What Do You Expect From Guys

June 11, 2009
By snagelhout BRONZE, Spring, Texas
snagelhout BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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"When do you want to hang out?” Tori asked Leslie over the phone. “Well, I have new neighbors coming right now, so how about tomorrow. We can have a sleepover and hopefully my mom will let us sleep in. You do know it's summer right?” Leslie asked. “Yeah. Let me guess, your mom is waking you up at 8:30 everyday isn’t she?” Tori asked. “Yeah. How did you know?” “My mom is doing it too. Well I better go. See you tomorrow. Bye.” They hung up. “Leslie come down here. Our new neighbors are here.” Leslie’s mom yelled from downstairs. “Kay mom. Hold on. I need to get my jacket.” Leslie yelled from her room. She grabbed her jacket and went downstairs. She had on gray sweats, gray converse, a green tank, and a multi colored hoodie on. “Honey, these are the Montez's” Leslies mom said. “Hi I am Leslie.” Leslie introduced herself. “Hi I am Mrs. Montez and this is my husband Mr. Montez. I have two sons about your age, but they are at home. You can go meet them if you would like.” Mrs. Montez said. “Okay thanks. Mom I am gonna go get my phone. Do you care if I go meet them?” Leslie asked. “Did you finish your homework?” Mrs. Wright, Leslies mom asked. “Yes ma'am, teacher.” “Did Tori finish hers?” “Yes teacher.” “Dont be smart. Yes you can go.” Leslie went up to her room and put on jeans and a Forever Academy More shirt on. “Sorry. Leslie and her best friend Tori are home-schooled here, and well I am there teacher, they had to read a book before their summer vacation began.” Mrs. Wright said. “It's alright.” Mrs. and Mr. Montez said. Leslie left and went across the street to the Montez's house. She rang the doorbell and put her hair in a bun with a hat on. “Hello?” A guy answered. “Hi I am Leslie. I live right across the street. Your parents are at my house right now, actually.” Leslie laughed trying not to sound like a fool and thinking he was hot. “Oh well I am Chase.” He laughed. “Hi. How old are you?” She asked. “I am fourteen. How about you?”He asked. “Oh I am fourteen too, so that means you’re in eighth grade?” “No I am in seventh. I went to school later then everyone else.” “Oh. Me too.” “Chase. Who is at the door?” An older guy asked coming downstairs. “Go put a shirt on. There is a girl down here.” Chase yelled. “Shut up Chase.” The guy said putting on a shirt. “Hi I am Michael. What is your name?” He asked pushing Chase out of the way. “Her name is Leslie, now please don’t scare her. Just go watch Blue’s Clues or something.” Chase said. “Ewww. I don’t watch that show. I watch Wow Wow Wubzy.” Michael said. “Oh my gosh. My best friend loves Wow Wow Wubzy.” Leslie laughed. “Awesome. Wait, how old is she?” “Fourteen like me. How old are you?” “I am fourteen.” “Really? You look fifteen. Wait are you and Chase twins?” “Fraternal.” Chase said. “No. We are twins that don’t look anything alike.” Michael said. “That’s what fraternal means.” Leslie laughed. “I knew that.” Michael said walking away. “So, where did you move from?” Leslie asked Chase. “Canada.” Chase answered. “Cool. So do you like Dallas so far?” “Yeah. I guess, but meeting you made it better.” He blurted. “That’s awesome. Nobody has ever said that to me before, then again I really haven’t met anybody new lately.” Leslie laughed. “Leslie, your mom wants you home. Oh and by the way my boys will be in your class next year.” Mrs. Montez said. “Are you sure they are going to like it considering there will be only four people in it?” Leslie asked. “The boys will be fine.” Mrs. Montez laughed. “Okay. Well bye Mr. and Mrs. Montez. Nice meeting you two. Nice meeting you Chase and Michael.” Leslie left. The next morning she called Tori and told her to pack and be over at her house on five minutes with the scary movies and the makeup. Tori ran over there as fast as she could. “Okay what’s the good news?” Tori asked racing upstairs to Leslie’s room. “Why do you think there is good news?” Leslie asked sitting on her balcony porch. “You asked for the scary movies, which you can only watch when you are thinking about a boy, and you asked me to bring make up, which only means you want a new makeover to impress someone. Now tell me.” Tori said catching her breath. “Okay. Well I have two new neighbors and they have boys. The boys are the same age as us, they are both in eighth grade and they are going to be in our class next year, which means two very cute boys who we get to see for four hours each day!” Leslie screamed not knowing Chase and Michael could hear her from their front lawn. “Wow. That is good news. So which one do you like?” Tori asked. “Well... I like Chase because, well you know why.” Leslie laughed. “I don’t know why.” Chase whispered. “Because he has brown curly hair and brown eyes?” Tori asked laughing. “Exactly, and he was wearing converse last night.” “Oh. Well this is just fate. Definitely fate.” They both laughed. “Come on. Do you want to go meet them and see if they want to go bowling or something?” Leslie asked walking back into her bedroom. “Well duh.” Tori laughed. They both went downstairs and walked to Chase and Michael’s house. “Hey Chase.” Leslie said. “Hey Les. Is this your best friend?” Chase asked. From the living room, they heard the theme song to Wow Wow Wubzy. “Wow Wow Wubzy!” Tori screamed. “Go ahead.” Chase moved away from the door. Tori ran and sat next to Michael, her eyes locked on the television screen. “Yup. That’s Tori.” Leslie laughed. “So, I see. What did you come here for?” Chase asked walking into the living room. “Who are you?” Michael asked Tori. “I am Tori, and I love Wow Wow Wubzy!” She laughed. “Oh. So you are Leslie’s best friend?” Michael asked. “Yup. Michael go get dressed.” Chase said. “Fine.” Michael got up and left. “So, what did you two come here for?” Chase asked. “To watch Wow Wow Wubzy. Duh! No I am kidding. We wanted to see if you guys you know want to come bowling?” Leslie asked. “Yeah. Sure. Let me just go call my mom and tell her.” Chase left. “Man. They are cute!” Tori said when Chase and Michael were out of earshot. “I told you, but I like Chase, so back off.” Leslie teased. “That’s totally fine. I have more in common with Michael anyway, and I don’t like converse.” “That is so true!” “My mom said that we could go.” Chase said walking downstairs. “Cool.” Leslie and Tori said. “What are we doing?” Michael asked coming downstairs. “We are gonna go bowling. Want to come?” Tori asked. “Definitely.” He said. “Well we have to walk, but it is only a couple blocks away.” Leslie said. “Wait, today is Tuesday. The bowling alley is closed for cleaning.” Tori remembered. “Oh. Danget it is. Well then, it comes down to laser tag.” Leslie laughed. “Great! Against you again.” Tori said sarcastically. “What are you guys talking about?” Chase and Michael asked confused. “We will tell you on the way.” Leslie and Tori answered. They left and started walking. “We used to go play laser tag all the time, and well one time it didn’t go so well.” Tori started. “I told the manager I was sorry.” Leslie butted in. “Well apparently she didn’t forgive you. Long story short, we were playing and Leslie got a little caught up in winning, and hit someone with her gun thing and made his nose bleed.” Tori said trying not to laugh. “What?” Chase asked staring at Leslie. “What? Like I said, I apologized, and just because I broke the gun doesn’t mean I should be banned from that place for three months.” Leslie said mumbling to herself. “You broke the gun? I call being on