our life flashed before my eyes.

December 21, 2009
They had been there since nine that night. It was now five in the morning. He felt so bad that he was so tierd. After all she was the one here in pain. The least that he could do was stay up with her. But his head drooped down and he drifted off to sleep.
He saw her walking with her books down the hall. She was new, you could tell by her nervous looks. He wanted to go talk to her but he had to go to class. It was eniglish class, they were studying Romeo and Juliet. He had already read the book. He was so glad he sat in the back.
She walked in and sat next to him. He smiled at her. She nervously smiled back.
"Hi, I'm Erin." He said sticking his hand out to greet her.
"Hi, I'm Sarah." She said shaking his hand. It was warm and soft. She felt something right then. The only boy to say Hi to her all day.
"So where are you from?" He asked.
"Minnesota. A small town near Minneapolis." She said. He was really cute, which made her even more nervous.
"Cool. Have you read this already?"
"Yep,freshman year first book we read."
"Same here. So the cold of Albany won't bother at all will it?"
"No. I don't think it gets as cold here." she laughed.
"you want to sit with me at lunch, we can get to know each other and stuff." he asked.
"Yeah, that'd be great."
"cool!" Finally someone interesting comes here. She is really pretty too. She is smart too, he learns at lunch that day.
He loved to watch her laugh with her friends. When she laughed her teeth showed, her face lightened, and her body moved up and down.
He loved to see her run in gym class. Her hair bounced in a ponytail, always brushing her back and danced in all directions. Her chest breathed in and out in fast whippets of motion. She always hated when he had a free period during gym. She always forgot her make up on those days. He thought she was beautiful anyway she looked. He loved her.
Thier last day of high school. Graduation is almost over and both thier names are coming up. First hers then his. She gets her diploma. He gets His dipolma. They all go out to eat that night. Some little pizzaria in town. thier all laughing and eating when he stops everyone for a minute.
"Excuse me everyone, just for a sec. these high school years have been the best, and some that goes to this girl right here, Sarah Ulie. She is the best thing in the world to me," he begins to kneel down and take her hand.
"And my life would be incomplete with out her. Sarah we have been together for three whole years. If we seperate now i don't know what i would do. So the only logical explantion is for you to marry me." He said holding a ring.

With tears in her eyes she takes the ring and places it on her finger. He smiles and kisses her. Everyone around them yelling and awing.
She can feel her self start to tense up. The dress is perfect. The place is perfect. The weather is perfect. The Guy is perfect. Something must be wrong. She was walking towards him and she realized she forgot her blue pin. She freaked out and her mom delicately plced it in her hand on the way up to the alter. They said thier "i do's" and danced all night and went home. The next day Paris. It was her dream to go to Paris one day. Everything was perfect.
He felt so bad for her. Sick on thier honeymoon. He knocked on the door again.
"Are you ok? Do you need a glass of water?"
"yes." she moaned. he giggled at the way it sounded. he went to get her a drink of water. He walked into the bathroom and gave her the water and sat down beside her.
"You want to go home?" He asked.
"Yeah. I want to see Paris on a better day." she moaned.
They hoped the next flight home and she felt better up in the lighter air. She felt bad that she made him leave.
"I just want you to feel better." he said kissing her forhead. When they got home she fell asleep in bed. she would go to the doctor the next day.
She wished he didn't have to go say hi to his mom today, but His mom was old so she understood. When the doctor told her the news she couldn't belive it. She was shocked. She had to run home and tell him. She was crying when she walked through the door.
"What's wrong? what happened?!?" he asked scared.
"Don't worry it's good news."
"what?" he asked as she sat him down.
"I'm pregnant." she said with tears in her eyes.
"what?" He asked even though he heared her perfectly. she laughed. He grabbed her face and kissed her. They were so happy. They had a lot of people to tell. But she loved the excitement. She was so thrilled.
He kissed her goodnight and kissed her stomach and pulled th blanket overhis body. she smiled and fell asleep. she was fast asleep when a shooting pain shot through her body. She woke up yelling. He woke up in panic. He turned over to her and asked over and over agian what was wrong. She finally controlled herself enough to tell him.
"We need to go to the hospital." She smiled at him and he knew she was ok.
"Erin, wake up. They said it's time." she said shaking him with a grip that would hurt rockey. he braced himself and got up and took her hand. He was ready. Her screams scared him, but he knew she would be ok after it was done. He saw him for the first time. he began to cry. The little boy was so beautiful. Then he heard a noise. the worst noise ever in his mind. She was passed out on the hospital bed. he screamed at the doctors and nurse all he wanted was some answers. Then the baby wasn't making a single noise. He began to cry and freak out.
He stood there in the sun wearing all black staring at the two Headstones. He was stuck right there in the ground. He couldn't move or talk or feel. He was numb. He just let the tears fall over his cheeks. Thier life flashed before his eyes.

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