My One and Only Love

June 3, 2009
By Cecilia Zavala BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Cecilia Zavala BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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There I am, kneeling in front of him tomb stone. Remembering everything we did together, and as the cold breeze flows trough my curled hair, I remember our love. Our love was like no-ones, it was sweet as a chocolate bar. I held him tight as he said good bye to me. With tears pouring down my face, I herd him say his last words to me. As I tried to cover my tears and sound ok, I herd him say, “I will forever love you.”

My life was pretty simple before I met him. I was living the typical life of an eighteen tear old. I lived in a little village named Blue Ville. Our village was really calm, nothing bad ever happened there. Blue Ville was surrounded by trees and many forests. Even though our village was really small, it was filled with fashion. Many people were designers, like my mother. My mother owned one of the most famous fashion stores in Blue Ville. She worked in it the whole day, and I helped her many times. I remember one day mother asked me to go get some fabric from Mrs. Rose store. So I did as my mother told me. My mother was a great designer; she would make wedding dresses that always left you with your mouth open. “You better close your mouth before a fly goes in Violet,” mother would say to me.

Mrs. Rose was really good friends with my mother we were both wealthy families. They had been friends since childhood. Mrs. Rose owned a fabric store, so she would help my mother a lot with her designs. Mrs. Rose had brown hair like her son William. Mrs. Rose was divorced; her husband left her when they had their one and only son William. I have never spoken to William other than a hello. He was tall, as I, but he was a bit taller than me. Some say that he has the most beautiful blue eyes in Blue Ville. You would think that it be funny if I’ve never seen William up close because I would go over to his mother’s store a lot, but I haven’t. it seems to me that he always tries to avoid me. I really didn’t pay much attention to it tough. I had my life and he had his life.

That day when arrived to Mrs. Rose store I noticed that she wasn’t there. As I was turning around to leave I herd a voice asking me if I needed anything. The voice sounded so romantic, so soft and gentle. I slowly turned around to see who was asking me that. When I turned, William was in front of me. His blue eyes made my eyes widen, they were the most charming eyes I had ever seen. His blue eyes and dreamy smile had me crazy. Oh how would I wish I had seen him before? I began shaking and mumbling. I was making a fool out of myself in front of him. I stopped and I told him what I needed. He asked what was wrong with me, but I simply said that I was a bit cold. The weather outside was fairly warm, with the wind blowing the new flower petals away.

