My Rose: Chapter 1

January 9, 2010
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"Our Move"

My family had to move. My brother was going to university, and my parents decided to fresh the family atmosphere by moving near my brother. It may sound like we are stalking my older brother, but no, we weren’t. My brother is my half brother. Recently, my dad remarried a woman name Natalie. She is young, and personally, I don’t like her. I miss my mom. My mom disappeared about three years ago, and we found out that she had died. My little sister, Gabriella, and her twin, Isabella, really had a hard time getting over this. I was older than them, so I tried to keep myself together, and at least look like I was okay. Not that I don’t miss her, but I needed to be a big brother. I prayed every day that she lived a happy life, and that whatever made her leave home wasn’t my fault, and also that she died peacefully and did not suffer. We (Gabby, Bella and I) always said our prayers together. Dad told us to be positive and to accept Natalie, but it has really been hard. I’m just not used to young women living with dad. I know she is tying her best to be the best mom every, but really, she is way too young. She could be our sister. Her son from her previous marriage, Jacob, is cool and all, but I don’t really look up to him. He plays basketball, and he constantly has a girlfriend. It isn’t wrong of course, but I’m more of a “one girl per guy” person. I think that idea it is completely normal, but basically, Jacob would never ever believe that. He will try to get all the girls he could. Gabby and Bella are only 6 years old, and the love hot Jacob. He’s nice, but I just can’t get along with popular guys with girls hanging over them.

When Jacob announced that he was going to leave for university, Gabby and Bella cried a lot. I was personally relieved, but I didn’t reveal my feelings. When dad and Natalie told us that we were going to move, Gabby and Bella cried more. They went to mom’s room to cry. I was sad to, but I was the big brother here, and I had to go and talk to them. I tried to calm them down, but they just used their twin powers to make me shut up. It worked, of course. It always does. It took them the longest to come around the move. They are the youngest, so I understand, but it is really hard being in the middle. I wonder what it would feel like to be a twin, and to always have a friend nearby. I was a mom’s kid, and I have been feeling alone since mom left. I loved mom, and so did the twins. Why wasn’t I crying? Because the tears wouldn’t fall out. My heart was leaking tears 24/7. I knew how to be cool about it. When Gabby and Bella asked me why I wasn’t sad, I just told them, “I’m not sad because my memories with my mom are locked in my heart forever, and she’ll always stand me. And she is with God now. ” The twins blinked, and their curious golden eyes told me that they didn’t understand what I had just said. How could I explain? I changed my words to, “There are other ways to be sad than crying.” Gabby got that, but Bella’s eyebrows where scrunched together, still not being able to understand me. Was I this stupid when I was their age?
I wouldn’t blame them, because I’m not so smart now, either. I eyed Bella and told her that mom is always with us. Remember that at all times. Then I added,
“She is watching you from every angle. She’s with you when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re angry. She’ll be standing right next to you when you feel like you need someone. She’ll be there to catch you whenever you fall.”
Bella nodded solemnly, and I patted her head.

The move was harder than I thought. We all had to change schools. I couldn’t really think about leaving the Grizzlies. They were my favorite team! I wonder how football was in Tennessee. I daydreamed about becoming the star player at my new school, the whole time on the plane, while the twins dozed off in the seats next to me. Dad and Natalie had first class seats, and they were pretty far away from us, since we were stuck in the back, coping with the economy seats. It sucked, really, but it didn’t really matter because all the twins would do on any plane ride was sleep. Someone had to watch them, and that someone would always be me. They’re cute and all, but I don’t really like having to babysit my little sisters. When mom was still with us, we would all sit together. I liked those days better.

When we got off the plane at McGhee Tyson Airport, it was sunny. It wasn’t as nice as the beaches, though. California made me feel so at home. Even when the sun was a little too hot, I felt the hot pricks like love.

Our new house was in an average neighborhood. It looked fairly large, and the glass reflected the sun in such a beautiful way. The exterior of the house was sparkling, and all of us rushed inside. The newly painted walls were so stylish, the kitchen was modern, and we claimed that it was definitely the nicest house and the twins seemed to like it awfully. I chose a room just across the hall from the stairs. It gave me a perfect view of the green yard and the driveway. I would be able to keep an eye on the twins on the trampoline and at the same time see who’s driving by. I like my room, and started to unpack right away. The twins each got a room of their own, for the first time in their lives. Gabby had purple walls, and Bella had green walls. They had matching furniture, and they were still twins, even if their rooms where different. The unpacking continued for a week, and we got pretty used to the new town. I was just feeling so alone lately. I needed new people in my life. Maybe even a girl.

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contrygurl said...
Jan. 23, 2010 at 12:32 am
this has a very interesting plot keep up the good work!
Rosalie replied...
Jan. 23, 2010 at 5:19 am
Thank you thank you thank you!
I recently submitted the 3rd one so please read it when u have time!
contrygurl replied...
Jan. 23, 2010 at 1:31 pm
i deff will im addicted to this story!!!!!!
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