Danny's Big Mess

October 14, 2009
By Samantha Anderson BRONZE, Pennville, Indiana
Samantha Anderson BRONZE, Pennville, Indiana
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Danny’s Big Mess
The doors burst open to the gym; I smelled perfume and the scent of lavender. There were white and red balloons everywhere, with decorations everywhere. I was getting goose bumps. My dark hair was slicked back and my skin was dark. I was dressed in a black and white tuxedo with a red bow tie. There was this girl across the room, wearing a bright yellow dress. She looked beautiful. Her hair was curly and blond ,and she was slender and tall. She had that dazzling glow to her skin that made her look like a movie star. I went across the room to her and started dancing with her, but I could not see her face. Who is this girl? Is it Victoria? I was wondering all night, but before midnight I went in for the kiss. Her lips were pink and smooth looking. One inch away from her face he begun to close his eyes and…
“Awe Man! It is only six o’clock! I hate Monday mornings. I think the garbage man loves to wake up everyone. I covered my head and went back to sleep.”
“DANNY! Get up now! You only have fifteen minutes until the bus comes; I already have your breakfast fixed. Hurry up!”
“Mom! I do not want to go today. Can I stay home? My paper is due today and I have not got it done yet.”
“No! You should have thought that last night when you were out with your friends at the movies.”
I got up and went to take a nice hot shower, but it was freezing cold! “AH! MOM!”
“The water is cold!”
“Oh yea, I forgot to tell you. Your dad is in the shower; he is running a little late.”
He finished up his cold shower, and put on his new jeans and T-Shirt. He went down stairs and started eating, but then he spilled milk all over himself.
“ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Those was my new clothes! Mom, I have nothing else to wear everything is dirty.”
“You do have one thing clean.”
She handed him the clean clothes and told him to hurry up.
“MOM! This shirt has a panda with hearts all over it.”
“Too bad you do not have anything else to wear. THE BUS IS HERE!”
He gets on the bus and he finds his best friend, Sarah, sitting in the front seat. He sits with her and starts to tell her about his amazing dream.
“Dude! I was at the senior prom and I was dancing with Victoria Smith! I almost kissed her, but then to garbage truck woke me up…”
“Oh, that sucks”
He saw the saddened expression on her face.
“Victoria was wearing a yellow dress, and she was so hot. Prom is tomorrow; I cannot wait.”
“Danny? I, uh, never mind. So what is up with that panda shirt?”
“I spilled my milk on me this morning, and I had nothing else to wear.”
“Oh, that is funny”.
The bus came to a stop at the school and everyone exited.
“Man! I just cannot have a good day!”
“What happened?”
“Oh I stepped in a mud puddle. That is the second time my clothes had got dirty. Well, I hope Victoria does not see me like this because if she did she would never go to the prom with me”.
“I am sorry, but maybe she is not the right one for you. Maybe she is just a little too popular and stuck up. Danny, you deserve so much more than her”.
“The bell rang”.
“Well, Danny, I am going to class. See you later”.
“See ya”.
“Danny, it is nice for you to finally join us”.
“Sorry, Mrs. Shore”.
“Sit down. Okay everyone turn in your papers that were due today. Danny, you really need this in. Otherwise, you will fail this class”.
“Oh, no. This is not good. I am going to have to take senior year all over again”.
“Get it to me first thing tomorrow, but it will have twenty points off”.
Smack! “Hey, sorry Victoria”.
“Get away, you loser”.
Sarah comes up
“Hey, Danny! What just happened?”
Prom Begins. Danny bumps into a shy, quite girl in his class.
“Sorry, I did not mean to run into you”.
“It is ok”
He suddenly sees the beautiful blond with the yellow dress on, just like in his dream. He walks over to her and asks her to dance. She smiled and turned around.
“Yea, Danny?”
“Sorry, I thought you were Victoria; I was getting my hopes up.”
“Danny, I think I was a girl in your dream…”
“Sarah, you know we are just friends.”
“I know we have been friends since second grade, but I love you…”
He felt the exact goose bumps as in his dream. He smiled and went to give her a kiss.

The author's comments:
This is the perfect romance, to me.

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