Love is Complicated, Episode 3

January 26, 2010
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Jesse sat in a long white room. He had his hands folded neatly in his lap pinned together with hand cuffs. He sat there for a while. There was no sound coming from anywhere. It was deadly silent. Jesse knew he was in the interrogation room. So why wasn’t anyone interrogating? He did something really bad to a person he really cared about. He was alone. He was told that his father didn’t want to talk to him. He didn’t want to talk to Jesse even though he played a huge role in the crime. Then again, he didn’t know that small detail, no one did.

Suddenly the door slammed open and two detectives came in, one chubby and most definitely had a look in his eye saying “don’t mess with me, I have a gun” and the other tall skinny man looked as if he could use some sleep right about now. Jesse felt like he could die any moment but he could still smile so he did, even though it came out strained and obviously forced. “I’m detective Ram.” The chubby one said his hand tapping repeatedly at the gun strapped to his waist. He must have been the sort of bad cop in the bad cop good cop routine. “And this is detective Sawyer.”

“Where’s my lawyer?” Jesse asked, he had seen enough crime CIS’s to know that without a lawyer you don’t have a chance of surviving in court. “Well?” he asked again, he had obviously surprised the detective. The detective took a moment to recover, “The public defender is on his way.” “In that case,” Jesse said rocking slowly back and forth in his chair, “I won’t answer any questions until he arrives.” The lawyer sighed and nodded. With that he motioned for his partner to lead out the door. “We’ll be back later.” He said not even looking at Jesse as he shut the door behind them.

Jesse was alone again. He had sat in a cold jail cell all night long, the movies don’t show how uncomfortable they actually are. All he was allowed to have with him was a book. He chose his favorite book; it was about robots taking over the earth. Now he sat in this room without even that. He had been sitting there for another half an hour, in which he had fallen asleep, surprisingly enough the hard chair and metal table were more comfortable then the jail cell, he was awakened though by the sound of a hearty laugh and the smell of good Starbucks coffee. He lifted his head hopefully but it slammed back down onto the table when he heard a voice say, “Is he in here?” His father had arrived.

Jesse hadn’t been ready for this. He hadn’t been prepared. He had been told that his father didn’t want to speak, or see him when he had gotten his one phone call. Why was he here now? And why was he laughing and making jokes when his son just committed a huge crime. The door slowly swung open and Jesse shrank deeper and deeper into his chair. By the time his father stood before him with a young woman, who held the cup of steaming coffee, Jesse’s head had sunk down to just above the level of the table. He looked up at his father feeling inside like a dear in the headlights of a monster truck. “Hey dad…” He sputtered out as he slowly lifted himself back up. “Explain.” His dad said taking a seat and frowning down on Jesse.

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