Truth [part two]

October 14, 2009
By TeamEdwardBarrett BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
TeamEdwardBarrett BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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Chapter two
Doctor’s office

“Micheala! Micheala can you hear me?” Veronica was sobbing over me. “Huh? Yeah I can hear you” I murmured to her. Opening my eyes hurt but I had to do it. “Oh my god! Your alive!” She said hugging me tight. “ I. Cant. Breath.” I choked out. “Oh. Im sorry. Im just so happy your alive.” She wiped her tears on my hoodie sleeve. Oh that’s nice I thought sarcastically. I sat up looking around. We weren’t in the bus anymore. We were in a room. The walls were light pink and there was a white tile on the floor. I was in a Doctor’s office. “Doctor Shelix went out for a couple of minutes. Don’t worry she seems nice.” She told me, seeing the worry in my eyes. I stood up. My feet were numb and I couldn’t feel my legs. I shook them out hoping to get blood flowing again. A woman with light brown wavy hair and a lab coat walked into the room. “Hello Micheala. I am doctor Shelix but you can call me Sheila.” She shook my hand lightly. She was the first person all day that hadnt looked at me as though I was a ghostly figure. “Hi.” I said shaking her hand. “Now that your awake we need to take some test.” She said looking down at her clipboard. “Test?” I questioned the statement. “Yeah.”She looked me in the eyes. “Well, Ok. I guess.” I mumbled back. The lady took me over to another room. This room was bland and smelt like plastic. In the middle of the room was a big Catscan. She led me over to it and summoned me to sit on the long board protruding out of it. I plopped onto the board and layed down slowly. “Now keep your eyes open.” She said as she went into another room made out of glass. That room had a computer and video camera inside. A slow movement was pulling the board into the scanner. My head went into a small arch and an annoying camera sound was going off all around me. It was about 2 minutes until the doctor came out of the glass room and pulled the board out. She walked me back into the doctor’s office and this time my mother was inside. I walked over to hug her. “I shouldv'e believed you.” She said calmingly. “Its OK mom.” I encouraged her . “Her results will be back in a couple of weeks. She shouldn’t go to school and she needs to stay in bed.” The doctor told my mother. “Ok.” My Mom replied smiling. My mother was walking with me and Micheala down the stairwell to her car when we ran into a very familiar face. “Dad?” I said questioning my thoughts. “Micheala? Is it you?” He said smiling. He looked as though he hadn't seen me in years but he just left us a few months back. I ran up to him, my mother backing up immediately. “Where have you been?” I asked him knowing he wouldn’t answer. “Oh nowhere.” He replied. He wrapped me in a bear hug once more and then walked up to my mother. “Hello Loretta.” He said to her, the words just spilling out of his mouth like a waterfall. “Hello Jake.” She replied with a soft wisper not looking up off the hardwood. “Why are you here?” She asked bewildered. “I came back because I heard that my daughter was sick.” He gushed to her with a humorless stare. “Well, we are going home and your going back to the place you belong.” She said pushing her way through the wall and my dads dense muscle holding her back. She grabbed my tricep and ran out the front door of the hospital.

The author's comments:
This part two is dedicated to my Best friends Elizabeth Bravo and Renata Jeffcoat. Ya'll are the best

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