The life of a soccer player

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was boy name Diego. He lives in the capital of Brazil at Brasilia. He was a poor kid but he loved soccer so much. His mom had cancer. His mom wanted him to be happy to reach his dream He then went to school. When he was at the hallway, he saw the new girl and he was nervous to talk to her. So he just walks away. All of his friends said, you are a wimp.
Then it was recess lunch break, He saw the girl standing alone with no one He walk up to her. He was sweating so much and he twitching, he was tripping out with her. Then Diego asked her name. She said “my name is Melina”.
So Diego said “where did you come from”.
She said “I cam form Portugal”.
So then Diego’s friend Adriano “comes see my friend Adriano then Diego introduce her to him.
. Then the next day or school, there was an announcement. We will be having scouts for soccer in Manchester united. So Diego said “I am ready I hope my dream Come true”.
It was after school and there was 32 kids waiting for soccer tryouts. Scout said the only one will be getting this opportunity to be in the soccer team. The scout said,”Ok we found are player It is going to be Diego”.
Then Diego’s friend got so mad, he pushed him out of the way.. The manger told Diego that he is going to England to play for Manchester united with Cristanio Ronaldo, Teves, and Wayne Rooney, and Giggs the best players of the whole team. So Diego went home to tell his mom, and dad that he made it to the team. His mom told him to be careful so he got his bags and his suitcases and he called his manager and told him he was ready to go His manager send a scout to go pick him up to go to the airport so he got there and there was a privet jet. The manager asked him “Are you ready “
The Diego said “no”.
His girlfriend Melina came over said “I will wait for you until you come back”I don’t. Care how long you take”
Diego said “Ok”
Then I will try to come back to visit you to my hometown he got on the plain and he left.
It was 10:00am he got in the united kingdom of England he can’t believe he saw Cristanio Ronaldo waiting for him to give him a tour around the town. So he won’t get lost. Then Cristanio Ronaldo took him to his crib. Diego got surprise because he has a 7 room house, and 5 bathrooms. He has 2 living rooms an arcade room, and so much more. He went to the garage. He has a Lamborghini Diablo; Corvette He went to bed because he was tired of all day.
It was the next day Diego’s manager called him with his cell phone. Diego we have practice today at 3:00pmat the stadium ok then manager”.
So Diego got all of his stuff his shoes his socks his shin guards, and his training jersey .His shorts too. So he left to his practice he saw all of his team members they where all old and really good.
In two more weeks we are playing with Chelsea F.C. “Ok” said everybody “we could beat them said Rooney. “Ok”
Then ladies time to go home See you at the game. Diego left home to go rest. So he got on the couch watch movies. So it was time for the game Manchester united VS Chelsea F.C for the championship league. The game starts Diego as starter with Wayne Rooney he was nervous at his first time. The game is at 1-0 Manchester is wining then Chelsea scores. Its 1-1 then we are going to penalties. There goes Giggs he makes it and he scores now its Rooney he shoots it and he doesn’t score there goes Cristanio Ronaldo he makes it in the goal net, and its Diego’s turn he shoots it and he makes the equalizer throw Chelsea’s goalkeeper Cech. Diego wins us the champion’s league. There he goes back home to his loves ones and to his mom and his dad.

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