Raine Falls Hard Chapter 1: Part 1

January 7, 2010
By J3ssannah BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
J3ssannah BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
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I, Raine, was finally going to go to school! I couldn't believe it. After living in Hell for 1,700 years and doing my duties as daughter of Satan, I was finally going to experience living in the Human world. Of course my father only agreed to this because he wants to see if it will prove if I'm worthy enough to take the thrown but I never cared for that. Ever since I started talking to this soul, Kailee who is now my best friend, about the Human world I've always wanted to go.

So then I squeezed Kailee one last time in the biggest bear hug and motioned for Marvin, my father's assistent, to follow me with my suitcases.

"Don't forget about us little people down here," Kailee shouted to me.

I smiled at her, "I won't." Other than the fact that Kailee killed her father for beating her all the time which landed her down here, she was a good person and an even better friend. With that thought I stepped through what looked like a wall made out of fire and into a city known as Chicago.

Since I was now going to be living in the Human world I had to take on a human form. That meant normal looking eyes, no black dragon wings coming out of my back and no fangs. My Dad said the most impotant thing was to make sure no one saw me use my powers. Which I understood. Instead I had bright blonde curly hair that hung just under my shoulders and dark blue eyes. I also wore the plaid skirt, black tank top and combat boots that Kailee picked out for me plus the hint of red lipstick she put on me before I left.

As I walked out of the alley way that the portal dumped me in I saw large buildings all along the streets and hundreds of people walking around.

Marvin came forward and walked up to a limo parked in front of me saying, "This will be your ride to your new home. The driver will be your care taker for the time being so if you need anything just ask him." I nodded and he put my suitcases in the trunk. Then a man in a suit came around the car and opened the door, "After you, ma'am?" His dark shaggy hair fell in front of peircing grey eyes that looked like pools of silver. And his suit was so tight you could see each taught muscle.

The author's comments:
My first article "Princesses of Hell" is the preview of "Raine Falls Hard". Mix up just know to look for the Raine series.

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