The Hawk's Triumph- Part 6

January 20, 2010
By wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
wishful_thinker SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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My heart fell as Anabella walked towards the advisor. She had so much confidence in her step, I was sure that she would get some information. She had already had him agreeing to dance with her as the people were waiting for the next number. I felt a tap on my shoulder and whirled around. There in front of me was a petite lady, who must have been very rich because she had lots of jewelry. She didn’t even wait for my reply as she dragged me out to the dance floor and cued the musician to start the music. The band quickly started and pumped out their next piece.

As she started to dance with me, I realized it was a bad idea. She pressed up against me and on stepping on my feet. I finally pulled away from her and walked in the opposite direction. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Anabella dancing with the advisor. Her face had a slightly greenish tinge, and I had to laugh. The advisor’s eyes never strayed from her though. Anabella was dancing so gracefully that she looked like an angel. Her golden hair was shinning by the candle light, and she stayed a respectable distance away from the advisor. I shook my head, clearing it, and prepared myself to wait for her when she finished.

As I was dancing with the advisor, I couldn’t stop thinking about the simple things. Such as why I had a burning in my stomach when I told Wes he could dance with someone else, and why the advisor smelled so strongly of flowers. The advisor wasn’t a bad dancer, but he made me feel uncomfortable by the way he was looking at me. I kept my posture straight and tried to relax. Yet the relaxing was in vain, because then the song reached its great climax and I almost twirled right into a bowl of juice. Finally, the dance ended and I curtsied to the advisor. He then promptly asked me if he could have the next dance. I saw Wes against one of the walls, waiting for me, and I told him that I was already dancing with some for the next dance, but the one after that I would gladly dance with him.

He bowed to me and I quickly made my escape to where Wes was smiling and waiting for me.
“Why Anabella, I think you’re turning a little green!” He said with a smirk. I almost stuck my tongue out at him, but then thought the better of it, and ignored him.
“I told him I had another partner for the dance, but if all the other men are like him, forget it!” I said.
“You know,” Wes said, “you could always dance with me.”
“I guess I might have too.” I said, a grin forming on my lips.

I led Anabella out into the middle of the dance floor again as the next musical piece started. Anabella leaned over and practically yelled in my ear that this was her favorite dance. Her cheeks grew rosier with her excitement.

I took her hand and put my hand on her waist as she put her free hand on my shoulder. Then, we were flying. She was effortlessly jumping from one position to another and still keeping her posture. We were both smiling, and starting to draw a crowd. Anabella and I came closer together after a dip and I whispered to her that we were being watched. Her eyes instantly flicked over to the throne, where the king was staring at us. She giggled, and we continued dancing. I dipped her low to the ground and brought her up just as the music was finishing. Applause rang through the ballroom. Anabella curtsied and I bowed as we made our way back to the refreshments.


I was baffled at the crowd that had gathered when Wes and I had danced. As we were at the refreshments table, the queen strolled over to both of us.
“I had no idea that you two could dance like that! Goodness gracious children, well you’ve certainly gained a place at this ball.” She said to us.

Wes and I blushed, caught off guard by a compliment from the queen. Then she leaned closer to both of us and whispered what she had heard about the advisor. Wes and I in turn told her what we knew.
“Well, from what we’ve gathered, I think we have quite a few things we can do from here. Our first option is sending Anabella off with the advisor to wheedle more information out of him, our second option is to send Wes off with him and get him to spill information, and out last option is to do nothing. I think our wisest bet would be to send Anabella off to dance with him and accompany him to dinner, since she has already made a spectacle of herself.’

I looked at Wes. His eyebrows were knitted together and he looked concerned.
“Wes,” I said shaking his shoulder, “if I ever get in a sticky spot I promise I’ll call for you, okay?”
“Well I’m glad that’s settled. I’ll go then, if anyone asks, I was congratulating you on your dancing.” She walked away, back toward the king.

Wes nodded, but his brows were still knitted. I took his hand and squeezed it. Then I stood on tiptoe and pecked him on the cheek before I slowly walked over to where the advisor was standing.

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