the summer of embers

May 26, 2009
By Hurrsheezkiss BRONZE, Atoka, Tennessee
Hurrsheezkiss BRONZE, Atoka, Tennessee
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It's the beginning of the summer finally! I walk out onto the beach the silky sand burn my feat like embers but i dont lean to put my shoes on. I see you in a group of people having fun laughing and playing in the water. I sit on the towel that i had just thrown out and began my masterpiece. Its of a lonely girl finding her one rtru love, but he isnt the kind of guy the girl in the drawing is used to. He is deeper than that and cares more about the inside of someone than the outside. Its a hot summer day and you walk up to me and say hello asking to see my drawing and in that instant i relized that the two lover that are so completly diferent but yet so completly in love is us. When i look up into your eyes i relize that you see it to.

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