'I Can Do That,' you said.

January 28, 2010
By DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
DearMindy GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
The best feeling in life is doing what what someone said could not be done.

Do you remember the night?
You asked me what I wanted from you..
And I replied 'the world'.

You smiled, and said
'I can do that.'

My soul lept as your fingers tangled themselves with mine and you whispered that hope. I had forgotten what it was like. You kissed my face, so gently that I pressed into you. You kissed my brow, and told me that things were falling into place, the same way you were falling for me. My skin wept and my eyes spoke volumes. They gave me away.

My sorrow carried down your sides and fell off your fingertips. It crawled across my chest and swept down on my eagerness to tell you everything, even though I couldn't. My nerves caught fire and my lines blazed with yours. Our foreheads collapsed into each other and my sighs called to move you. Your nose brushed my neck with urgency, and my voice lost balance. My contrast was falling short to what I was actually feeling.

'I can give you the world', you saidly softly..

And I could feel your heart calling for me, the same way my regret was smoothing over my lips as I was falling into yours. I kept hiding while the moon kept shining. I had forgotten how bright the stars could be, until you told me again. I felt your hope pouring over me, and your lips coloring my skin. You were calming my sadness, something noone would dare. I was fighting for my life, while you were trying to save it.

And you promised me the world.

You told me you would give me the moon. You said it wouldn't be easy, but that you'd name each star for me, each name starting with one of the letters L-O-V-E. You closed your eyes and gripped my face and told me that if I wanted you to, you would tell stories of our love to the flowers. You would kiss every petal with my name, and tell every mountain how they should carve my freckles into the snow. You sketched with your lips how the ocean would send waves to my feet, and how the mist would only sweep across my lips, reviving my broken spirits and renewing my faith in you. You promised me the clouds, and proclaimed to me how every rain drop would whisper to me how your pure emotions were sending them to me. You said that the only fog that would fall down on roads would be gathered from chilled breaths I was taking with you. You promised that the grass would wave away my injustices and that the wind would hum my favorite love song. Your eyes seemed a different pattern when you grabbed both my hands and told me that the sunset would only send the most beautiful colors to the most beautiful eyes you'd even seen, and that a new day would only be waiting for me when my heart would proclaim that we were due for a sunrise..

I closed my eyes and listened your breaths.
'I can do that'.
You said.

It seems like a lifetime ago when
I told you that I had wanted to the world.. But I was such a fool..
Because as you told me everything, I forgot to tell you one thing;
my whole world was revolving around that single moment..

And I didn't need the world.
I only needed you.

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