The Manipulator

January 17, 2010
By , Frederick, MD
He came close to me and ran his fingers gently down my side. “Come on, just one kiss…”

“Im not so sure.”

He came closer and I turned my head rejecting his attempt at a kiss. I stared at the empty stairwell beside me while my heart thumped loudly. “Please?” he said.

“This means something to me though,”

“What? Kissing?” he said intensely looking into my eyes with his big blue ones.

I gulped “yeah,” my voice cracked a little. “It’s not something I do just because.”

He looked at me and moved his hand off my hip. “And you think I do this just because I can?”

I nodded slowly.

“No,” he said coming inches away from my face. This time I didn’t move. “I do it because I like someone, I like you.”

I didn’t believe this and shook my head. “You’re just saying that,”

He brushed my arm with his finger tips. He sent shivers through my body as I stood inches away from him. As much as I hated agreeing with myself, I know I like him and I’m afraid if I let his kiss me, ill like him too much.

And I can’t, absolutely cant, fall for him.

“Come on,” he said softly, “let’s just try,”

He made me swoon as he touched my back and pulled me into him.

“Okay,” I found myself saying. “Just once though.”

I felt him touch his lips to mine and kiss me so passionately. I felt my lips moving against his and felt this was right.

Until I realized that this was completely wrong.

With all the strength I had, I pulled away from him.

He looked straight at me, content, happy. “Thank you,” he said almost as a whisper.

I smiled and walked out of the stairwell he led me into and joined my group

I ran away from him wishing I didn’t. I wanted to tell him I liked him too, and let love take its course.

At 9:30 PM I slipped out of my hotel room roaming the empty halls I knew he’d be wondering. I had to find him.

I checked the ballroom, the lobby and even his room.

But with no luck with any of those I went to the stairwell to maybe find him waiting for me.

And as I slowly and hopefully opened that door I saw no one other than him.

And another girl.

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