New Year, New You

January 5, 2010
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I took it upon my liberty to walk into that discount drug store. Afterall all, all i've heard this entire month of January is "New Year! New You". As I walk into the discount drug store I head towards the makeup section. For maybe a self makeover is what I need after breaking up with Doug. A new look, a new identity, Maybe some new coverup would serve me justice.

Going down the aisles one by one slowly searching for the right cover up cream for me I am approached by a woman who looks like she's been messing around in the makeup department a little too long. The smell of put out ciggerette and oversprayed musk quicky but surely attacked me. "Hello Dear, Can I help you find something?" As she pets my arm with her long acrylic nails. "Actually Mam, I'm looking for some new coverup". "Ohhh, New Year! New You!" She giggles as she grabs my face by her long purple sparkly nails and looks at my face. As she is staring at me I insecurely think to myself if she knows why I'm doing this. Does everyone think I'm a failure? Does everyone know Doug broke up with me and I'm trying to do something new?

My insecurities are quickly forgotten as I feel the worker putting some cold cream on my face. "This is beige you see here darling. Your complexion is not too dark, not too light, just perfect!" "Well thankyou" I blushed and looked in the mirror. I don't feel new, just some slight blemishes and imperfections on my face were gone. I sighed, thanked the worker and said I'd look for the product right for me. "Alright dear, I'm over here if you need anything".

Looking at all these different cover ups really make me think. Walking up and down the makeup aisles I take a good look at all my different options:

The first cover up I pick up is a cheesy named knock off brand. A sign above tiny jars of different skin colors reads "Just as good as Covergirl but cheaper". Suddenly my mind wonders as I think to myself how similiar this cover up is to the guy before Doug. He had so many flaws. He would tell me he's just as good as any other guy I dated, possibly better I just can't tell on the outside. I figured out quickly that this was all a hoax for on the inside he was still the 27 year old, potsmoking, living in his parents basement, jobless, and pity-ful guy i've seen on the outside. I now feel the need to move on to the next display of face makup, for i've learned anyone or thing trying to say they're just as good as something or someone else is lying.

The second cover up I pick up is "Makeup -de - Premiere". The sign on this display reads " Best Cover-up since 1922" and another sign that says "On sale today for $25.00, The best cover up you'll find in the drugstore". I chuckle to myself for this cover up reminds me of another ex before Doug and before the cheesy named knock off brand guy. This was the too into himself, body builder guy. He used to tell me, "Any girl that dates me should feel lucky, Dating me is like dating some kind of God, only better looking". I look at the price for this cover up again $25.00. Hah, this reminds me of the time we went out to eat. The bill came to $76.45, I remember this like yesterday. We were in a small trendy restaruant in Manhattan and he had claimed he forgot his wallet, but paying for him should be a luxary because I get to spend time with the one the only Mr Muscles! Yes, he did take it upon himself to give himself that nickname. Thinking about this moment only made me angry I quickly but surely had to pull myself together and hold my self back from throwing the glass jar on the floor to shatter and scream "No way I'm going back to you Jerk" so i abruptly move on to the last display.

The third, final, last display. This display seems pretty normal. The sign infront of me says $9.00, no kind of special, flashy advertisement. Just the price and a description on a small sign saying you will feel "Happy, loved, not alone, and special" when wearing this makeup. I quickly grab the bottle of my color for this is the winner. I rush to the check out, pay with my plastic and run out to find my car. No, the sign never said any of those things. Maybe it was all an allusion in my mind to assure myself that better things are to come in 2010 and to leave the past in the past. As I sit in my car putting on my new cover up I finsih shut the mirror, drive away, and never look back on that discount drug store ever again.

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