Wrong Numbers Can Make You Cry

April 14, 2009
By Nicole Daetz BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Nicole Daetz BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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It was 11:30 when Mandy and I decided to walk to my house, because the party was getting boring even though Mandy had been dancing with a really nice guy she just met. It was a dark, rainy night, but we didn’t mind. We walked to my house every Friday night after the crazy parties. My house was all the way on the other side of town so we had to ditch the party early. We always took our time walking, while we chatted about everything from clothes to boys to school. We even chatted about the party, and dancing with the guy who said his name was Chris.
We had been walking for about twenty minutes already and we weren’t even half way home. Then, I noticed that the same black van had driven past at least four times.
“Mandy did you notice that van go by a couple times?” I quickly asked her.
By the look on her face she had just realized that he was following us. Just then my phone started ringing. I looked at my phone and it was my friend Marissa’s number, and I was so relived that she was calling. I answered my phone. I was terrified because to my shocking surprise it was not Marissa at all. It was a man whose voice was familiar to me, but I couldn’t tell how I knew the voice. It was low and he talked very slow. The mysterious voice said “I have your friend Marissa. I know were you are and you will be next.”
I heard the loudest scream you could ever imagine in the background, and I knew that the man was not lying. He had my friend. Then, the man hung up. At this point, I was shaking and a tear rolled down my face. Mandy kept asking me who it was, but I just told her it was the wrong number. Mandy didn’t believe me. Then I heard a loud RING…RING…RING… and I begged Mandy not to pick up her phone but she said she had to. So I advised her to at least put it on speaker phone because I wanted to hear the conversation. So she did.
I heard the same man from before say, “Mandy I have Marissa, and I know exactly were you and Roxy are and you will be next. It doesn’t pay to run I will catch you were ever you go. I will get you!”
Suddenly, the signal was dead. Mandy took off her four inch Jimmy Choo heals, so I took off my Gucc ballet flats. Then, Mandy and I started to run. We turned the corner on 49th and St. Claire, and headed for the cemetery. We figured there was no way he would catch us in there. There are four sheds in the cemetery we could hide in.
We both saw intense bright head lights coming our way. I held my squeals and my tears in. Mandy and I dove to the ground. A couple minutes later, we hear a car door bang shut. I told Mandy to look and see how close he was to us, because I was to terrified to look. I remember thinking how bad I wished that I could be safe at my house fast asleep in my gigantic bed.
Mandy slowly looked up and then she shouted, “RUN!”
By the terror in her voice I knew that this was no joke. We ran for our lives. I didn’t even look back, I just kept running until I heard a loud shriek from behind me, so I looked back and saw Mandy clutching her leg while lying on the ground. Mandy tripped over a head stone. The worst part was that the man was back in his car driving around looking for us. I gradually inched my way back to Mandy, who wasn’t moving.
Once I got over by her I asked her how bad it was and she said she hit her shin and that she can’t move at all. I tried to look at it but alls I could see was blood all over her leg and her new skirt. I asked her for her iPhone. She handed it over, and I quickly dialed 911.
The operator answered the phone and said, “This is Lisa what is your emergency?”
I started telling Lisa everything about the man having our friend and Mandy being hurt. Then all I heard from Lisa was her saying that she knows the man that is after us. Then Lisa hung up. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Then it occurred to me that Lisa was the name of Chris’s girlfriend, from the party. Is this a coincidence or not? I had a flashback of during the party right before Mandy and I left, Lisa said she had to go to work.
Could the man following us be Chris? I thought to myself.
I decided to call my house, but there was no answer. I called my mom’s cell phone and she answered. I was so relieved to hear her voice again. I told my mom that she needs to come to the old cemetery by our house, and she needs to come NOW!
“I am on my way,” she said.
When my mom got to the cemetery she found Mandy and I. She immediately saw Mandy’s knee and without asking any questions told us to get in the car. My mom carried Mandy into the back seat of the new car. My mom said that we need to go to the emergency room.
On the way to the hospital I told my mom about the party and the 911 call. I also told her how we were chased by a man. My mom rolled her eyes and said, “Hunny you just need some rest.”
You could tell my mother didn’t believe us. How could she not? We were telling the truth!
Two days later it was the first day of school. When we got to the school, the principal announced on the loud speaker that we had a new student in our grade named Chris. Mandy and I looked at each other in disbelief.

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