Leslies team so I don’t get hit!” Chase called. “The funny part was, they put a picture of her on the wall and it said banned.” Tori laughed.”Well at least I am not so competitive anymore.” Leslie said. “Yup.” They all agreed. They got there, and decided that Leslie and Tori would be on a team against Michael and Chase, and whoever won had to pay for the food. They finished, and well the guys one, but switched up the cards so it looked like girls won. “Ha ha. We beat you.” Tori and Leslie laughed. “You sure did.” The guys said. They went to eat, and the guys paid, then they walked home. “I have an idea! How about tonight, we go to the theater and go see a scary movie.” Tori suggested. “Yeah. That sounds great!” Leslie agreed. “You two? Scary movie?” Chase asked. “Yeah. Why?” Leslie asked. “Well, not to be rude or anything but usually girls don’t like scary movies.” He answered. “Well I do, but Leslie only likes them when she likes,” Tori didn’t finish because Leslie stuck her hand on top of her mouth. “We are gonna go. How about we come over around seven and we can go.” Leslie suggested taking her hand off of Tori’s mouth. “Sounds like a date.” Michael said to Tori. “I mean, well it’s a figure of speech, I’m gonna go now. See you guys at seven.” Michael ran inside. “Bye.” Leslie said. “Wait Les.” Chase said grabbing her arm. “Yeah?” Leslie asked. “Let’s exchange numbers, and then we can text each other.” Chase said. “Okay.” They gave each other their numbers, then left. “Do you think Michael likes me?” Tori asked when they got into Leslies bedroom. “Of course. He even said it was a date. Oh and by the way, thanks for almost blurting out that I liked Chase.” Leslie said not knowing that Chase already knew. “Sorry.” Tori apologized. “Hey Michael.” Chase said walking into Michael’s room. “What little bro?” Michael asked. “You’re older by two minutes, but I need help.” Chase said rolling his eyes. “Yes little bro?” “Never mind.” “You need help with Leslie?” “How do you know?” “You were practically drooling over her.” “Shut up, Mr. Sounds like a date.” “Hey, I meant that as a figure of speech. You know that.” “Whatever! Well I am gonna go take a shower.” Chase left. “Come on. Let’s get ready. We have exactly three hours until seven, so I think we have time to do our hair, makeup, and pick out clothes.” Leslie said. Tori just stared at her like she was crazy. “What?” Leslie asked. “You must really like this boy, because you would never use those three things in the same sentence.” Tori said. “Shut up. But yes I do.” “Well then, should I do your hair curly or straight?” “That’s my girl. Which one should I do?” “Curly and straight. Do your bangs straight and the rest of your hair curly! What color highlights do you want?” “Blue and green please. While you get the hair stuff ready, I am gonna go get my mommy’s make up and then we can pick out our clothes.” Leslie left. She came back with the make up about five minutes later. “Which closet? Mine or well my girly one?” Leslie asked. “Well how about we look at your girly once for a while.” Tori suggested. “I had a feeling you were gonna say that.” They left and went to the spare room. “Just beware. Everything in here is pretty much skirts and dresses.” Leslie said. “Les. I have been in here before, but I think you’re the one that needs to beware. I can’t believe your grandma is so rich!” Tori laughed. “Hey. At least she only gives you gift cards to places, I actually get clothes.” “From celebrities.” “That is true!” They looked through the closet for about ten minutes and then went back to Leslie’s room to do their hair. “Mine or yours first?” Leslie asked. “I will do yours first, then you can do mine.” Tori answered. Leslie turned on her iPod and they listened to Forever Academy More until Tori was done. “Okay, now I am doing the highlights.” Tori said. She finished with Leslies hair and then they switched places. “Okay, curly, straight, or scrunched?” Leslie asked. “Curly all the way.” “Okay all the way.” “What color highlights?” “Red and blue please.” Leslie finished with Tori’s hair, and then they went back to Leslie’s girly closet. “Okay, you are going to wear your light green mini skirt with light blue tank top and a cardigan.” Tori said. “Hon, its summer time. Heck to the no.” Leslie said. “Fine. Scratch the cardigan.” “That sounds better, but scratch the skirt and put in jeans.” “No way.” “Fine, but I get to wear my green converse.” “Fine.” “Okay, you are gonna wear my red mini skirt and my dark blue tank top with red flats.” “You don’t have flats.” “Want to bet?” Leslie pushed a button and made a big huge stack of shoes come out. “You never showed me this before.” Tori said. “You never asked, then again you never asked about this closet, you just found out on your own.” Leslie laughed. Tori got the red flats, then they went back to Leslie’s room, changed and did each other’s make up. “Okay, twenty more minutes until they come over, how do I look?” Chase asked wearing a brown striped shirt and skinny jeans with brown converse. “Like a chick.” Michael answered. “Why?” “Weren’t you listening to Leslie on the way to laser tag? She said she hated guys wearing skinny jeans, she says she only liked girls wearing them.” “Oh. Well then, I will go change. How did I not hear that?” “Because you were too busy drooling over her.” “Shut up.” Chase changed his pants and put on normal jeans, then fluffed his hair. “Are you almost done?” Chase asked walking downstairs. “I am done lover boy. I am just taping Wow Wow Wubzy, because I have to miss a new episode by going to a movie.” Michael said. “Hmmm let me think, hang out with a girl you like and maybe she will get scared and put her head on you, or watch Wow Wow Wubzy? Yeah that is definitely a hard one.” Chase said. “Okay five more minutes until we need to be over there.” Leslie said putting on chap stick. “Yup. Now time to choose a purse.” Tori said. “No way. You made me wear a skirt. You know I hate purses.” Leslie whined. “Fine.” Tori got a purse. “Can you put my phone in there because this skirt apparently isn’t meant to hold things since there is no pocket?” Leslie asked. “Sure.” They got situated and then left. They rang the doorbell and Chase and Michael raced to the door, but Michael tripped over the couch and fell right when Chase opened the door, so everyone saw. “Great job.” Leslie laughed. Tori went in and helped him up. “Hey Chase.” Leslie said giving him a hug. “What no hug for me?” Michael asked getting up. “Awe. I’m sorry, I don’t give hugs to people who can’t get off of a couch without falling.” Leslie laughed. “You are gonna regret that.” Michael said running toward her. Leslie screamed when he picked her up and spun her around. He put her down and she gave him a hug. “All better?” she asked. “Yup.” He went back to Tori and gave her a hug. “Well let’s go. I don’t want to be late.” Chase said. They left and walked to the movies. “Hey, you wear converse too?” Leslie asked noticing Chases brown converse. “Yeah. I have eighteen pairs of them. I know, it’s a lot.” He laughed embarrassed. “You do have a lot but not enough. I have twenty-one pairs.” Leslie laughed. “Awe. Look at them.” Tori showed Michael. They were walking behind Chase and Leslie. “Yeah. They so like each other.” Michael said. “Wait, Chase likes Leslie?” “Yeah.” “Awe. She likes him too.” “Yeah. I guess. So, do you like converse?” “Nope. Do you?” “Nope. I like Wow Wow Wubzy!” “Me too.” “So I hear we will be seeing each other during school hours.” Chase said. “Yeah. Sorry.”Leslie said “Why are you sorry?” “I wouldn’t think you would want to hang out with a girl like