I quickly took the fabric and walked out the door. I didn’t say goodbye, because I was afraid that if I talked any more I would make myself look like a bigger fool in front of him. Many girls said that he was an impossible man. I didn’t see it that way; I thought that he was just looking fro the perfect love.
My mother began working and making new dresses. She was really busy all that month. If my mother was making lots of dresses that would mean that she needed lots of fabric, and I would get to see Williams a lot. I began going to Mrs. Rose’s store a lot, almost every day. I would go with the hope of seeing William. I loved everything about him; the way he dressed was so casual and elegant. He was so attractive. I never forgot his blue eyes; in them I could see the blue sea. Mother asked why I loved going to Mrs. Rose fabric store a lot and I would always tell her that I loved seeing the variety of fabrics she had. Mother would shake her head and give me a small chuckle. Could I really tell her that I was hypnotized with his blue eyes?
As my mother and Mrs. Rose began spending time together, so did William and I. We spend time talking about our similarities and differences. We became closer, but that didn’t stop me from babbling in front of him. Mother once told me that no girls would ever marry him. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I ignored the comment, but still wondered why she felt that way.
I remember the day that William and I went for a walk along the beach. The walk on the beach made us both notice that what we felt for each other was more than friendship. He took my hand so softly and asked me to be his girlfriend. He sounded so worried but at the same time he was so happy. His blue eyes were glittering. How could I say no? I softly responded yes.
That day when I arrived to my house I began giggling. I looked at my mother and gave her a smile. She asked me if I was feeling ok. I don’t blame my mother for thinking that I looked really dumb in front of her, because I really did. I felt like a small kid who finally had a boyfriend. I told her that I was in love, and I told her that it was with William. My mother gave me a really frustrated look. She was mad at me. She told me that she wouldn’t allow that. I didn’t understand, my mother didn’t have a problem with me dating guy? With rage inside of me, I told her that I wouldn’t let anyone separate us.
When I told Mrs. Rose about William and I, she reacted the same way my mother had. She told me that she didn’t want anybody to take his son away from her. I wanted to tell her that he was only my boyfriend, but I didn’t. I wondered why they didn’t want us together if our families got along. I always tried to ask them why they didn’t want us together, but they would always tell me that it was best for me to not know. Mrs. Rose then told me that William was leaving to another town, to Member Ville.
When I herd that, I quickly went to see William. I was really mad. I asked him why he was leaving to another town. I kept on asking why he was doing this to me, but he just kept on laughing. I asked if he thought that leaving someone was funny. He then told me that he wasn’t going to leave, that his mother had just made that up so I would get mad at him. I could see that what she planned did come true. I apologized and told him that I loved him.
Months passed quickly. It seemed as if the hours and days passed like tornadoes when we were together. His mother and my mother still didn’t accept our relationship. He told me that he would risk his life just to be with me, he made it sound like if he would die if he was with me. The biggest surprise was that William had proposed to me. We were going to get married.
It was pretty sad to think that you didn’t have you’re mothers support to get married with the man you loved. I would always imagine my mother and I staying up late working on my wedding dress. I was surprised that she didn’t kick me out the house. Both of our mothers agreed to attend the wedding, but wouldn’t help us with anything related to the wedding. We decided that our wedding would be in two days. All that we needed was to get a chapel and my wedding dress. We had decided that we wouldn’t invite anyone; we believed that who mattered were just the both of us. The love that we felt for each other didn’t have to be represented by having a big wedding.
Finally, the day that I had been waiting for. I still remembered the day that I spoke with him for the first time. The chapel was simple; it was one of our favorites from our Village. It was covered by red roses that made the whole room pop out. As I entered the church with my long and silky dress I noticed that my mother wasn’t there, either Mrs. Rose. It didn’t matter though; I was still getting married with them or without them. William was wearing a black gown which made him look taller.
As the priest spoke and joined our hands together I began to question why both of our mothers didn’t want us together. The priest asked us both if we wanted to join our lives together and we both looked at each other. We had gone trough every obstacle that had gotten in front of us. But there we were together and forever. Things then became strange. When I was about to say “I do,” I noticed that William looked a little pail. Slowly he fell to the floor. I began to panic and screamed for help.
After minutes someone came and checked what was wrong with him. We thought it was the excitement. We discovered that he was dying. I was so confused I didn’t know why this was happening to him? Was this what mother and Mrs. Rose meant?
Someone went to inform to Mrs. Rose what was happening to her son; she quickly came to the chapel and kept on crying and screaming really hard. She would yell that this was my entire fault. Then she yelled that William had a spell on which said that if he’d get married, he would die. That was the whole reason why they didn’t want us together; his mother didn’t want him to die. That was the reason why William never let any girl get too close to him. He was really afraid of falling in love.
I felt so guilty, this was my entire fault. If I had listened to Mrs. Rose and my mother this wouldn’t be happening. With tears pouring down my face I asked William why he’d kept this from me. I felt humiliated, none of this made sense.
William began to talk. “I couldn’t tell you because you would of ran from me,” he said. I fell to the floor and held him tight. I begged for him to not leave me. “Don’t leave me in this cruel world alone,” I said. I didn’t believe that our love was too strong for it to die. After all that we had been trough, it was all going to end.
I was tired of crying, tired of being treated so harshly. Why had this happened to me? I kept on asking questions but no one answered them. There was no faith inside of me. William’s eyes began to close. I still remember how the glow in his eyes began to dim. As I held him tight I heard his last words he said to me, I will forever love you. Slowly he closed his eyes and died with a smile.
Mrs. Rose was still there, she was crying so desperately. I asked her how he’d gotten the spell; she said that his grandmother had done that to him. She hated their family and wished for the very worst for them. She said that his grandmother was a witch. There was no reason or thing that they had done to her, she simply didn’t like them, not even her son, Williams father. She disputed them.
I asked for no more questions. I left the church, left William with his mother. I disappeared for months, I never went back with my mother, it was too sad. I went far away to the a different city, were no one knew me. I spend time trying to find hope for my life. I didn’t attend William’s funeral, I couldn’t see him get buried. The memories would eat me up.
One day I decided it was time to go back. To let the bad memories go and remember the good ones. So there I am stranding in front of his tomb stone, remembering all the good things that happened. I couldn’t believe that he had risked his life just to be with me. He knew the consequences if he’d get married, but still knowing that he decided to get married.
That was what meant too much to me. The cold breeze flows trough my hair on a warm June day. I can still see him, his unspeakable gorgeous blue eyes. His arms wrapped around me. We were too lovers that would conquer everything that would try to separate them. Though I miss him a lot, I keep him in my heart and my thoughts. My heart will never forget him, my one and truly love.

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This is truly AH-MAY-ZING!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the twist with the witchy grandmother!!! Keep writing, please don't ever stop.... I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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