July 9, 2009
By Mary123 SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
Mary123 SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Ch. 1

The breeze was nice this evening, it made my hair swirl around my head, my face. I had just stepped outside for the first time in the whole day. I spent my whole afternoon digging around my messy room for my work papers. Today was a busy one, my clients were coming in filing divorces with their married ones.

“Maybe you should think about taking a day off to clean your office, Lizzy,” a voice suddenly broke the silence.

“Eh, maybe, but I don’t think I need to,” I answered. Deep in my mind I knew that I did need to find some time to organize the mess on my desk and in my drawers.

“Are you sure? Because it took you an hour to find just one piece of paper to go a meeting,” the voice retorted.

“It’s none of your business whether I should clean my office or not, so stop bossing me around.” I was already irritated from the day’s work, now this person was pushing me over the edge.

“I’m sorry,” his voice rang in my ears.

“It’s ok, I’m sorry for being mean to you. You have a point I should really clean up the mess in my room. I’ll find some time when I can. Thanks for telling me.” I took a deep breath and pulled out a cigarette from my purse. “Want one?”

“Sure,” he said and reached for one. I lighted his then mine next and inhaled it in deeply. Cigarettes always made me feel better, relaxed.

“So Liz, want to go out for dinner tonight?,” he suggested.

“Sorry, Jason I can’t. I have a ton of paperwork at home waiting for me,” I said, turning around to face him. “I’m sorry, maybe another time?”

“No, no, it’s ok,” he said and smiled at me.

Jason was a very sincere and honest person, he rarely lies to anyone, but the problem with him is that he’s very shy. When he first came in I was the one to interview him. He had a crush on me since the day he came to work. I’ve always made excuses to why I can’t go to dinner with him. He just wasn’t my type.

“Sorry again,” I said sincerely.

“It’s alright,” he said again. His eyes sparkled in the darkness. Jason was a blonde with blue eyes, whenever he was cheerful his eyes sparkled and a smile lit up his face. He had really great white teeth, they were so straight too. He was about 6’2 inches, and I was a mere 5’7.

“I gotta get home,” I said and dropped my cigarette, stepping on it to stop it from burning.

“Well, see you Monday,” he said and smiled, then retreated to his car.

“See ya,” I replied and unlocked my door. I had a red convertible so I could’ve just jumped into my car from the side, but I was wearing a knee length skirt and a button up shirt, it would be difficult to jump up into the car.

I gave a long yawn and covered my mouth and flung my briefcase into the backseat, then drove away from the ominous glass building.

“Finally,” I said sighing. Suddenly a song started playing, I tried to dig out my phone from my pocket as I drove with one hand. I flipped it open. “Hello?”

“Hey Liz,” a girl voice trilled. “We’re still up for tonight right?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m driving home right now,” I replied and smiled. It was Friday night, my girl’s night out. That meant my friends and I are going to a club and dance the night away.

“Awesome, meet you at home!.” Click. I flipped my phone back down and smiled as I made my way home.

I made my way out of the car and unlocked my front door. My friends were already in my house, I could hear them in my room, laughing.

“Hey Elizabeth!,” Kate called and waved me into the room.

“I told you not to call me that anymore, it’s Lizzy now,” I said and frowned as I stepped into my room, shutting the door behind me.

“Sorry, Liz,” she apologized. “I was just used to it when we were little I called you Elizabeth all the time. It’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks but I’m Lizzy or just Liz now,” I replied as I took off my high heels and replaced them with white ones.

Elizabeth was my grandmother’s name that my mom decided to name me after her. My mom was in another country since she was an explorer.

“What are you going to wear?,” Kirsten asked as she glanced into my mirror and fixed her mascara.

“Um…maybe a skirt?,” I suggested.

“No way are you going to be wearing a skirt to the new club,” Melanie said, her nose scrunched up.

“Then what?” I brushed my hair to get all the tangles out, I had shoulder length curly hair it was also kind of wavy, and it was dark brown.