me.” “What do you mean?” “I am not girly or frilly. I love football, basketball, camping, and playing in the mud and rain. No guy especially you would like me, and by the way I hate skirts too.” Leslie said. “Wow.” “I know. You don’t like me.” “Why would you say that? You are my kind of girl. Oh and by the way, you don’t have to get all girly for me. You look good just the way you are.” “Thanks.” They were about to kiss, when Michael interrupted them. “What bro?” Chase asked. “We are at the movies.” Michael and Tori said. “Oh right.” Chase and Leslie laughed embarrassed. “Green?” Tori asked. “Definitely green.” Leslie answered. “What are you guys talking about?” Michael and Chase asked. “Nothing.” Leslie and Tori answered. That was their code if a boy was gonna kiss one of them. “Sorry.” Tori apologized. “Its fine. Here is a gift card. I will be right back.” Leslie said about to walk inside. “What? No we are paying. We are the guys.” “Okay, really I need to pay. I don’t care if you are guys. I have eight of those and I need to get rid of them.” Leslie said. “Why do you have eight?” Chase and Michael asked in unison. “Her grandma is really rich!” Tori said. “Yeah. Now that has a hundred dollars on it so go ballistic and use however much you want. I will be right back.” Leslie grabbed her phone out of Tori's purse and walked inside. She walked to the bathroom and took off her skirt and pulled down her skinny jeans she was hiding underneath her skirt. She came out of the restroom and called her brother Tyler. “Hey Ty. Do you want to come visit? I miss you and we need to hang out plus you need to meet my two new friends!” She walked outside to her friends. “Okay love you too. Bye.” Leslie hung up the phone and put it back in Tori's purse. “Ty?” Tori asked. “Yeah. Oh here.” Leslie put her skirt in Tori's bag too. “Leslie!” Tori whined. “Sorry. I couldn’t do it. Oh and Ty is coming to visit after he finishes his tour.” Leslie said. “Yeah.” “Who is Ty?” Chase asked. “My brother. He is in a band called Forever Academy More! Ever heard of them?” Leslie asked. “Oh my gosh. I love that band. We love that band. We came to the U.S. Just to see them perform.” Chase answered. “Cool. He is the lead singer.” “Really?” Chase asked. Michael was shocked. “Yeah. Is your brother okay?” Leslie asked. “I think he bought a little too much candy.” Chase laughed. “Or he kissed Tori.” Leslie said. “Why would you say that?” “She has the same look on her face.” “Oh.” “Guys snap out of it.” Leslie snapped her fingers in their faces. “Sorry.” Tori and Michaels faces turned bright red. “Come on. Let’s go see the movie.” Leslie took the tickets from Michael and they went to see the movie. After the movie was over, a girl came up to Leslie. “Are you Taylor Gomez?” She asked. “No. Why would you ask that?” Leslie lied. “Sorry. You look just like her.” The girl walked away. “Wow. You do look like her. The only difference is, you have brown hair and she has red hair.” Chase said. “Come on. Let’s go to dinner.” Leslie changed the subject. Tori pulled her away. “That was close. I am so glad she didn’t catch you.” Tori said. “I know. Me too. I think that grandma story is getting old too. Do you think I should tell the guys?” Leslie asked. “I don’t know. Maybe after a while. I mean they might go and tell someone on accident or on purpose.” “What are you two talking about?” Chase and Michael asked turning around. “Nothing. Come on. Let’s go to this restaurant.” Leslie said. “Wow. It looks like someone is playing here tonight.” Chase said. “Are you serious?” Tori asked looking at Leslie. “I am so sorry. I had to. My dad did it.” Leslie said. “What?” Chase asked. “Nothing. Yall go find a table. I have to go to the bathroom. She walked into the back room and got changed, then went on stage with her red wig on. She sang a couple of her songs, then went to the back room and changed, then went to her table. “You missed the concert.” Chase said. “Trust me, no she didn’t.” Tori muttered. “What?” Chase asked. “Nothing. She said nothing. Come on let’s eat.” Leslie said. They ordered and ate, then went home. “Hey guys, can I ask you a question?” Leslie asked when they got back to their houses. “What?” Chase and Michael asked. “Do you guys like Taylor Gomez?” Leslie asked. “Are you kidding? She is so pretty and she is really good at singing.” Chase said. Michael nodded his head in agreement. “Well, would you guys like tickets and backstage passes to go see her?” She asked. “Duh!” “Okay. I can’t go, but I am sure Tori will take you. Right Tori?” Leslie asked. “Sure. When is it though?” Tori asked. “Tomorrow night at eight.” Leslie answered. “How come you can’t go?” Chase asked. “Soccer practice.” “You would rather go to practice, then to go see Taylor Gomez?” He asked. “I don’t like her that much I guess.” “Yeah. She can get annoying sometimes.” Tori agreed. “Thanks Tori.” “I was kidding. Well let’s go.” Tori gave Michael a hug and a kiss. “Hello?” Leslie asked. “Oh right. Approved?” Tori asked. “Approved!” Leslie smiled. “Bye guys. I will bring the tickets over tomorrow in the afternoon.” She gave Michael a hug and Chase a hug and kiss on the cheek, then her and Tori ran home. “Good going little bro. She gave you a kiss, and you can’t even get the guts to tell her you like her.” Michael said giving him a noogie. “You kissed him.” Tori screamed. “Yes I know. I really want to tell him the secret, but I am scared he will tell other people, and I am not ready for anyone else to know.” Leslie said changing into her sweats. She had her balcony door opened and didn’t know that Chase could hear her. “What secret?” Chase wondered. He walked inside and texted her. He wrote Hey. She wrote back, hey sorry about the whole kiss thing. He answered it’s okay. I liked it. I am gonna call you. He called her. “Hey.” She laughed. “Hey sweetie. Do you want to go out with me?” He asked. “Sure.” “Cool and by the way, your secret is safe with me.” He said. “What secret?” She asked nervously. “He found out? How did he find out?” Tori asked running into the room. “You are pregnant aren’t you?” Chase asked. It was on speaker. “No I am not pregnant.” Leslie said. “Yes she is.” Tori said. “No I am not. Why would you think that? Do I look fat?” Leslie asked. “What? No you actually look like you way thirty pounds but Michael told me that was your secret, because we heard you and Tori talking from your room and he told me that he thinks you were pregnant, but if you aren’t, what is it?” Chase asked. “The secret is, well,” Leslie took a deep breath. “I love your brother.” Tori said. “That is the dumbest secret ever, but okay. I won’t tell him unless you want me to.” Chase said. “No. Keep it a secret. I will tell him when I am ready. Well we have to go.” “Bye sweetie.” Leslie said. “Bye beautiful.” Chase said. They hung up. “Oh my gosh! I love you. You are the best friend practically sister ever. Anything you want. I will give you.” Leslie said giving her a huge hug. “Two pairs of flats from your Taylor Gomez closet.” “Okay. Deal. Now let’s get this make up off and make some videos, then watch the scary movies you brought.” Leslie laughed. “Agreed.” They spent the next hour making videos, then watched movies until five in the morning. “I am so glad I am a teenager, otherwise I would be so tired at my concerts.” Leslie said waking up with at eleven. She went to her balcony and on the couch there was a note. It said, To: Leslie. She read it and it was a song that Chase wrote for her. She finished it and read the bottom. It said, meet me at the park at eleven-thirty. Tell Tori to go watch Wow Wow Wubzy with Michael.
