Into My Arms

June 27, 2009
By Samantha Dunn BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
Samantha Dunn BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
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I stared up at the clear, blue midnight sky. A million twinkling, shining stars stared back. I nuzzled my head further against Nicholas' neck. What a beautiful night. And I'm sharing it with the love of my life. I felt Nicholas shift his arm tighter around me, placing his left hand just below my ribcage. I put my hand over his and gently traced my fingers up and down his knuckles.
"It's such a beautiful night." I whispered.
Nicholas kissed the top of my head. "Not as beautiful as you."
I smiled and laughed softly. "I set myself up for that one, didn't I?"
Nick twirled a strand of my long, dark brown hair in his fingers and smiled. "Yes you did." he replied quietly.
I sat up, put my legs Indian-style and gazed out over Raven Hill. The moonlight cast an eerie glow over the dewy grass, making the ground shimmer like an ocean. A cool breeze ruffled my shirt, making the grass flow like waves. In the distance, I heard frogs croaking and crickets chirping in the wetlands at the bottom of the hill. The earthy scent of wet dirt and grass dominated the whole hill. Nicholas sat up next to me and wrapped his long arms around my shoulders. Nick then shifted me so I was sitting in between his legs, my back to his chest. I laid back and Nicholas twirled my hair some more. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up.
Then he started to sing.

"If time, was still, the sun, would never never find us..."

My favorite song.
Nick ended the song, mixing up the tone and making it lower and longer. I snuggled my head into his chest, breathing in his smell. He was wearing a button-down shirt I had teased him about before. It made him look like a very short lumberjack. I looked up into his dark hazel eyes. They held mine for a few seconds then looked out over the hill. I sat up again and leaned against Nick.
"You know how we could make this moment better?" Nick asked me. I picked up my head and stared into his eyes again, angry.
"No, Nick. We've talked about this." I snarled. Nicholas raised his hands in defeat.
"I know, I know. When you're ready."
I smiled and hugged him. He layed down on the grass, pulling me with him.
"Nick!" I squeaked.
"I'll at least get a good kiss." he vowed, smiling at me. I sighed, closing my eyes. Then I felt his lips against mine. He kissed me forcefully. I returned the favor, nibbling on his lip a little. We broke apart and I laid my head on his chest, closing my eyes again. Nicholas put his arms around me, cradling me. He rubbed my back, knowing I loved when he did that. The last thing I heard was Nick singing before I fell fast asleep on his chest.

"Pick up all your tears. Throw them in your backseat. Leave without a second glance..."

The author's comments:
Idk, I wrote it at like 1 in the morning, wanting an 'Awww' moment for myself...

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tgir85 GOLD said...
on Jul. 6 2009 at 12:59 am
tgir85 GOLD, Katy, Texas
13 articles 0 photos 81 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I only put you through that test to see if you would keep the faith or give up..."

very nice!!!^^ please check my work if you like..^^

SilentQ said...
on Jul. 4 2009 at 10:31 pm
SilentQ, Glendale, Missouri
0 articles 0 photos 21 comments
very sweet like how that song works into it maybe you could spend a little more time with character development and less with description of the place, but i wouldn't make it longer cause the length works

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