“This,” Kirsten said, holding up a strapless, knee-length, red dress.

“No way, no way guys, I’m not wearing that it’s to revealing,” I said, taking a long look at the red silk dress.

“Come on, please?,” Mel pleaded. “Just this one time Lizzy. You haven’t worn this since you were in Germany.”

“That was for my birthday party, Mel. I’m not wearing it again.”

“Oh come on, Liz,” Kate joined in.

“No, I’ll just wear a skirt and a tank top ok?,” I said and smiled. I made my way into my closet and pulled out the outfit that I wanted and began putting the new skirt on.

“Lizzy, seriously wear this for us please or else we‘ll leave,” Kate threatened.

“Come on guys,” I said. “You’re all being so difficult!” I flung my skirt off and grabbed the dress and slammed the closet door shut then changed into the red dress.

I heard them giggling and pull the closet door out and stomped out to the mirror. “Are you all happy now?”

They were all silent as they looked at me.

“What? Do I have something on my face?,” I said and looked into the mirror closely at my face.

“No, you don’t Liz but you do look like a princess,” Kirsten giggled as she straightened out the back of my dress for me.

“Ha yeah right, I haven’t worn this since I was sixteen years old,” I said. I was twenty-two now, way older than before.

“Well, you still fit in it perfectly,” Kate complimented.

“Thank you,” I said, blushing.

“And we’ll find you a date tonight,” Mel whispered to me.

I shook my head fast. “Oh no you won’t. I don’t have time to date you know. I have to go to work on Monday, dating is a big no-no right now.”

“We know you have work Liz, but what are you going to do on the weekends when you don’t have work?,” Kate said and smiled as she blotted her lips, they were shimmering with pink lip-gloss.

“Hang out with you guys,” I said.

“I meant on Saturdays and Sundays.”

“Stay home and finish my office work that I have to do,” I answered as I brushed on some blush.

“And does that get boring?,’’ Mel interrupted Kate.

“No,” I said quickly even though I was lying. I would’ve loved to be outside and shopping with my friends on the weekends but instead I’m stuck inside writing on my computer until two a.m.

“Really, Lizzy?,” Kate asked. “We could see that you’re lying. Come on no one likes working on the computer until morning just writing down files.”

“Well, maybe I do,” I replied. “Would you all stop drilling me? Tonight we’re gonna have fun.”

“Alright then,” they all said in unison.

“Let’s go,” I urged as I reached for my black purse.

I could hear them whispering to one another while we trailed down the stairs.

“So the plan’s still on right?,” Mel whispered softly but I could still hear her.

I instantly ignored them and walked out to my car, locking the door behind me.

“Guys, are we going to keep talking or are we heading to that new club?,” I said, a bit irritated.

“Lizzy, calm down,” Mel said.

I gave a big sigh and check my reflection in the car side mirror. I threw my car keys to Mel, since she was the one who knew the way. She quickly jumped into the convertible and I sat in front with her while the other two in the back.

“You know, Liz, I love your car.” Mel turned on the radio to a hip-hop station.

“Thanks, you said that many times, Mel,” I mentioned and laughed.

“Well, then someday I’m going to steal it,” she said jokingly and pulled out of my driveway.

“Ready to have fun everyone?,” I yelled.

“Oh, yeah,” they all answered back and yelled. And with that we were off to the club.

The author's comments:
Hi it's Mary and I have recently written this one. I am working on the second chapter so if you read this please let my know if I should continue. What really inspired me to write this story was other stories that I wrote seemed kind of sappy romance stories. While this one is still romance genre I decided to make the main character go through some tough decisions that will affect not only herself but the people around her. I also wanted the main character to be able to stand up by herself, she is an indepedent woman and definitely strong, something that I have learned personally from my mom because she is independent and strong and she is my hero. Love you mom! But anyways back to the story I hope you enjoy, leave comments please!

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