Luv, Chase
“What are you looking at?” Tori asked walking up to Leslie. Leslie gave her the note. “Awe. He is so sweet! Well we better change, I get to watch Wow Wow Wubzy!” Tori laughed. “Yeah. Come on.” They changed from their pajamas to their regular clothes. Tori wore skinny jeans, a vintage t-shirt, and black vans, while Leslie wore orange basketball shorts, a green t-shirt, and green and orange converse. “Wow. You definitely look like yourself. We should have taken a picture of you last night.” Tori said. “Thanks. I think.” Leslie laughed. Leslie put a hat on, and put her hair up in it. “Come on. Let’s go.” Tori said. They linked arms and walked over to the Montez's house. “Bye. Have fun with your boyfriend.” Tori teased. “Shut up. He just asked me out, that is it. Have fun with your boyfriend.” Leslie teased back. Leslie left and walked to the park. Tori rang the doorbell and Michael opened the door. “Hey. Why are you here?” Michael asked giving her a hug. “Cant I just come over and hang out with my friends?” Tori asked. “Want to watch the new episode of Wow Wow Wubzy?” Michael asked. “Definitely. I didn’t get to record it last night, oh and by the way you shouldn’t ever guess that a girl is pregnant.” Tori hit him. “Sorry. It was just a guess. So what is the secret?” “Well, you kind of need to ask her that, but she might wait awhile until she really knows you guys.” “Chase?” Leslie asked looking around. “Hey Les.” Chase gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Hey. Thanks for the note, oh and before I forget, here are the tickets.” Leslie gave them to him. “About that, I think I am going to skip and just go with you to your practice.” “No. You can’t.” She begged. “Why not?” “Please, just go. You will have fun. Way more fun than you would watching me practice soccer.” “Fine, but only since it makes you happy.” “It does, and maybe I will get out of practice early enough to come for a little while.” “Well, who is going to take us?” “My mom. She already arranged it with your parents.” “Oh. Okay, well we better get going. It is already twelve thirty, and I still need to finish unpacking.” Chase said. “True. Well okay, let’s get going. I need to go somewhere.” Leslie agreed. They held hands all the way to Chase’s house. “Come on, Tori. We have to go to that place.” Leslie said snapping Tori back to reality. “Fine. Man that was the best episode of Wow Wow Wubzy ever.” Tori said getting up. “Do you want to stay?” Leslie asked. “No. I need to support you and well make fun of you when you fall off stage.” Tori whispered. “Hey. That happened once. What makes you think it will happen again?” She asked really loud. “What?” The guys asked. “Nothing. We got to go. Bye.” Leslie gave Chase a hug and a kiss, and then gave Michael a hug. Tori gave the guys both a hug, and then left with Leslie. “Sorry. You must hate me, right?” Leslie asked. “No. I could never. I mean my best friend, practically sister is a celebrity, I can live with being your best friend practically sister because you have the best clothes and you meet the awesomest people in the world, so it all balances out in the end.” Tori laughed. “Right. Well I am glad you are my best friend practically sister, and not anyone else, and again I am so sorry you have to suffer.” “Like I said, I don't mind. Now come on, we have to get to rehearsals.” They ran to Leslie’s house and Mrs. Wright drove to the stadium. “Come on girls, oh yeah I forgot to tell you two, Leslie your brothers band is opening for you.” Mrs. Wright said. “Really mom? Is that part of their tour?” Leslie asked excitedly. “Yes, that is why I didn’t let you see their tour schedule.” “I knew it.” “Of course you did!” Tori laughed. They went inside and Leslie got her wig on and changed clothes, then did makeup, and went on the stage and practiced for about three hours, and then Forever Academy More played seven of their songs, then Leslie and Forever Academy More played a song together that Leslie and her brother Tyler made up one day. “Honey, that was good. I didn’t know you and Ty worked on songs together.” Mrs. Wright said helping take off Leslie’s wig. “Yeah, remember when we had to go to Toronto, well Ty and I started playing around with the guitar, while you and dad were sleeping on the plane.” Leslie laughed. “Oh yeah, remember you took my guitar and started playing on it, then you fell onto the chair because you were singing, dancing and playing the guitar all at the same time, and the plane turned. That was funny.” Tyler said coming in. “Hey honey.” Mrs. Wright gave him a hug and kiss. “Ha ha. Real funny, but yeah I do remember that.” Leslie said behind the changing room. She came out wearing basketball shorts, a soccer shirt, gray converse and a hat on. “The normal Leslie outfit.” Tyler, Mrs. Wright, and Tori said in unison. “Wow, and hey. It’s not my fault I like to be comfortable when I am not on stage.” Leslie said. “Honey, we know you. But, at least we don't make you wear dresses on stage.” Mrs. Wright. “We? You mean the outfit designer right?” Leslie asked laughing. “Yes. Now come on, you have to be at soccer practice in forty-five minutes, and then we have to come straight back here.” Mrs. Wright said leading them to the jeep. “Wait, you were serious about soccer?” Tori asked. “Yeah, I didn’t totally lie to them. That is so not how I roll.” Leslie laughed. “What? Who did you lie to?” Mrs. Wright asked. “The guys. I am going to wait for a while to tell them.” Leslie answered. “What guys? You can’t be hanging out with guys. You are too young little sis.” Tyler said getting in the front passenger seat. “Shut up. I am old enough to hang out with boys. Ask mom.” Leslie dared. “Whatever, but I have to talk to them first and make sure they are okay.” Tyler said. “Nope, okay thanks for dropping me off mom. Come on Tori. We will see you at the concert, and remember please pick up Chase and Michael.” Leslie said getting out of the car. “Okay hon. Bye.” Tori and Leslie got out of the car and went to the field. “How are we going to get to the concert?” Tori asked walking to the goal. “Limo. Is that okay? The band is going to be in it too, if that’s okay!” Leslie answered holding her ears. “Yeah!” Tori started screaming. She did her happy dance, and then calmed down. “I am taking that as a yes.” Leslie laughed. They practiced for about an hour, then the limo came and picked them up and drove them to the stadium. They got dropped off, then went and took showers. After that, Leslie got her wig on, makeup, and Taylor clothes on. “You look so pretty.” Tori said. “Thanks.” Leslie said sarcastically. “You know what I mean” Tori laughed. “That’s what you think.” They both laughed. “Please welcome Taylor Gomez in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1'.” The speaker yelled. The crowd started screaming and Taylor ran on stage. She sang for two hours, and then took a break, while Forever Academy More came back out and did more songs. She changed, then went back out. She sang a couple more songs, then brought the band out. They played the song that she and Tyler made up, then everyone left. “Okay, go change, then meet your fans who have backstage passes.” The speaker said. Tori came up to her. “Good job sis. I have to go back with Michael and Chase now. They can’t wait to meet you as Taylor.” Tori laughed giving her a hug. “Thanks sis. See you in a few minutes.” Leslie left to go to her changing room. She changed, then went back out and signed autographs for people, she told Tori to make her and the guys be last in line, so they could hangout longer. Finally, everyone finished up, and they guys came up to her. “Hey guys, I am Taylor Gomez.” She shook their hands and took their passes to sign them. “Hi Taylor. I am Chase and this is my brother Michael.” Chase introduced. “Well nice to meet you, and what is your name?” Leslie asked Tori. “I am Tori.” Tori said. “Well nice to meet you.” Taylor shook her hand. “Taylor, do you think you could sign a c.d. for my