Destined by Love

July 14, 2009
By TrueBliss BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
TrueBliss BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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With enough water and sun, even a rose can grow from sand. We have the water, we have the sun. Why should we let something as simple as sand stop us from getting what we want. What we need. What we deserve. We’ve been reunited time and again by fate. Isn’t that enough? Fate bringing us together once? But no, that wasn’t enough was it? We messed up, inevitably. We got discouraged by the elements. Convinced any attempt we made at love was feeble. We didn’t stick around long enough to prove it wrong. To prove the world wrong. We parted with solemn goodbyes. We left, excepting the fact that, that was all we were going to have. All we were going to ever have was something that could never be. An impossible relationship built solely on the hopes and dreams of what we wanted ever so dearly, but knew we could never have.
But then fate brought us to each other a second time. Not proving the world wrong, but proving to ourselves what we knew all along. What we had weren’t hopes and what we had weren’t dreams. What we had was us. We had each other, together, forever. Not what we had, but what we can still have. Nothing is lost until it is forgotten. I haven’t forgotten you, my dear. Not for a day. Nor shall I ever.
If you’ll let me be your tender, I’ll for your soilless plot, long after the last red petal has fallen, and all that remains is a tangled vine with a skin of thorns. A marvelous vine that I will love for all of eternity. No amount of sand, nor lack of dirt can stop me- dam well no thorns can scare me off. I’ll be yours until the day the earth stands still and all we had are turned into memories. Not a hope. Not a dream. A relocation of what we had. What we have had since I first saw you. Since I first saw your eyes widen, your lips curl into an irresistible grin, and your cheeks flushed pink with shy embarrassment. Since the day I first met your eyes with mine and I knew I loved you.

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