Sun To My Pretend Storm

January 14, 2010
By Prideest.1992 BRONZE, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Prideest.1992 BRONZE, Altoona, Pennsylvania
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The Only Real Voyage In Life Consists Not In Seeking New Landscapes But In Having New Eyes.

It was a dark and stormy night. The lightening flashed across the windows, and shook the house in such an earthquaky way. The thunder cracked like a baseball bat slamming into a baseball. Now that sounds just lovely, doesn't it? Too bad I lied. It was actually quite a lovely spring day here in lovely Pittsburgh, home of lovely people and the stuff that they do in their lives. But she wasn't like that. At least, not through my eyes. Of course, she was just sitting there on a statue, watching people walk past her. She wasn't smiling, but instead smirking, like she thought something was ironic or funny. I didn't think that she noticed me until she said "Hola.", which made me smile, and led me to sit beside her, rather closely if I must say.
"Hi. What are you doing over here?" I asked her curiously. She smiled, and I SWEAR it got brighter out.
"People watching. It's quite fun." she said, and I noted a slight hint of laughter mixed in with her answer. She was a peculiar one, I must admit. Suddenly, she turned her head to me, and I saw her face full on for the first time. Her nose looked like it had been broken in her childhood, and her eyes. Oh Lord, her eyes were bordering indescribable in their color, and the emotions behind them. They were a mix of blue and gray. I saw fear, jealousy, peace, love, hate.. but mostly, I saw pain in her eyes. Such deep pain and anguish, I didn't know eyes could look like that and not be dead. I suddenly had the immense urge to hug her, but I figured that it would be a one way road there. She just stared at me, and at one point her eyebrows furrowed, and returned to their normal spot.
"You smell really good. Vanilla and lavender. Hint of some kind of perfume." and she smiled again. I looked at her in amazement.
"Th-thank y-y-you." I managed to stutter out. Her sudden revelance at how I smelled took me aback slightly. As if Mother Nature could read minds, a small gust of wind picked up, and her smell was thrown into my nostrils. She smelled.. well to put it bluntly, she smelled like the best orgasm in the world. Axe, with a hint of vanilla. And some other scent I couldn't put my finger on. I could smell her all day and still not be satisfied. Out of nowhere, I knew that I HAD to have her for myself. I didn't care if she was the world's biggest liar or a woman beater, I.HAD.TO.HAVE.HER.
"You smell really good too." I said out of nowhere. She turned her head slightly and smirked.
"Really now. Well, thank you. Glad someone likes the way I smell at least.." and she laughed a small laugh. Her laugh was like an angel's, much like her voice was also. I tried to smile, but found that I had never stopped smiling in the first place.
"So what brings you to my humble.. concrete? Is this concrete, I don't even know... SOMETHING!" and she laughed a nervous laugh. I laughed along with her, and her face seemed to light up.
"You looked lonely.. and interesting to talk to." I admitted, and I felt my face blush slightly. I looked up to see her questioning eyes, and I felt like I was under an investigation for murder. I stared into them, and quickly got lost. They looked.. colder, untrusting even. She looked away,sooner than I wanted her to I must admit.
"Alright then." and her voice was more serious now. I just kept staring at her, watching her every move for at least ten minutes. I moved closer to her, and was instantly enveloped by her scent. I watched to see if she noticed. If she had, she sure didn't show it outwardly. Still watching her, I put my head onto her shoulder. I felt her flinch away beneath my head a tiny bit, but not enough to remove my head from its resting spot. I swear she shot a dagger at my head, but she didn't bother moving me. I lifted my head up, and threw caution into the garbage can and set it on fire.
"Je vous veux faire l'amour." I whispered into her ear as I put my hand on top of hers. I felt her shudder slightly, and she tried to indescreetly bite her bottom lip, but I caught her every movement. Her hand closed around mine, and she turned her head just enough so our eyes met. And in her eyes, I saw what I wanted, needed, hungered, DEMANDED for, all reflected there in those gray-blue eyes of hers.
"I take it you're being legit with me, or you wouldn't be looking at me like that." she seemed to almost growl. I was the one to smirk this time.
"I take that as a yes.." and I hopped down, dragging her with me to wherever there weren't people, and where I could show her how LEGIT I was.

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