Dreams Chapter 1

December 28, 2009
She had liked him since the day she saw him at the freshman fish camp. He wore the black shirts given to every freshman at the camp with jeans, black tennis shoes, and his long black hair. She hadn’t talk to him the entire year and had a couple of hello’s her sophomore year, but this year, her junior year, she managed to get some conversations in. He sat at her lunch table to her left and not that far from her in science. Not many people know she liked him because she never told a living soul. The secret could no longer be held in and she confessed amongst her other friends. Many of her fellow friends were shocked to hear she finally found a guy worth liking. In her past relationships, nothing seemed to go right. In middle school, she went out with a guy who became obsessed with her and a guy who cheated on her with her best friend, whom she forgave but never forgot. Her freshman year, she talked to a football player who didn’t want to ruin his reputation and sophomore year a guy who cruelly played her and a boy who only wanted her innocence. Yes, boys came and went but had no effect on her happiness. Anyways back to her dream guy. Today was the biggest day of his life because they would be facing their biggest rivalry, but let’s go to the night before when she had that dream about him.

It was a summer day and she had just gotten home from volleyball practice and a long talk with Emmitt about the girl who broke his heart. She made some tuna for sandwiches and had been given permission for him to go over. The doorbell rang and there he stood in a torn up school shirt, black shorts that draped to his knees, a pair of black shoes, and a faded gray baseball cap backwards. She had to admit he looked good in anything and everything. She could tell he’d just cried by the redness in his eyes that slowly faded to pink at the sight of her.
He had to admit she always made him smile with the sight of her green eyes that were changing to hazel. She had always been there when he needed a friend and was the one person that would not say “I told you so” but just listened to him let out his problems with friends, school, and family. He walked into the house and smelled the tuna, his favorite. They each made themselves a couple of sandwiches before setting in the living room to watch movies. He eased the silence with his story.

“I heard she cheated on me and so I just thought its rumors again. We had practice this morning and I told her I wasn’t getting out till noon. Today we had such a good practice that we were let out at eleven. I decided I’ll go surprise her with a visit. I arrived and I see a car thinking it might be her brother visiting. I walk to the door and through the window I see her and this guy making out. I got so mad but like a mature dude, I just ring the doorbell. She answered and says she is busy and that if I could come another time. I say well I just came to tell you its over and have fun with the guy behind the couch. She said it was nothing, but I just left and didn’t look back.”
“It’s okay, there’s no need to waste all your tears on her. Save some for senior year, you have to cry at the last football game, our last days, and graduation,” she spoke in her sweet angelic voice.
He couldn’t help but smile. She was right; he had tears that weren’t worth crying over her. He took a breathe before committing the sin that he knew would change their friendship forever. With a slow gesture, he leaned in not thinking and placed his lips over her mouth.
His lips were soft and gentle. She questioned if this was true or if he was only doing it out of hurt and anger. She told herself no and pulled away.
“I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, I mean, come on to you with a kiss… I, I, I, should go,” he apologized not knowing what to do, but run. As he rose to his feet, she grabbed his hand.
“Look don't say sorry for kissing me because I didn’t stop you,” she answered slowly, “I’ll let you hold me as long as you don’t do it out of anger.”
“I’m not angry with her but myself because you are always there for me and I have don’t nothing to thank you for it-”
“It’s okay-”
“Let me finish, I have looked at you but never took a chance because of our friendships. I’ve always wanted to touch you in the fear that you didn’t want me the way I have wanted you freshman year when you wore your hair tied back, with a black shirt and blue faded jeans. You had the pretty hazel eyes standing out on your tanned skin.”
Wow, I don’t know what to say.”
“Please say you feel the same way about me as I feel about you,” he exclaimed happily, but saw her face wasn’t the happy he’d expected, “its okay if you don’t feel the same way. I understand.”
“No,” she pulled his shoulder to turn around, “you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to say that.”
She came close wrapped her arms around his neck. He knew she’d said yes, and slowly pressed his mouth to hers. Everything was forgotten and now it was just the two of them. With every touch of her lips, he craved for more. He felt his way through her shirt until he felt her bare skin. She shivered as his big hands grasped her waist, but at this point, she loved it and enjoyed the moment. Step by step, they made their way towards the bed. His hand slid down her back and gripped her legs. He lifted her into his arms and slowly laid her down. For a split second, he looked at her, into those deep hazel eyes.
“I’ve never wanted a girl the way I want you now,” he proudly admitted, “I will reveal my love for you, but only if you want to go that far?”
“I always wanted my first time to be special,” she explained.
“Oh, I see,” he sadly understood.
He slowly lifted his body off her skin which shivered now without his heat until she grabbed him.
“If you are willing to give your innocence to me because you want to,” she said seriously, “then I will give you mine.”
“Yes I am doing this out of the love I have for you!”
He lay on top of her and immediately started where he finished. His lips kissed every part of her body that led to her small moans, and he knew that his satisfaction was just getting started. She began fulfilling her needs and lifted his shirt to feel the body that had crossed her mind in the pictures she’d seen of him shirtless. With ever touch, his shirt came off. Within seconds, her shirt was on the floor as well. He may have been tired before, but now his adrenaline was running. He parted her underwear and tights, which slowly came off in a very seductive way. He was getting some moans just as she had let out. Her kisses caressed his muscular arms, down his toned body, and up again. Her hands gripped his shorts and pulled then down without a hassle with every kiss came a groan for more. With every touch came the energy of heat, and with every dive, came the lost of innocence. This was not only a sexual intercourse between two teenagers, but a love connection between two lovers who finally admit to their love and innocence was not lost but explored.
They lay there wrapped in each other’s arms with their eyes shut and smiles on their face. He woke up, kissed her forehead, and looked at the time, it was barely four, but he knew her mom would be home. He put his shoes back on for his black shorts were on. Before he took off, he took one last look at her in his torn shirt, her small black tights and her hair out of a ponytail. He pulled the blanket on top of her because goose bumps ascended on her skin. He grabbed a paper and wrote her a quick note “Dear Rachel, I had to go home. See you tomorrow at school. Love, Emmitt”
Okay so he lied to her about having to go home but he didn’t want to get caught naked in bed with her. He figured they could talk about it at school tomorrow.
She woke up not to long after with a grin on her face. She found the note lying beside her. She read it with a frown on her face. She knew that was his excuse to get out of everything. He wasn’t satisfied with her performance or realized he had really love Brittany, his ex-girlfriend. What was she suppose to do now, pretend nothing happened?

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perceptive_soul said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 7:16 am
WOW! WOW! WOW! OMG i LOVE it!!!! this is soo amazing!
Vampire99 said...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 6:13 pm
That was totally awesome please add more I'm soooooo into it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT haha =] great job
adorabiblegirl said...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 5:53 pm
that was really good i can't wait till the second part
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