friend Leslie? She couldn’t come tonight, because she had soccer.” Chase said. “Friend? You mean girlfriend?” Michael teased. “Shut up. I didn’t even ask her yet.” Chase said giving Leslie the c.d. “Well you better hurry.” Michael said. Taylor and Tori did all they could from busting out laughing. “Leslie. What is her last name?” Leslie asked. “Wright. Leslie Wright. You know, you kind of look like her too.” Chase pointed out. “Really? Well I have never heard of the name Leslie before, strange name.” Leslie said signing the c.d. “Oh. Well how old are you?” Leslie asked them. “Chase, Tori, and I are fourteen.” Michael said. “Oh. I am fourteen too.” Leslie said handing the c.d. back. “Cool. Well we better go. Mrs. Wright probably wants us back.” Tori said. “Okay. Well nice meeting you three, and make sure you tell your friend Leslie that I hope she had fun at soccer.” Leslie said standing up. “Okay. We will.” Tori, Michael, and Chase left. Ten minutes later, Leslie was back to Leslie again. “Hey Les.” Tori gave her a hug. “That was the weirdest meet and greet ever.” Leslie said laughing. “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” Tori joked. “I didn’t either, especially not one of my fans.” Leslie laughed. They walked to Mr. Wright and rode home with him. She and Tori walked over to the Montez’s house. “Hey Les. Did you have fun at soccer?” Chase asked giving her a hug and kissing her on her cheek. “Yeah, thanks. Did you have fun at the concert?” Leslie asked. “Yup. Taylor really does look like you, oh I know you don't like her, but I got you an autographed c.d.” Chase gave her the c.d. “Awe. Thanks. Here I got you something too.” Leslie gave him a box. He opened it and took out a pair of dark blue converse. “Thanks. I guess you heard I lost my other blue converse.” Chase said looking over at Michael. “What? It just came up.” Michael said taking Tori’s hand and bringing her into the kitchen. “So, did you like hanging with my brother or was he a total moron?” Leslie asked Chase. “He was okay, but he kept asking us questions like if we smoke or drank, even though we are only fourteen.” “So he was a moron. I will be killing him when his tour is over.” “It’s okay, but I have been meaning to ask you something.” Chase took her hands. “What?” She asked. “Will you be my girlfriend?” “Of course.” They kissed. “Well I better go. I have to get up really early in the morning, well me and Tori do.” Leslie said. “Why?” He asked. “We are going to Washington tomorrow during the day, and then New York tomorrow night.” “Why?” “Just because.” She lied. “Okay well bye. Ruv ru.” She said. “Ruv ru.” He said back. She kissed him, then they walked into the kitchen. “Green?” Leslie asked. “Too late.” Tori answered. “Okay good. Now let’s go. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” Leslie said. “Have fun girls.” Michael and Chase said. “Oh Tay, Leslie will.” Tori said. They walked back to Leslie’s house. “You do realize this is very hard for me, don't you?” Tori asked. “Why now? It was never hard before.” Leslie said walking upstairs and opening her balcony door. “Just because I know that you are Taylor doesn't mean I don't want to tell anyone else, but I will wait until you are ready to tell the guys.” Tori said. “Why didn't you tell me? I am so sorry.” Leslie said giving her a hug. “Hey it is not your fault you are famous.” “Well it was my decision.” “And, it was my decision to be your best friend, practically sister and to be home-schooled with you, because it would be boring without you.” “Come on. I know what will make you feel better.” Leslie and Tori linked arms and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Leslie ordered pizza and Chinese, then ordered their favorite movies, and got her projection screen, and set it up on her balcony. They ate and watched the movies, then had a sleepover out on the balcony with the stars. The next morning they woke up at five and flew on Leslie's (Taylor's) private plane to Washington for a charity concert, then they flew to New York, for Taylor to be on a show and to do a concert. They finished that up, and slept at a hotel, but using the name Leslie Wright so nobody would bother the hotel officials about Taylor Gomez staying there. They went to bed around eleven after watching John Tucker Must Die. They watched that movie every time they were at a hotel. The next morning, they flew back to Dallas, and got a break from Taylor Gomez. “Okay, so I have two weeks off from the Taylor thing, anything you want to do, is on me.” Leslie said to Tori throwing her laundry in the washer. Tori raised her eyebrows. “Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?” Leslie asked. “Please Leslie?” Tori asked. “You know I can’t say no to you. Okay, go to your house and pack, then meet me back here in an hour, then I will call the plane and we will be on our way to Destin, Florida.” Leslie laughed. “Can we please take the boys?” Tori asked. “Oh no. I would so not be able to explain how we got a private plane.” Leslie answered shaking her head no. “Please? Please? Please? We could tell them your grandma rented the plane. Please? Please?” Tori begged. “Fine, let's go.” Leslie rolled her eyes. They walked to the guys house. “Hey Michael, hey Chase.” Leslie and Tori said. “Oh, so your boyfriend gets the hi last. I see where I stand.” Chase said laughing. “I knew you would figure it out at some point.” Leslie joked. “Well then, you don’t get a kiss or a hug.” Chase walked away. “Fine then, we won’t ask you to come with us to Florida.” Leslie said turning towards her house. “I ruv ru baby.” Chase said picking her up and spinning her around, then giving her a kiss. “That's what I thought.” She laughed. “So, do you guys want to come with us to Florida?” Tori and Leslie asked. “Well, we should think about it.” Chase and Michael said. “Okay, well we are leaving tomorrow, so either you tell us now, or forget about it.” Leslie said. “Fine. We will go, but just one question, who is going to take us?” Chase asked. “Well, my grandma rented a private plane, and she said I could use it until she comes back from Alaska and she is not coming back until three weeks, but we can only stay for a week and a half.” Leslie said. “Wow. Your grandma is rich.” Chase and Michael laughed. “Yeah. She is.” Tori said. “Okay, well go ask your parents, we are gonna go pack. We will be back around seven, to make sure you can come.” Tori and Leslie left and walked to Tori's house. “What do you want to bring?” Leslie asked. “Well I was wondering if, oh never mind.” Tori said. “You are wondering if we could use some of Taylor's money to buy new outfits for Florida?” Leslie asked. “Maybe.” “Fine, but only four or less outfits each.” Leslie rolled her eyes. “Okay, I am gonna go tell my mom. Meet you at your house in ten.” Tori ran inside and Leslie walked back home. “Mom, I am going with Les to Florida okay?” Tori asked. “Yeah, that is fine. Tell Les I said have fun on vacation from Taylor and school.” Tori's mom said. Leslie walked inside her house to find her brother watching television in the living room. “Hey Ty. Why are you here?” Leslie asked giving him a hug. “Vacation. I was thinking we could hang out and maybe write more songs together.” Tyler said sitting back down. “Well, I am sorry bro, but I am going to Florida with Tori, Chase, and Michael.” Leslie said sitting next to him. “By yourselves?” Tyler asked. “Well, we are staying at the house, so the maid and the butler will be there, so no not by ourselves.” “No way. I am going with you.” “Mom.” Leslie screamed. “What hon?” Mrs. Wright asked. “Can I got to Florida with just Tori, Chase, and Michael?” She asked. “Yeah, as long as you and the boys stay in different rooms, and you tell the maid and butler where yall are going at all times.” Mrs. Wright said. “Ha. There you go.” Leslie said to Tyler. “Oh. Let Tyler come also, because he is off.” Mrs. Wright said. “Why?” Leslie asked. “Les. Come on, let’s go to the mall.” Tori said