♥-The Prom Date-♥

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there were these two kids Brenton and Mandy, Mandy was a popular girl, had many friends, played basketball, and always had attention. Brenton was a school boy, very smart, and loved soccer. They had three classes together lab, language arts, and social studies. And they had been talking during seventh hour, while they were doing that, , they sorta started to crush on each other. They kept it a secret though a couple days after that, one of there friends had told Brenton that Mandy liked him. Brenton was surprised because he never had someone like Mandy like him before, because Brenton was like the complete opposite person of Mandy.

The next day in Language Arts Mandy had thought it was kinda weird because Brenton kept smiling at her, so she knew something was going on. Then they had both walked into Social Studies, and they sat by each other, and
they both asked to used the computers. They walked to the back of the room, and started to type. Brenton said

“So Josh told me, some stuff about you.”

“What kind of stuff?” Mandy spoke.

“Well like about you liking me, is that true?” Asked Brenton. Mandy replied,

“Um, well yeah, I didn't want you to know, until I told you, but that obviously didn't workout, I should have known Josh would of told you.”

Brenton said,

“No it's alright Mandy, I understand you like me!”

Mandy said,

“Alright, good it wasn't going to change, I like you, and thats that.”

A couple days later, they both sat by each other at lunch. And
Brenton said,

“So, have you ever thought about us going out?”

Mandy said,

“No I haven't because we really haven't talked about it.”

“Well Mandy, we should start talking about it, because I kinda like you, your a great girl, someone who has a good personality, and is outspoken, and I sorta like that about you.” Brenton Said.

Well Brenton, I'm glad you like me, and you like that I'm outspoken, so sometime we should get together. We would have a good time.” Mandy said.

It was a early Saturday morning, Brenton had gotten on line, and had messaged Mandy on Facebook. Mandy got on line at the same time, and had saw she had a message from Brenton. She was so nervous, because she had gotten butterflies because whenever she sees Brenton's on line.
She finally opened it, it had said, “Dear Mandy, Well I can't stop thinking about you, ever since that day you told me you liked me, I fell for you, I knew you were the one. I'll wait for you, if you have to think about things, but will you go out with me? Just get back with me, with the answer, I'm hoping its a yes. Love, Brenton.” All Mandy could do was stare at the screen, because she had thought it was the cutest love note that could ever be written.

Mandy replied “Brenton, I'm so glad you wrote this, because you've caught my eye, the first time I saw you, I knew you were amazing. Of course Brenton, I would love to go out with you.”

Mandy Said, “And that all happened in one day? The boy of my dreams asked me out, wow thats a lot, probably everything I have ever wanted.”

The next day, it was a Monday. Everyone was back at school, and Mandy was as happy as could be. She saw Brenton in the hallway, and all they could do was smile at each other, they were so happy they had each other. Mandy walked into class and everyone stared at her, because they had known that
Mandy and Brenton were dating, it was the big news in the school. All Mandy could do was say “Yep, I am dating Brenton, get over it.”

Everyone had come up to her saying, “Are you and Brenton going to prom together?”

That was another big thing in the school, the prom was that weekend, and she had know clue on what was going to happen.

Mandy and Brenton sat by each other at lunch, and everyone was staring. They didn't really bother to care, because they were both very happy. It was the end of the day, it was Mandy and Brenton's first date.
Brenton had taken Mandy to Olive Garden, and Brenton had a very big surprise for Mandy. Mandy opened her napkin, to wipe her mouth, and then something fell out, and dropped on the floor. Mandy picked it up, it was a prom ticket.

Mandy looked at him and said, “Of course Brenton I will go to prom with you!”

Brenton was happier then he had ever been. It was like a dream come true, because she was getting everything she had ever wanted. Brenton drove her home, then they finally arrived.

Mandy said, “Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school.”

Brenton Replied, “Of course, have a good night, sweet dreams.”

And Brenton gave her a good night kiss. Mandy couldn't believe it, it was her first kiss, and it was with the boy of her dreams. The next morning, her three best friends walked up to her Kayla, Katherine, and Bri.

They said, “So..so..how was it?”

“How was what?” Mandy replied.

They said, “The date?”

Mandy said, “Oh it was wonderful, he asked me to prom, by the cutest way, and gave me a good night kiss!”

They said, “Aw, well proms tomorrow, and what are you wearing?”

Mandy said, “Well I said I would love to go with him, but I don't really know if I want to yet, because I don't have anything to wear.”

They said, “Mandy, your going to prom no matter what, its going to be great. Everyones going, and your going to. Brenton loves you Mandy, so your going with him. Well we're going shopping then.”

They pulled Mandy, and ran to the car. “Mall Time!” They screamed. They first walked into debs, nothing there was really Mandy's style. Then most they walked into Dress Universal. They had found this amazing, and the beautiful dress ever it was a pretty pink dress. They picked it out for Mandy, and they bought it for her, they ran over to Mandy and asked her if she liked it, and they bought it for her.

Mandy cried, “You guys are the best, I love it.”

They went back home, and started to get ready for the dance. Brenton called and told Mandy that he was going to be there around seven, because the prom started at nine, and they wanted to take pictures and stuff. Bri, and Katherine were doing Mandy's hair and make up, because Kayla was trying to get a hold of Scott. It was 6:45, and Mandy was almost done getting ready. The door bell rang.

“Get the door Mom or Dad!” Screamed Mandy.

Her mom opened the door, and it was Brenton. Her mom screamed up the stairs, “Brenton's here, so hurry up and get down here.” Mandy walked down the stairs,

“Wow, shes like a star, shes sparkles in every single way that could be possible.” Brenton said.

She went over to him, and kissed him.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“Yes, and you look beautiful!” Brenton whispered.

“Well then lets go get these pictures over, and lets go and thank you.” Mandy replied.

They just got done taking pictures, and were heading to the prom. They both arrived, everyone stared. We could here everyone whispering, “Aw, Mandy looks beautiful.” They walked into the middle of the dance floor, and started to dance. It was dark but had globe lights on and all different colored lights. It was amazing, everyone was dancing.

After they walked over to get some fruit punch, and then a love song came on.

Brenton asked Mandy, “Would you like to dance?” Mandy replied, “Oh yes, I would love to.”

So they started to dance, Mandy responded, “Gosh, Brenton I love you.”

The dance was over, Brenton took Mandy home. “I had a great night.” Mandy said.

“So did I, well call me later. I love you.” Brenton mused. And gave her a good night kiss.

She went up stairs, to go talk to Bri, Kayla, and Katherine. They had left the dance a little bit earlier then Mandy did.

Mandy laid in her bed, and all she could think about was how great that night was, and how great her life is. She knew for a fact that her and Brenton were going to be together forever.

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