A Misunderstanding

October 14, 2009
By chelliex64 BRONZE, Farmingville, New York
chelliex64 BRONZE, Farmingville, New York
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"Ouch!" I exclaimed as i sat back from bending down. I had just hit my head on my coffee table after trying to reach my spoon from underneath it. They Should put a warning on this show.1

'Attention: Do Not watch Gossip Girl while eating. The dramatic elements of this show may cause utensils to fly in the air or choking.'2

Seriously, this show is that dramatic.3

I place my spoon on top of my carton of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream while my phone rings. I wonder who can be calling on a Saturday night. I know. You're probably thinking 'what's a young girl like me doing home on a Saturday night.' The answer to that is I just don't feel like going out. That, and everyone else is busy doing stuff without me. Don't worry, I'm not socially challenged.4

I look at my caller I.D. 5

Eva? What's Eva doing calling now, she's suppose to be out with her boyfriend. Okay, I'll admit it. Everyone else has a life but me, But I'm not going to lament about i any longer.6

Eva is my oldest friend. We have known each other since we wore diapers and could only say "goo" and "ga". I answer the phone with a perplexed look on my face. "Eva? What's up?" I ask hearing sniffles through the line.7

"Doula?" Eva asks, and yes that really is my name.8

"Yes, it's me. Is something wrong?" I'm really concerned about her now.9

"I..." *sniffle* "need you..." *sniffle* "right now." cries Eva. Oh My God. Did Jason break up with her? If he did he is really cruising for a bruising. It'll be his own fault too because of this plight of his. 10

"I'm coming right now. Don't go anywhere." I say without another thought. I hang up before she can say anything else. I grab my coat, slip on my Uggs and walk out in my rubber ducky pajama bottoms (they're really soft.) and 'What the Duck' T-shirt.11

Five minutes later I'm outside her apartment door. (Did I mention she lives a block away? It's not like i teleported. Although that would be so cool.) Out of breathe, thinking maybe I shouldn't have eaten that ice cream. I knock on the door. Eva opens it, her face tear stricken, although she is still composed. Poor thing. She is so stalwart. I give her a hug as i rush in and the door shuts behind me. "What happened?" I ask as we pull apart from the hug. "Where's Jason? Did he hurt you?"12

"Doula, he-" I spot Jason standing by the couch and cast him a sharp glare. He looks so smug. I ignore what Eva is saying and march up to him, hads on my hips. 13

"You1" I yell with venom. Where is a shovel when you need one? "Is Eva not good enough for you?!" I half scream.14

"No, it's-" he tries to say.15

"No?...No?!" I'm about ready to tackle him to the ground. I can throw a punch, after all I have three brothers. However, Eva stops me, putting her petite body between Jason and me. 16

"Everything's fine." she says.17

"But you were crying." I state.18

"Yeah." she says. "Tears of joy." and she shows me her left hand where an engagement ring sits on her finger. 19

"You're engaged?" I ask.20

"Yeah, you silly goose." she says, getting agitated now. 21

"You're engaged!" i scream and we jump around in a circle clutching each others arms. "When? How? Where?" i ask overly excited. "Oh and you totally have my sanction if you can forgive me for almost killing your Romeo."22

"Of course I forgive you. He is still i one piece." 23

"Yeah. Luckily." I say giving Jason a fake punch on his shoulder.24

"Pfft. Like you could have taken me." he says while sitting down on the couch. 25

Eva and I just look at him. One eye brow raised and say "Please." in unison. It's not that Jason is a scrawny guy. He is tall, well built, and has olive colored skin to match his dark brown hair. I mean if I hadn't had to fight my brothers for the bathroom every morning since I was little, he could have won. I'd probably be a pancake on the floor right now.26

I stayed at Eva's for a half hour, and left only after deciding that they should have some alone time. I walked back over to my place where junk food and TV await. As soon as I walk in my phone rings. I look at the caller I.D. and lo annd behold its my mother. Should I pick up? Sure why not. "Hi Mom." I sy with feigned enthusiasm. 27

"Finally." she says exasperated. "I've been trying to get you."28

Like they say, you pick your poison.29

"I was out Mom." I explain.30

"Well, did you her?" my mother asks and without giving me a chance to answer says "Jason and Eva are engaged." 31

Wow, word spreads fast. 32

"How did you hear so fast?" I ask.33

"Her mother called me." She answers and begins to talk about it. You should never under estimate mothers, they are omnipotent in receiving this type of information rapidly. It's like a spidey sense goes off or something. I walk over to the kitchen and pull a stool to the counter. Hmmmm....doesn't talking with your mother make you reminiscent. All those times your mother mortified you comes rushing back. Jeez, the way they use to dress us. 34

I reach into the kitchen counter drawer and pull out a container of play doh. Everyone should have this, it's a good way to ease stress. It's just so malleable. 35

"Anyway..." I hear my mother say through the phone. "I think it's time you've met a guy that will marry you."36

"Uh-huh." I say cause there are so many out there. I form my play doh into a circle. It reminds me of pizza. Yum. Pizza. I could eat a quadrant of one right now.37

"Mom." I say. She ignores me. Still going on about my inability to attract proper suitor. Wow, she has great tenacity on this subject. "Mom!" I shout. "I got to go. Bye." I hang up and walk down to the 24/7 pizza place across the street. This apartment is so convenient.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my 11th grade English class. I hope that people find humor in the story and just enjoy it.

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