walking in the living room. “Guess who is coming with us to Florida?” Leslie asked. “Who?” Tori asked. “Me.” Tyler laughed. “Okay. Come on lets go have fun before we go to Florida.” Leslie said. “Wait, I want to come.” Tyler joked. “If you come I will shoot you.” Leslie said. They left and went to the Montez's house. “Hey guys. Want to come to the mall with us?” Leslie asked depressed. “Sure, why are you so sad?” Chase asked giving her a kiss on the cheek. “My brother is coming with us to Florida.” Leslie said. Tori went in and went to the living room with Michael. “Well that is okay.” Chase said. “Whatever. Come on guys, let’s go.” Leslie walked away. They all left and walked to the mall. “Okay, we are gonna go play at the arcade. Want to meet at the food court in an hour?” Michael asked. “Sure. See you then.” Leslie and Tori left. Tori and Leslie went to Forever Wet, their favorite store to shop in. They hung out there for forty-five minutes, and they each got three new outfits. Tori got two skirts, a vintage t-shirt, a Forever Academy More t-shirt, and a dress. Leslie got two pairs of shorts, a pair of capris, a white shirt, and two green shirts. After that, they went to their favorite shoe store DSLess. Leslie got a pair of yellow converse, and Tori got a pair of flats. They went to the food court to meet up with the guys, when they saw a girl flirting with Chase, well Tori did because Leslie was texting. “Hey Les, how about we go to another store really quick.” Tori suggested turning around. “Why?” Leslie said looking at the food court towards Chase. She saw the girl give Chase her number, and kiss him on the cheek, then walk away. Leslie just stood there, too stunned to speak. “Come on Les, let's go home.” Tori said taking Leslie's arm. “No Tor. Come on, I want to figure out who that girl was.” Leslie said walking toward the food court. “Hey guys. Right on time.” Michael said giving Tori a kiss and Leslie a hug. “Hey Michael.” Tori said. “Hey M-m-Michael.” Leslie stuttered. “Hey Les. Hey Tori.” Chase said giving Tori a hug, and then giving Leslie a hug and before he could kiss her, she moved away. “Hey, we have to go. My mom just called before we got here, so how about we meet you guys at your house tonight to make sure yall can come.” Tori said squeezing Leslie's hand to make sure she wouldn't say anything. “Okay. Bye.” They guys said. Tori and Leslie walked off. “Why did you do that?” Leslie asked. “Because when we go to their house tonight we will ask, but you need to cool off first.” Tori answered. “Well, thanks so much. That hurt.” “Well, squeezing your arm is the only thing that would make you shut up.” They walked back to Leslie's house and packed everything. “Hey Ty, go pack your stuff.” Leslie said walking into his room. “Bad news little sis.” Tyler said. “What? You can't come?” Leslie asked trying to hold down her excitement. “Nope. Not that, you have a concert in Florida tomorrow night.” “What? No, I have a vacation for two weeks. Man can anything get worse?” Leslie asked starting to cry. “Sis, what is wrong?” Tyler asked giving her a hug. “Chase got kissed on the cheek by some girl.” “So?” “So? We are dating exclusively.” “What? My fourteen year old sister has a boyfriend? I remember when my friends would come over to play football with me and you would always say they had cooties, then you would ask if you could play with us.” He said wiping away her tears. “Oh yeah, and you would always say no, then come and scare me, then let me play.” They both laughed. “Thanks bro, but what should I do about Chase?” “Well you should make sure that it wasn't his cousin or some ex-girlfriend.” “He lived in Canada, and he has no cousins, both his mom and dad were only kids.” “Oh, well then go ask him right now, and if you need anything or you want me to beat him up, just ask and I will do it.” “Thanks.” She went back to her room, and Tori and Michael were kissing on the balcony. “Hello? On my balcony?” Leslie asked. “Hey Les.” They both said embarrassed. “Hey, I am going over to talk to Chase, if I am not back in ten minutes that means I either killed him, or I am at the park.” Leslie walked out. “Oh, and no more making out on my balcony or even in my house please.” Leslie went to Chase's house. “Hey babe.” Chase said about to give her a kiss. “H-h-hey Chase.” Leslie said moving her body. “What is wrong? At the mall you wouldn’t let me kiss you and now you won’t let me kiss you.” “Well, when we were at the mall, I saw you get kissed on the cheek by another girl, and I didn’t know who it was.” “Oh, that was my ex-girlfriend Amanda, she moved down here a year ago, and we saw each other so she showed me her boyfriend.” “Oh, okay. Sorry, I automatically thought the worst.” “Awe, boo. I would not do anything like that to you.” “Okay, please don't use boo or babe or baby or honey for nicknames please.” “Okay, well I am going to go pack.” “You can come?” “Oh yeah did I forget to tell you?” “Hahaha. Yeah.” “We are going to go pack.” Michael said walking past them. “I will be up there in a sec sweetie.” Tori said to Michael. “Kay.” He walked upstairs. “You ever hurt Leslie and I will kill you. You got that?” Tori asked Chase. “Wow there girl. I didn't do anything. That girl at the mall was my ex-girlfriend showing me her new boyfriend so calm down.” Chase said putting up his hands in defense. “Is that true Les?” Tori asked. Leslie nodded. “Hey Tor? You might be really mad but in Florida I kind of have a break every day except for tomorrow night.” Leslie said. “Are you serious? I thought they told you, you had two weeks off.” Tori said. “I know, but you can stay with the guys if you want, but my bro has to come with me.” Leslie said. “What are you guys talking about?” “Should I tell the guys?” Leslie asked Tori. “Yeah. I think they are ready.” Tori said. “What?” Michael asked walking downstairs. Leslie called Tyler. “Hey Ty can you bring the wig over?” Les asked. “The Taylor wig?” Tyler asked. “Yeah. Bring it over to the guy’s house.” “Okay sis.” Tyler hung up and brought the wig over. “I will be right back.” Leslie went to the bathroom and put the wig on. She came out back to the living room a couple minutes later. “What the?” Michael asked. “No way.” Chase stared. “You aren't her are you?” Chase asked. “Yes, I am Taylor Gomez.” Leslie answered. “But how?” Chase asked. “I sing and dance and do concerts, but my grandma is not really rich. All that stuff about her is a lie, I got the gift cards from fans, and the plane is mine for my concerts.” Leslie said. “Okay, so my girlfriend is actually a celebrity half the time of her life. Yup that is normal.” “I am really sorry. If you don’t want to go out with me I understand.” Leslie took off the wig and gave it back to Tyler who was leaving. “Bye Ty. Love you.” Leslie said. He left. “Why wouldn’t I want to go out with you? You are the best and sweetest person I have ever met.” “Awe.” Tori laughed. “Come on. Let’s go watch Wow Wow Wubzy.” Michael said taking Tori's hand and leading her to his room. “Okay.” They left to his room. “So, were you going to tell me about the Taylor thing?” Chase asked. “Yes, but I had to think about it for a while, but it go too hard to keep it a secret so I decided to tell yall.” “Oh, is that why you are home-schooled?” “Yeah, and now you and your brother will be too, so that means you get to go on tour with Tori and me.” “Yeah, but let me guess, Michael and I can't tell anyone right?” “No, I am sorry, but you can't because I don’t want anyone else to know.” “Have you ever gone to public school before?” “Yup, but Tori and I were talking about it, and someone almost found out, so we decided to be home-schooled, so I could do concerts in other states, and hang with my brothers band.” “Oh okay.” “Come on, we need to get you and your brother packing, we leave in less than twelve hours.” They walked upstairs to Michael's room. “Michael start packing.” Chase said. “Okay.” “Where did Tori go?” “Bathroom.” Tori said coming