First Chance

July 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I walked into the bait shop. My friend Leah Clearwater was at the cashregister
"You're late, what took you so long?"
"Had to go deal with your little brother and Collin. They both need attitude adjustments!" I complained. I prayed she'd take my excuse.
"My brother's a big pain huh?" She said. I laughed. I walked to the back office and put my apron on. When I walked back out to Leah,she was wide-eyed at the customer who had just entered. I turned and stared up at one angry Edward Cullen towering over me. Over-protective brother I see.
"Sarah Ann Cullen you get yourself into my car this second!" Edwrd hissed at me.
"I'll call you later Leah. Don't tell Sam okay?!" I yelled running out the door. Edward followed behind me. I sat down in his passenger seat and once he was inside with me, he locked the doors. I was terrified.
"Care to explain your reason for running away from me THIS time?"
"I-I had to go see a friend. I was perfectly fine nothing would have happened." I whispered. I didn't look at him. With those emotional eyes of his, I'd rather not look at them.
"Oh whatever, Sarah!"
"Just drive me back to Carlisle or Rosalie. They'll understand. Unlike you who just assumes and blames as quick as he can read Alice's miind!" He sighed and sped me home. As soon as I was alone in my room I grabbed for my phone and called Leah.
"Hey, It's me. I'm fine. Did Chris get in yet?" Chris was the boyfriend my adopted dad - Edward -didn't like.
"Yeah, just hold on." A minute went by. I held my breath waiting for Chris' sweet voice to enter my ear.
"Thank God." I breathed.
"Are you alright? You left the meeting pretty quickly. I know we're both young wolves but I've never seen you phase THAT quickly."
"I'm technically NOT a wolf Chris."
I reminded him.
"Oh,yeah,right. Well, half-wolf-half-vampire. Whatever. I still classify you as a wolf and the best one as that."
"Awwww,did I mention Edward is ready to kill me?"
"No. And what reason does he have this time?"
"Running off in the middle of talking to him to get to Sam's meeting on time."
"Oh, would I have something to do with this?"
"May-be." I laughed. I opened up my window silently. "Here's an idea, meet me in the clearing off the reservation. Edward can't find me there. I've been dying to see you."
"Fine. I love you beautiful. Don't kill yourself sneaking away."
"Yes sir." I hung up, leaped out the window phasing on my way down." I ran through the woods as the sound of Edward's threatening growl faded into the darkness.

The author's comments:
This has twilight characters too, so don't get mad at me okay?

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This article has 2 comments.

on Sep. 20 2010 at 3:50 pm
twilight characterz????????? really??????????

foxy said...
on Jul. 17 2010 at 9:15 am
it was okay. but it a very go idea. keep it up!

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