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January 22, 2010
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It was a warm sunny day after school as the boys undressed from football practice. Sam the star quarterback and his best friend and neighbor since 5th grade Alex who is his favorite wide receiver always had a locker next to each other. Their senior year was coming to an end as well as their football season. Luckily the both were attending Haven University to play football with each other.

“Tough Practice huh? Want to come over for dinner and play Xbox for a while?” Alex said.

“Sure I gotta drive my girlfriend over and maybe get some action later but yea sounds good to me. What are ya having” replied Sam.

“Pork Chops and mashed potatoes of course, we gotta bulk of if we ever wanna make it in the big leagues. HAHA.”

“ HAHA we? Good luck I’m the one with the cannon for an arm, your marshmallow shooter is weak.” Laughed Sam.

“Sureeeee” Alex said jokingly “says the guy with the better 40 yard dash time”

“You’re so funny! Not, anyways I’ll see you at your house later, bye”

Sam had it all, a beautiful girlfriend, great grades, he was the starting quarterback and is playing college ball. Alex was also well off with good grades and played wide receiver for the football team as well.

Dinner time came around and Sam knocked at the door. Alex opened the door and for some reason Sam blew him away. Standing at 6’1 his long brown hair still wet from when he took his shower. His bright blue eyes took him away like an ocean current. His big muscles ripped out of a shirt that was way too small for his size and he wore long basketball shorts that matched his sneakers. Alex’s mind was frozen. He had never felt this way about Sam before. He had no idea what his mind and body were going through. He had always seen Sam like this before but for some reason he felt weak in his knees. This is a GUY he thought in his mind. It’s a dude. I am not gay, I like woman and breasts not Sam he is a dude.

Throughout dinner and playing Xbox he could not keep his eyes from wandering off to catch a peak at Sam’s body. Sam would catch him looking at him but blew it off as nothing cuz Alex can be a little weird sometimes. They went downstairs to get a drink and when Sam reached for a glass Alex tripped and fell behind Sam grabbing his butt. Alex had a sudden hard-on now.

“Dude what the f***? Are you stupid or something?” yelled Sam.

“Sorry man I tripped over my cat, it was an accident, chill” replied Alex, saying the first thing that came off the top of his mind.

That night all Alex could think about was Sam and his body. He had no idea why he was feeling these things, hundreds of questions raced through his mind. Am I gay? do I like Sam?, why am I attracted to him?.

The next was a Friday and Saturday was their big game against their rivals Starpoint Seagulls. They both new that the game was in their hands so Alex invited Sam to sleepover and go over plays so they would be perfect for their big game.

8 o’clock came around and Sam rung the doorbell. Alex opened the door and saw Sam in his white wife beater that showed off every ripping muscle and vein popping out of each one. And shorts that were shorter than usual probably because they are and old pair thought Alex.

Alex knew there was only one thing he could do to test his mind and body to see if he was truly gay.

They ran through their playbook until it was about 11 at night.

“Hey do you want some alcohol? My dad just came back from a business trip in Japan and brought home a ton of Saki.” Alex said

“Hell yeah, bust those bad boys out son.” Sam replied.

It took only about 3 or 4 small glasses each for them to get totally wasted. The started to wrestle in the living room, pushing and shoving each other and pinning one and other on the bed.

Alex had Sam pinned on the floor and Sam was completely drunk in Alex believed at this point. Alex leaned in and pressed his lips against Sam’s. To his surprise Sam didn’t resist, he even pressed his body into Alex and wrapped his arms around him. Alex was in complete ecstasy at this point and his body took over his mind. They soon began to kiss each other all over. Alex wanted more so he stripped off Sam’s cloths and Sam helped Alex with his. They soon began to feel each other all over but suddenly Alex stopped and asked “have you felt this way about me?”

“Yes I have, I always knew I was gay but didn’t know if you felt the same way. And by the way I’m not drunk.” Sam said

“Really? Because you drank 5 shots of Saki”

“I dumped them out while you weren’t looking”

“I must be dreaming, I can’t believe you feel the same way Sam? I have always had feelings for you but never knew I was gay but I think now I might be.”

“I’ve been gay for about 2 years now” said Sam “I’ve just never told anyone ya know being the quarterback and class president, I know now that if we come out together I don’t care what people think about us because we will be together. I’ve known you for years and had a little feeling that you might like like me.”

Before Sam could finish his sentence Alex leaned back in and passionately kissed Sam on his lips and they layed naked on the bed and fell asleep together both feeling that their empty hole in their soul is now finally filled.

The next morning was a Sunday and Alex and Sam were officially together as a gay couple. The walked into school holding hands and everyone and even the staff could not keep their eyes off of the odd couple. Neither of them cared what anyone thought of them, they knew they only needed each other to be happy.

Growing up in the outside the city of Detroit in Ann Arbor there was rarely a homosexual couple. Many people kept it to themselves because of the high amount of hate crimes in the area. Sam and Alex knew what they were facing, beatings, name calling, harassment, death threats and vandalism. Everyday people would call them names and punch them on the bus ride to school. Then even went to the police to report these crimes but the police wouldn’t do anything about the reports.

There was nothing they could do but they didn’t care as long as they were together they would be happy. After a few months of this they started getting use to the discrimination and incorporated it into their lives as it was normal. Until one day they went out to eat at a Chinese buffet which was a popular hang out for many people. A man came up to Sam and Alex and told them they would soon pay the price for disowning God and his creation of man kind.

That evening Alex drove Sam home and kissed him goodnight. As Alex was driving away he stopped at the intersection of Wellington and Pierce. The same man came running up to his car and shouted that Gods work will not be tampered with and unloaded all 6 rounds in his 9mm pistol. Two shots hitting him in the chest, 3 shots going right through his head and one missed and got logged in the other side of the car.

The next morning the police were investigating the crime and went to notify Sam. He couldn’t bare to hear the news and collapsed on the floor. He awoke in the hospital and remembered what happened and began to sob. His best friend, lover and companion was murdered. His life was over; he has nothing to do now. The only person in his life that he cared about was gone forever. Sam wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital until the next day for observation.

A few weeks went by and the police and the police found a match between the bullets at the crime scene and a registered gun which belonged to Albert Jennings. Sam went to the bail hearing wanting to see the killer of his life partner. The bail was set at 25,000 cash or bond which was easily made by Fr. Jennings who was a 55 year old pastor at the Church of Saint Guadalupe. He says he has been extinguishing people who believe God has made them wrong but according to the Bible God makes everyone they way they are because that’s how God wanted them to be.

The night before the first trial date Sam followed Fr. Jennings all day watching every move he made. 10 o’ clock rolled around and Fr. Jennings went into his apartment the church provided him for. Sam snuck in through the fire escape knowing he will soon get his revenge for him killing his life partner. As Fr. Jennings got into his bed Sam came in through his window holding a sod-off shot gun right as his face. He asked him why he murdered Alex but the terrified man shivered and said God told him because he does the work for God. Sam was engulfed with rage at this moment and released one shot to the Fathers Leg section. He screamed in pain shouting for his life, begging to let him spare his life. But Sam reloaded his gun and leaned in slowly into his ear and whispered “a life for a life” and shot the gun at the Fathers head and blew it completely.

Sam knew exactly what he had done and weighed out his options. Either go to jail for life and possible face the death penalty or be with his life partner and best friend for eternity.

The following morning the coroners brought two body bags out.

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Amanda F. said...
Jan. 31, 2010 at 12:19 pm
Really good! I loved it!
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