The love story

June 1, 2009
By mariah rea BRONZE, Milwaukie, Oregon
mariah rea BRONZE, Milwaukie, Oregon
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In a world of dark magic and princesses
And princes there live a princess named Mariah
she had blue and green eyes with dark brown hair .
This girl had no clue on what she would find in her
new school of north Marion middle school where teachers
wolves all but the science teacher witch was a wizard .
Well latter that day she had met the very handsome knight.
The knight’s name was Sir Cole with blonde hair and brown eyes so cute.
At the time thou she did not know this was her knight the next she had came to find that this knight was truly who she had been waiting for and that he will forever hold her heart and never break it. But as she did realize this, she had noticed a problem in the whole mix this is how the evil monster comes in to this fairy tale , this evil monster held the knight captive for about six months so with that said the fair princess had to be the saver of her own story . S o she sat in the class room thinking
That’s all she did for a hour then the bell rung dismissal at last she thought and latter at her recess she had a plan ….. wait for it wait for it……………………She kissed the knight!!! Witch broke the spell that evil monster had over him and made there connection of the princess and the knight even stronger . This is based on a real story
And it has no ending and real love stories have NO ENDING …just NEW BEGGINGS

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