First Love

May 15, 2009
By Mackenzie Freeman BRONZE, Fountain Hills, Arizona
Mackenzie Freeman BRONZE, Fountain Hills, Arizona
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In a city full of drama queens and rich families, there once lived three animals that you would have guessed had been best friends. Two of them were horses, Sheri and Beau. Sheri was very dramatic and pulled everyone into her drama with her. Beau was hilarious and friendly, but a little bit weird. And the third friend was a dog named Kaylee. She was loyal, kind hearted, and klutzy. Even though they all had different personalities, they stuck to each other like glue.

The three friends did everything together. They went swimming in the summer, drove to the snow in the winter, went to the mall, and shared their deepest secrets. Eventually, one relationship turned into another and Sheri and Beau flirted little by little until it turned into more and more. They would call each other mushy names, hold hands and call each other late at night. It was all very disgusting, but Kaylee stayed strong in her loyalty and listened to all their stories and private jokes they had together. They all three would still hang out together but Kaylee often felt like a third wheel. All of this shenanigans went on for a couple of years and before long Kaylee didn’t feel as much of a tag along.

One day during the summer, there was a party, one that everyone was going to be at. Beau, Sheri, and Kaylee decided to go and have a good time; after all they hadn’t seen anyone from school for two months. There was music, food, and a lot of pretty girl animals there. Sheri kept a close eye on Beau so he wouldn’t go talk to any other girl animal and when he did or another girl came up to talk to him she would cut in or do something to distract him and lead him away.

You see, Sheri was the type of horse that got jealous when her boyfriend would talk to other horses. She got all possessive an thought that everything Beau did was a hint that he didn’t like her anymore. So at the party, Sheri had gone to the watering trough to get some punch and when she came back, Beau was talking to another girl. Sheri went ballistic!

“I can’t believe you Beau! How could you cheat on me like that? And with her? What were you even thinking? You weren’t thinking, that’s what it was. I knew you were trying to break up with me. Why couldn’t you just say it to my face? I hate you!” screamed Sheri.

“Sher, let me explain-,” whispered Beau.
“ Don’t you ‘Sher’ me. I don’t want to hear your stupid excuses anyway. Just don’t talk to me anymore, you got that? You are the biggest jerk in the world. We are over!” Sheri yelled and stormed out sobbing.

Everyday Beau would call Sheri to explain, but she would never answer the phone. Days past and Beau never saw her. Finally, Sheri cooled off and called Beau to say she was sorry but he ended up apologizing too.

“Sheri, you know that me and that girl were just friends, right? I wasn’t hitting on her or anything. We were just having a friendly conversation,” explained Beau.

“Yeah, I know now. But I didn’t then. She was just so pretty and I was jealous. I’m really, really sorry for the misunderstanding,” Sheri said.

“So am I. So are we good now? Friends?” asked Beau.

“Yeah, friends would be great.” Sheri sighed, secretly still wanting to be more.

“OK, well I’ll see you tomorrow then?

“Sure, we can hang out tomorrow with Kaylee too. Bye.”

“Bye Sheri”

Speaking of Kaylee, where was she all this time you ask? She was working it out on both sides; with Sheri and Beau, helping both sort things out.

Sheri, Kaylee, and Beau were best friends again and things had gotten back to the way they were supposed to be. Until… Sheri and Beau started liking each other again, but they talked to each other and decided that it was best they just stayed friends for awhile and maybe they could try it again later, much later.

The End

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