Cave Trouble

May 17, 2009
By Anonymous

"Right here" My mom said half heartedly to the movers carrying the light green couch up to our new home in Hawaii on the beach.
"Jazzie can you come help me?" my mom said from my little sister's soon to be room.
(It was a week after they had moved in to their new 3 story beach front house. Jazzie already had a friend he is in the same grade as her 8th. Jazzie has skipped 2 grades making her 11 yrs old.)
Jazzie entered the room where her mom was. Amy (her mom )had her light brown hair in a spiky bun with a paint spattered apron with paint swatches in her hands. There was a white tarp covering the extremely soft royal blue shag carpeting.

I mindlessly picked a light blue and asked, "Mom, Keanu asked if he can show me around, can I?"
"uhm who" she sort of mumbled.
"Keanu, mom my new friend."

"Ya of course you can go, be back before dinner." she replied.

I walked out the door and Keanu was at the end of the massive drive way for her house with his bike and his older sister's bike for me. My heart fluttered when I saw his perfect shirtless golden tan and his long blond hair and his pure black eyes begging for trouble. I let out a whisper eep as her greeted my with a nod and handed the bike handle bars to me and jumped on his bike and waited for me to get a head of him.

I managed to find my voice for a minute "Were are we going?"

"The beach caves" he said his deep black eyes burning through my cool girl cover. I blushed a deep red but Keanu did not notice.
About 5 minutes later he jumped off the deep blue bike and landed perfectly on the grass tan body glistening in the setting Hawaii sun.
"Put your bike here and follow me." he started walking toward the soothing sound of the crashing waves.
"this way" he said putting his hand on my back and directing me . I felt the warmth of his body on my back like a sunburn with out the pain.

Just before the sun settled in to his water bed we arrived at a massive hole that looked like the devil was inviting us into his layer. There was a string of dim lights on the ceiling , but they did not give off much light.

Keanu runs in front of me and in to the cave, I had no choice but to follow him.

He slips his ward hand into mine and squeezes. (Gawd I love him) My heart jumps out of my chest.

“Don’t worry we will be fine.” his deep reassuring voice echoed of the bear walls of the cave.

Something dropped and I clinged to him.

He quietly chucked and whispered “I only dropped my key chain calm down,” and squeezed my hand.

Before I could answer a loud rumbling busted through my ears. It sounded like a loud obnoxious motorcycle right next to me. Then a rock powder rain all over us.
We covered own eyes.

His eyes no longer begged for trouble, but for us too be safe.
The rocks stopped falling and we ran to the entrance of the cave, but it was blocked by large boulders.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know this would happen ,” he apologized.

We went back to where we were before the rocks started too fall and kept going. It felt like we were isolated from the rest of the world, in a bad way. The wind whooshed through the cavern, I got goose bumps and shivered. It was so cold in there.

About 15 minutes later I could smell salty water and hear the faint crashing of waves. I got worried that we might not be able to find our way back. I started to cry, first softly then, I broke into full sob.

Keanu stopped but did not say anything. Finally, I pulled myself together and rose from where I laid sobbing but I was very worried because we have been there for about 3 hours.
The sound of crashing waves got louder, and I saw a light in the far distance. My heart started to race thinking of seeing my sister again. With that thought I started to run toward the light, suddenly it got very dark and I tripped on a rock.
I slowly pulled myself up into a sitting position. A flash light flickered close to me then Keanu holding the flashlight sat down next to me. As soon as I caught my breath we continued to try to find a way out by patting the wall looking for an opening. About 20minutes of ripping the flesh of my hand Keanu found a fairly large hole that had palm trees on the other end and I Climbed though 1st and I was back in the open, but on an unfamiliar forest of palm trees. When Keanu came out his face lit up.

“I’ve never been happier to see Punalu'u before.” he said with relief.

“Same here” I said acting like I knew where we were.
Keanu slid his hand in mine and walked me home.

The author's comments:
Some of u might not no where Punalu'u is. It is in hawaii and it is a black sand beach

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