Modern-Day Antigone Part 3

September 30, 2009
By notjustcino SILVER, Alabama, Alabama
notjustcino SILVER, Alabama, Alabama
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When Chris and Wes awoke, they realized Natalie had already awaken and prepared breakfast for all three of them. There were waffles and eggs set out on the tiny breakfast counter. The syrup that covered the waffles formed a sticky smiley face and this brought a real smile to Wes’ face. The boys sat on two ends of the counter, leaving the middle seat vacant for Natalie. They heard the showerhead being turned off and held off on eating until Natalie had gotten dressed and joined them.

“Thanks for waiting, guys, but you could have eaten without me. I know you must be famished, saving a life isn’t easy.”

“It was the least we could do. This breakfast looks magnificent!” said Wes.

In between bites, Chris tried using his suave skills on Natalie while Wes used his adorable sweetness.

“So, how was heaven when you left it?” Chris asked.

“Oh, stop. You’re making me blush.” Natalie smiled.

“I think you’re cute when you blush,” Wes complimented her.

Before Natalie left to meet Khadijah at her condo, the boys invited her to meet them a few hours later and join them on their day of adventure. She heartily accepted the invite, it was impossible for her to deny anything to her saviors. Chris and Wes knew what was going to take place during the day: the two boys were going to fight for Natalie. They both took quick showers and put on another pair of shorts and waited for Natalie to return. Some moments of awkward silence filled the room as they tried to think of anything to talk about besides the competition with Natalie. Finally, the door bell rang. Both boys hopped up and ran towards the door. Chris reached the door first and welcomed Natalie in. Today she was wearing a light blue, one-piece bathing suit that was very flattering to her appearance.
“Where’s Khadijah?” Wes asked.
“She’s spending the day with her boyfriend.”
“Oh, you’re not, um, hanging out with your boyfriend?” Wes shyly muttered.
“No, I don’t have one. Are you guys ready to go?”
For their answer, the boys each linked arms with Natalie in the middle and walked out of the condo.
Chris dominated conversation with his smooth talking and charm. Wes purposefully brushed over her hand and arms, making her smile and sometimes she even brushed back. All three people soon felt like friends, though Chris and Natalie were a little closer than Wes had hoped. They played beach volleyball, laid out, and walked beside the water. Wes and Chris knew to avoid the ocean to ensure Natalie’s safety. At the end of the day they sat on the beach as they had at breakfast, Chris and Wes on either side of Natalie. As they watched the sunset, Natalie rewound the day in her head trying to decide between Chris and Wes. Chris was brunette, smooth talking, outgoing, and handsome with a gorgeous smile. He was tall, muscular, and tan. Wes was equally amazing yet different than Chris. Wes was blonde, quieter but sweet and adorable, he was firm yet soft, and even more handsome than Chris with an even more gorgeous smile. He was built about the same as Chris: tall and muscular with a tan body.
Although the choice was almost impossible to make, it wasn’t entirely. Her final decision was made by her personal likes in a guy. One trait she loved was the outgoing nature of Chris; therefore, he was her choice. She let her hand set on top of Chris’ as the sun finished setting. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed Wes Hollyn’s phone number, as a type of peace treaty. Wes did not accept; he buried the paper under the sand.

For the next two months of summer break, Chris and Natalie were inseparable. Wes was almost always the third wheel, besides the times Khadijah joined them. He could have easily found another girl, but he didn’t want one. Natalie was going to be his one day; he just had to be patient. At the end of two months, Chris and Natalie had been officially dating for thirty-seven days. Then, a totally unexpected text message caught Chris off guard.

“Chris. I need you on a flight to Colombia immediately. I need my profits now. This cannot wait. Expect to stay with me the rest of your summer. Do not tell anyone where you are. You may tell Wes, but you may not bring him along with you. Your flight leaves tomorrow morning at eight. – D.L.”

Chris was devastated. He had the girl of his dreams and once he was gone, his best friend would make his move. Chris decided on not telling Natalie anything, leaving it all up to Wes.

“Natalie, can I speak to Wes alone for a second?”

“Sure, of course.” Natalie walked into the room across the hall.

“What’s up, man?” Wes asked.

Chris showed Wes the text message he had received from Bigram and explained that it was too hard for him to say goodbye to Natalie.

“Please, Wes, just take care of her.”

“I promise, Chris.”

Chris called Natalie back into the room and knew he had to say goodbye soon. Khadijah was waiting for her back at their hotel. He pulled her towards him and squeezed her hard, running his fingers through her hair. He unwillingly let go after a minute and stared into her beautiful, brown eyes. Then, with a gentle kiss on the lips, he told her goodbye. She smiled as she left the condo, forcing Chris’ beautiful teeth to shine back at her.

Wes was already snoozing by the time Chris walked back into their room. Wes had been friends with Chris long enough to know that he would want to be alone during this time. Chris lay awake for two hours, his will to sleep was blocked by thoughts of Natalie. According to everything he knew, it was easier to let go than to hold on.

Chris and Wes rose with the sun. Wes aided Chris in packing everything and drove him to the airport. They arrived an hour early and so they went to eat breakfast before Chris’ long trip to Colombia. Chris felt the opposite feeling he had felt when he was waiting for summer. Then, his anxiousness nearly overtook him and every second was filled with excitement. Now, his dreariness nearly overtook him and every second was filled with grief. He knew every second equaled one moment closer to leaving his girlfriend and his best friend.

Wes waved goodbye to Chris as he flew off to Colombia. He was torn between the girl and his friend. Should he go after the girl he had loved since the first day he rescued her or stay true to his promise and only make sure she was protected? He battled himself all the way back to the condo. His heart screamed for Natalie, but his mind instructed him that friends come first. As in most cases, the heart won over the mind.

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