inside Michael's room. “Okay, well come on Tor, we have to go rehearse for my show tomorrow.” Leslie said taking Tori's arm. “Bye guys.” Leslie and Tori left. “Okay, I have to tell you something and it is horrible or me and you.” Leslie said walking up to her room. “What Les?” Tori asked. “Well, a band is coming to open for me tomorrow, and let's just say it isn't my brother’s band.” “Oh no. Do not tell me it is the Cast Brothers.” “Well,” “What?” “My choreographer said it would be good idea and I can't say no to her.” “Don't worry, it will be okay, you and Devin are over and plus you are dating Chase, and he is sweet and cute, and funny.” “I know, but I am scared that Devin will do something that will make Chase want to break-up with me.” “Why?” “Devin is stupid that way, remember.” “True, I will make sure he does not do anything wrong okay.” “Okay, I trust you. Now come on, we have to go get my mom to drive us to rehearsals.” They left and went to the stadium they went to a couple nights ago and practiced, then went home and went to sleep. The next morning, Leslie, Chase, Tori, Michael, and Tyler got driven to the plane, and then went off to Florida. “Hey Ty, did you know the Cast Brothers were opening for me?” Leslie asked her brother. “Wait, how did you find out?” Tyler asked. “So you did know and you aren't going to tell me? Thanks big bro.” “Mom told me not to make you more nervous, so we were going to let them play, then they were going to leave without talking to you, so you wouldn’t know.” “Are you stupid? I would have heard their music from behind the stage, you do know that we went on tour together before.” “Well, it was a good plan when you didn’t know. I am sorry.” “It is fine. Tori is going to make sure he doesn't mess up anything for me.” “You mean with Chase?” Tyler pointed to Chase, sleeping. “Yes, but shut-up. He doesn't know about Devin.” “Why?” “Because Devin is an idiot and we are over, but he might do something to make Chase break-up with me.” “Well, I will watch him too.” Tyler laughed. “Thanks, I have to go to the bathroom.” She went to the bathroom then went back to her seat and her and Tori watched a movie until they got to Florida. When they landed, they went to their beach house, and put away all their clothes. “Hey, Loretta. Hey, James.” Leslie, Tori, and Tyler said to the maid and butler. “Hello kids.” Loretta and James said. “These are our friends, Michael and Chase.” Leslie introduced. “Hello.” the guys said. “We are gonna go to my concert, be back around seven okay.” Leslie said. “Okay, we will call your parents to tell them you made it here safely, have fun and good luck Les.” Loretta said. Leslie, Tori, Chase, Michael, and Tyler got back into the limo and drove to the stadium for Leslie's show. “Okay Les, we are gonna go play the arcade games in the back.” Tyler said walking away with Michael and Chase. “Okay, but be back here by three.” Leslie said. “Come on Les, let’s go to your dressing room to change.” Tori said. They walked to the dressing room and then Leslie changed into Taylor and they walked to the stage to rehearse. “Hey Tay, long time no see.” Devin said giving Leslie a microphone. “Yeah, not long enough.” Leslie muttered moving away from him. “Hey Tay.” Chris, the older brother said giving her a hug. “Hey Chris. Man, you look more adorable then before, are you still dating Mary?” Leslie asked. “Awe, thanks and yes we are, but she couldn't make it tonight.” “Oh, well tell her I said hi. You know, you owe me for setting you two up.” “Yeah right.” “What about me?” Devin asked. “What about you?” Leslie asked taking off the wig. “How do I look Les?” “Fine. You look fine.” Tori said covering Leslie's mouth. “Hey Les, you brother told me to tell you, that he is going to sing with you tonight.” Chase said walking on stage. “Thanks Chase.” Leslie said giving him a hug. “Who is this?” Devin asked rudely. “This is Chase. My boyfriend.” Leslie answered. “Boyfriend? Now you are cheating on me?” Devin asked. “What? Who is this?” Chase asked shocked. “Devin, you are not dating Les anymore, get that through your head.” Tori said hitting him. “Yes we are.” Devin said. Leslie just stood there ro0lling her eyes, and shaking her head. “What is he talking about Les?” Tori asked. Chase took his hand away from Leslie's and started walking away. “Chase, wait.” Leslie said about to run after him. “You know, I think it would be better if we were just friends.” Chase left. “Why are you such an idiot? We are not dating and we will never date again.” Leslie said slapping Devin. He took her hand and grabbed her, then kissed her. “Look, I was an idiot for cheating on you and now I know that. Come on, I want you back.” Devin said. Leslie smiled. “Okay.” Leslie laughed giving him a hug. “Les, what are you doing?” Tori asked. “Yeah, what are you doing?” Chris asked. “Really? You will take me back?” Devin asked. “No you idiot. I will never take you back. You are a freaking moron, now go away.” Leslie said moving away from him. “That's my girl.” Tori said. “Okay, I need to practice.” Leslie said putting her wig back on. Chris took Devin off the stage and walked away. Leslie started singing, and then she sang one of her love songs, and she started tearing up, she wiped away her tears and finished the song. “Come on Les, it will be okay.” Tori said giving her a hug. “Thanks Tor. Can you go get the boys? I need Ty to do the song, then I have to go get changed for the concert.” Leslie asked. “Yeah, sure.” Tori left and went to the game room. “Les, come on, cant we talk about this?” Devin asked coming back on stage. “No. There is nothing to talk about.” Leslie said. Devin saw the guys coming, so he started kissing her. “Les, what are you doing?” Tyler asked running on stage. “Nothing. It wasn't my fault. He kissed me, I promise.” Leslie said walking over to Tyler. “Would you not kiss my sister, you two are not going out anymore, so stay away from her or you will go through me.” Tyler said. “Whatever, oh and Les, we are over.” Devin walked away. Leslie looked at Chase who was staring at her. He looked down when she saw him. “Chase, I can explain, but first off, I,” “Just forget it Les.” Chase walked to the back. “Come on Les, we need to rehearse our song.” Tyler said grabbing two microphones. They sang, then Leslie went to go change her outfits. She got changed, and had her makeup done. “Please welcome Taylor Gomez, in 5 4 3 2 1.” The announcer yelled. Leslie ran to the stage. “How are yall doing tonight?” Leslie asked the audience. Everyone screamed, and she started singing. She sang for an hour, and then the Cast Brothers sang for half an hour. Leslie and her brother sang their song, then Leslie sang one last song, which was her new song called I hadn't found love until I met you. She started tearing up, then stopped. She finished the song and yelled good night, then ran to the dressing room and started crying. “Hey Les, was that song about Chase?” Tyler asked coming up to her. “Yeah, but I guess it was a waste since we are over.” Leslie said taking off her wig. “Les put your wig back on. You have a meet and greet in ten minutes.” Tyler said giving her a hug. “Oh, well I am gonna change. Meet you at the table in eight.” Leslie said. He left, and she changed, and then went to the table. “Hey Tay.” Chris said. “You can call me Les.” Leslie laughed giving him a hug. “I know, but then I might accidentally call you that in front of your fans.” Chris said. “Okay.” The announcer came to the table. “Okay, we are about to let them in, yall ready?” He asked. “I think so.” Leslie, Tyler, Chris, and Devin said. E announcer opened the doors, and a pile of kids came in. The signed autographs and took pictures for about an hour, then they finished, and Tyler and Leslie went back to Leslie's dressing room. “Hey Les, Michael and Chase went back to the house, the driver took them.” Tori said. “Oh okay.” “You did great out there, you too bro.” Tori gave them a hug. “I will be right back.” Leslie