love story

November 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Alyssa was seventeen years old and it was the summer before her senior year. She would have never thought it would have ended like this.
She had just moved in with her dad, step mom, step brother, who was a year older than her. and her younger sister. Shortly after the move Alyssa their brother Ryan and their little sister, Chloe, were outside playing basketball there neighbor, Ethan, came outside and wanted to play basketball too. Ethan was the same age as Chloe. After a while of playing, Alyssa decided to stop. She was getting tired. Ethan’s brother came out. His name was Cory. He had shaggy blonde hair, dark blue eyes like the ocean and a nice smile. He came “to check on Ethan” he said. Then bam out of no where a basketball hit Alyssa right in the face. She fell to the floor. The next thing she knew she was laying on her couch with an ice pack on her forehead. She tried getting up but got all dizzy and laid back down. Cory came over to the couch and asked, “Are you okay?”
Alyssa told him, “I feel a little dizzy and my head hurts.” She asked what happened to her. He told her she got hit in the face with a basketball, and then passed out. Cory told her to lie back down, and he would go get some aspirin. He came back with aspirin and a glass of water.
All Alyssa could think of was,
” Wow he is a total hottie with amazing eyes.”
They ended up talking for a few hours that day. She thought he was amazing, and they had a lot in common also. But she, had a boyfriend already. His name was Justin. He was seventeen just like Alyssa, and he was on the football team. He had blonde hair and deep brown eyes that any girl could get lost in, but lately she didn’t know what was going on with Justin. He was very distant from her and never really paid attention to her, He would never call her anymore like he did at first when they started dating. But they were in love. or so she thought they were.
Alyssa and Cory became amazing friends after that day. They would hang out pretty much every day since Justin was visiting his cousins in California. Cory didn’t know that Alyssa had a boyfriend. She never thought of bringing him up. Justin never knew about Cory because they were just good friends, so she just told him she was hanging out with friends whenever he asked her what she did that day.
Then one day while Cory and Alyssa were hanging out at his house Corey went a little too far. They were watching a movie, and out of no where Cory kissed Alyssa. She didn’t know what to do all she said was “I got to go home. Bye.” And she ran out of his house.
Cory was confused. He thought she wanted him to kiss her. They ended up not talking for a few days. Then Cory showed up and asked if they could talk. Alyssa said, “Yeah we probably should.”
Cory started the talk and saying, “Why did you run away after I kissed you?”
“Well, I ran away because I shouldn’t have kissed you back. The thing is, I have boyfriend.” Cory looked confused and disappointed
“You have a boyfriend? Well, why haven’t you ever told me that?”
She told him Well, I didn’t think it mattered since we were just good friends, and I didn’t think anything would happen like this. “There was an awkward silence that felt like it would go on forever. Then finally he told her he was sorry for kissing her and didn’t mean anything like this to happen, but in his mind he was thinking that he really liked her and wanted to be with her.
From then on they didn’t really hang out as much. Cory always had an excuse for them not to hang out. Alyssa always got upset when that happened. She finally got tired of trying to get him to come hang out, so she gave up.
It was the end of summer finally which meant it was Alyssa’s and Justin’s ten month anniversary. He finally comes home. She decided it would be cute to plan a perfect night for them. She made his favorite dinner, spaghetti, and she had candles and romantic music. As she was getting ready for their date, Justin called and said he had to cancel because he got sick on the airplane. She said it was fine, and she hope’s he would get better soon.
After thinking about it, she decided to bring their romantic dinner to him instead. She packed everything up and drove to his house, but she never called and told him that she was coming over. When she got there, she found the extra key under the mat on his family’s porch, and she let herself in. When she got in the house she could hear giggling coming from the upstairs.
She started going up the stairs and heard Justin say, “Oh baby, I love you so much.” Alyssa ran up the stairs, she didn’t know what was going on. She ran into his room, and she saw Justin defiantly not sick at all. He was lying in bed with a girl she never met before.
She yelled, “Justin!” He was startled to see her.
He jumped out of the bed and said, “Baby, what are you doing here?”

“I came to surprise you and make you feel better, but I can see that she’s already making you feel better. “She started crying and ran down the stairs.

Justin ran after her, and the random girl from his room yelled, “Why are you chasing after her? You have me here still!”

Justin ran outside to were Alyssa was and he yelled, “I’m sorry, please come back.” When she finally turned around, all she could do was cry more. All her makeup was smeared all over. He tried stopping her again, but she just drove away and called Cory.
When she called all he could hear was her crying. He asked what was wrong, and she told him Justin had been cheating on her the whole time they were dating with some girl from another school. Cory told her he would meet her at the park since she was already there. When he got there, she tried to stop crying because she didn’t want him to see her like that. He tried cheering her up but it wasn’t really working. Suddenly Alyssa’s phone began to ring. Justin was calling, and Cory answered it.

“What do you want?” Cory said as he answered the phone.
Who is this and were is my girlfriend? Justin screamed.

“Well, she’s not your girlfriend anymore since you’ve been cheating on her the whole time, and it’s none of your business was she is at.” Then Cory hung up the phone. Justin called back five more times after that and finally Alyssa picked up the phone.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanna talk and work this out, I know we can work this out and be together again,” Justin said. Alyssa finally gave in; she always did when it came to Justin. There was something about him that she couldn’t ever say no to.
When Justin showed up she told Cory to let her talk to him and then they could leave. She went over to Justin, and they talked, but it didn’t help any. All it did was make Alyssa even more sad. She told him she couldn’t forgive him, and it was over.
Justin didn’t take it very well because he started getting all hysterical and yelling, “No, it’s not over! You’re not breaking up with me because we all know that you’ll come running back.” Alyssa walked away after that, but Justin grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Cory saw that, and he got mad. He went up to Justin and pulled Alyssa from Justin and punched him in the face.

“What are you doing?”
Alyssa yelled but then Justin and Cory were fighting. All she could see was Justin on the ground with Cory on top of him, punching him in the face. Alyssa kept screaming, “Get off. You’re going to hurt him.
” Finally Cory got off of him, and Justin just ran away.
After that night, Alyssa and Cory’s friendship grew, and they got even closer. Justin would occasionally try to talk to Alyssa, but she always ignored his text messages, e-mails, and him altogether. It was a month after Alyssa and Justin broke up, and she was finally over him. She realized she was never in love with him. She was in love with the thought of him and how he was when they first started dating, but now she saw the real Justin, the one who didn’t care about anyone but himself. She and Cory were finally hanging out all the time again like they used to before the kiss. She still thought about that kiss all the time and wondered what it would be like now if she never dated Justin. That night they were hanging out, she decided she was going to make her move. They had been friends for a while now, and she knew he liked her and she also liked him. That night while they were watching a movie, she just did it. She finally kissed him. He kissed her back.
Then he looked at her and said,” What was that for?”
“Well, I know you like me, and I would hope you know that I have liked for you the longest time I just wanted to finally kiss you.
” After that day everything changed. They got even closer and eventually started dating. They fell in love with each other that day and never stopped loving each other.

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