understand. There's no turning back, after this. It's just going to be me and him after this. All the time.

Even when he stepped close enough to put his hand on my cheek, I still wasn't well prepared for this moment. It was amazing. That dream first kiss you only read about in the books or see in the movies. Perfect. At least to me it was.

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