The Hawk's Triumph- Part 7

January 20, 2010
By wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I watched Anabella walk away from me, and toward the advisor. I rubbed at the spot on my cheek where Anabella had kissed me. A strange feeling was building in the pit of my stomach. I ignored it and intently studied the people around me. If Anabella ended up being in danger, I would be here for her, and I would rescue her.

At dinner…

I watched Anabella, without being obvious. I could tell that she was enjoying the food, just like I was, but not the company. The advisor was repeatedly touching her shoulder or arm, and I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. She hadn’t asked for my help yet, so I waited and hoped that we would both get through this without getting caught.

I hated that advisor. He was always asking me when he could see me next. He would also continually touch my arm, as if to point out to everyone that I was his. I fought back the urge to slap him. I looked across the table where Wes was watching me, and smiled. I wish I could be sitting next to him instead of the advisor. I looked back down at my plate, which was covered with an array of meats and vegetables. How could I possibly eat all of this? Could I take some home to Isolde and Markus? The questions seemed much more important the matters at hand. I had told Isolde that I would be home before morning, but what if I was late?

I pushed the questions out of my head and concentrated on the advisor. He was trying to tell me about his expansive home up on the hill beside the palace. I pretended to be interested in what he was telling me, though I was really thinking of how I was supposed to breach the topic of the new laws.

The advisor grabbed my elbow and abruptly stood up. In a panic I glanced over to where Wes was sitting. He looked like he was about to jump out of his chair, so I quickly nodded my head. The advisor then led me around to the head of the table, where the king was sitting, and whispered in his ear.

The advisor then led me out of the dining hall and into a narrow corridor. Panicking, I tried to make small talk. He turned around and looked me in the eye.
“You’re from the Order aren’t you?” He growled. I was to numb to speak. How had he known?
“You were pretty good at your game, but if you’re trying to impersonate a court lady, its common sense not to talk about anything related to the king.” I was astonished; this man had obviously caught people from the Order before.
“B-but sir”, I started, trying to save myself.”I don’t know what you mean by this so called ”Order” ”

A look of malice crossed the advisor’s face.
“Too late to save yourself now sweetie,” he said, “Once I tell the king, you’ll be dead.”

I scrambled, trying to run down the hallway, but the advisor was faster and caught up with me.
“Don’t you dare run away from me you little brat!” He exclaimed slapping me on the side of the face. My cheek stung, and my scrambled thoughts only registered into one word: Help.
I screamed as loud as I could, and tried to make another dash from the evil man. He caught up to me yet again, and pinned me up against the wall. I struggled, but it was no use. He was getting ready to pull a sword out of the sheath attached to his waist when he was knocked to the ground.

When the shrill scream pieced the air, many muttering rounded the dinner table. I quickly stood up and made my excuses. I walked to the doorway where Anabella had walked through with the advisor. I scanned down the hallway it led to and saw two forms fighting one another. I could make out Anabella’s golden hair and a gruff voice. That was all I needed for a confirmation. I bolted down the hallway to where she was struggling and knocked the advisor off his feet.

I saw the fist coming for me almost the instant I felt it. He hit me square in the jaw. I also saw that he had a dagger in his hands. I yelled at Anabella to run and get to the carriage. I punched the advisor in the cheek and pounded his head against the stone floor, hoping that that would keep him unconscious.

My mind a-whirl, I followed Anabella through the hallways and out a side door.

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All this genius and yet so young...keep on strivin....

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