changed and came back. “Okay, I am back.” Leslie laughed. She took off her wig and stuck it in her bag. She had on basketball shorts, a orange shirt, and black converse. “Okay, come on let's go to the house and eat something. I am starving.” Leslie said. “Okay.” Tyler drove them to the house, and when they got there Michael, Chase, Loretta, and James were sleeping. They ate something, and went to sleep. The next morning they all woke up and ate breakfast. “James and Loretta, we are going to the beach, do you mind making a picnic for us?” Leslie asked. “No, of course not.” Loretta and James answered. “Okay, I will be back in a little while to pick it up. Thank you.” Leslie said. “Tori go tell the guys to get their bathing suits on. I will go tell Ty.” Leslie told Tori. “Okay, meet you down here in ten.” Tori left. Leslie went to Tyler's room and told him. She changed into her bathing suit and met everyone downstairs. “Okay, I will be back around noon to get the picnic basket.” Leslie said. They all got towels, then left. “Hey Tor, want to lay out or go swimming?” Leslie asked. “Let's layout for a little while.” Tori answered. “Okay.” They laid out for about thirty minutes, while the guys went swimming. “Come on, Tor, let's go walk around the beach.” Michael said taking Tori's hand. They left. “I am gonna go change, so I can go back on tour.” Tyler said. “What are you talking about?” Leslie asked. “I have to go back on tour tonight, so I am gonna go change.” Tyler said. “I thought you were gonna stay with us for two weeks.” “Well, I lied. I have to go. Meet you back at the house later.” “Okay. Love you.” He went to the house. “Well, now I am alone.” Leslie said laying back down. “No, you still have me.” Chase said walking towards her. “Look, I know you said we should be friends, but I just want to tell you, yes I did go out with that guy Devin, but we broke up a long time ago, he just thinks we should still go out, but I don’t like him at all.” Leslie said. “Oh, well who was that song about?” “My new song? I hadn't found love until I met you?” “Yeah.” “That is about you.” “Oh, well come on. Let's go back to the house.” “Okay.” They went back to the house. “Loretta did you already make the basket?” Leslie asked hoping she would say no. “No I haven't dear.” Loretta answered. “Okay, well you don't have to, because we don't need it anymore.” “Okay.” Leslie and Chase changed, and then went back downstairs. “Want to go walk around? I can show you some sights.” Leslie suggested. “Sure.” Chase agreed. “James, we are gonna go walk around.” Leslie said. “Okay, make sure you have your phone.” James said. “Yes sir.” Leslie laughed. Her and Chase left and went to the strand. “So, do you like my new song?” Leslie asked. “Honestly?” Chase asked. “Yeah.” “I loved it. It was really sweet.” “Thanks. Oh and thanks for putting up with me until now.” “Putting up with you?” “I know you never liked me, I mean who would, do thanks.” “You are right. I never liked you. I love you, I have loved you since I met you, that is why I was heartbroken when I saw you kissing him.” “Oh, well I didn’t kiss him, he kissed me and I hated every minute of it. I actually washed my mouth out with soap afterwards.” “Really?” “Yeah, I am not kidding.” “That is really funny.” “Thanks, so do you forgive me?” “Yes, I forgive you Les.” “We still friends?” “Nope. Not at all.” “But, I thought you forgave me.” “That doesn't mean I want to be your friend.” “Why not?” “Because I want to be your boyfriend.” “Awe. Thanks.” He kissed her, and then they walked around. After about an hour, they went back home and met up with everyone. “Hey guys.” Leslie said happily. “Wow. Green?” Tori asked. “About fifteen minutes late.” Leslie laughed. “Yeah!” Leslie and Tori hugged. “What is the deal with green?” Chase asked. “If we told you, we would have to kill you.” Tori and Leslie laughed. “I am good without knowing.” Chase said. For the next week and two days, they all went to the beach and sightseeing, then it was time to go home. They packed and everyone got on the plane. “So, where does your tour take place?” Michael asked Leslie. “All fifty states and just for you guys, Canada.” Leslie answered. “Awesome, so are we going to go?” Chase asked. “Only if you guys want to, but you do not have to.” Leslie answered. “Okay, well who is touring with you?” Chase asked. “I don’t know. Let me call Tyler. “Hey Ty, who am I touring with?” Leslie asked on the phone. “Well, they are brothers and they are in a band.” Tyler answered. “Devin and Chris?” Leslie asked. “Yeah, sorry sis.” “It is okay. I got to go. See you later.” Leslie hung up. “Cast Brothers, again.” Leslie sighed. “Oh great!” Tori said sarcastically. “I know right. The perfect people. You do know what this means right?” Leslie asked. “The guys can’t come on tour with us.” Tori answered. “Why can’t we come?” Chase and Michael asked. “If it is a band we already toured with before, we can only have the people who came last time, and that wasn’t yall.” “Oh, that is stupid.” Michael said. “I know right, well they can come to at least one concert, right Les?” Tori asked. “Yeah, I will send tickets so you can come to the Canada one, that one is our last one, so you two can ride back to Dallas with us.” Leslie suggested. “Sounds good.” Michael said. “What about you Chase?” Leslie asked. “Yeah, sounds perfect.” Chase answered hiding his frustration pretty well. “Okay, well we are home, we will call you guys tomorrow.” Leslie said. They all got out of the car with their stuff and went home. Tori went to Leslie’s house. “Want to sleep at my house?” Leslie asked. “Don’t I always?” Tori laughed. “Mind if we sleep outside on my balcony?” Leslie asked. “Thinking about something?” Tori asked. “You know me so well.” Leslie laughed. They slept out on the balcony, then woke up at eleven the next morning and decided to go to the park. Leslie texted Chase, telling him and Michael to meet her and Tori at the park. He wrote back saying that they had to hang out with their parents. “The guys can't come, they have to hang out with their parents, maybe we should hang with our parents too, call your parents and I will call mine. We will ask them to meet us at Child's Cafe to eat lunch, since they all work together, I am guessing they have the same lunch break.” Leslie said. “Okay.” Leslie called her parents, and Tori called hers. “They said they will come pick us up in fifteen minutes, so let’s go to your house.” Tori said. They walked back to Leslie's house, and they got picked up, and then went to Child's. They ate, and then got dropped off at the mall. “Want to go see a movie?” Tori asked. “Sure. Let's see a boxing movie. We haven't seen one I forever.” Leslie suggested. “Fine with me.” Tori laughed. They saw a movie, then went shopping. Leslie went to DSLess and when she went to the converse part, she saw Chase looking at shoes. “Chase, what are you doing here?” Leslie asked walking over to him. “Well, I finished hanging out with my parents, so I decided to come here.” Chase lied. “Hey Chase, I found some shoes.” A girl said coming up to him. It was the girl from the food court. “Who is this?” She asked pointing to Leslie. “Well I am Leslie. Who are you?” “I am Cassie, Chase

The author's comments:
Well, I hope people like this, I mean I am only a kid, so it isn't anything famous, but I love writing! This isn't one of my most liked ones but, I am trying to type the other ones on the computer.

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this is really good. but a really good tip, is you need to make a new paragraph every time some one speaks and when the scene changes. this helps the reader not get lost and not get confused. nice work!

on Sep. 11 2010 at 10:00 pm
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y doez it cut off lik that???????????????????????????

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what happens at the end. it just cuts off

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