The Stolen Horse

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

One day in the small town of Courtland, everyone was preparing for the grand fundraiser. The Mayor was stressed out and felt pressured to make everything perfect. To do this, he assigned everyone in the city a specific task. While doing this, the Mayor stumbled upon a very responsible woman named Vikki. He decided to give her the most important assignment. 

The Mayor asked, "Vikki, will you get a horse for the competition's grand prize?"

Vikki responded excitedly, "Of course, I will find the most elite horse in the entire world!"

A few weeks went by and Vikki couldn't find a beautiful horse anywhere in Courtland. Determined to find the best horse possible, Vikki expanded her search to nearby cities. When she went to Vostro, a city about five miles away from Courtland, she met up with a man named Robert Switz. Robert had an astounding, black and white, horse named, Daisy. Vikki had never seen a horse as graceful or as stunning as Daisy. 

Vikki then asked, "How much do you want for your dazzling horse?"

Robert paused for a long moment, and then answered, "I will give you Daisy for only five thousand dollars, but you have to make a covenant that she will be in caring hands. Daisy is my dearest horse, but I trust you with her.

Vikki responded with a large smile, "Your horse will be in outstanding hands." "Daisy is definitely worth five thousand." Vikki then paid Robert and left to travel back to Courtland with Daisy.

As soon as Vikki got back into town, she sprinted to the Mayor and yelled, "I got the most beautiful horse in the entire world." "Daisy is a beautiful tulip blooming in May!"

The Mayor promptly declared, "I must see this beauty!" The two of them ran together to Courtland's pasture where Daisy was grazing. For a full fifteen minutes, they just sat there, speechlessly watching Daisy gallop around. 

Vikki was the first to speak and asked, "Well, what do you think of Daisy?"

The Mayor responded, "She is definitely the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. I can see why her name is the name of a flower.  Thank you so much for getting her. She is just what we need for this year's fundraiser." Vikki then went home, and the Mayor went to go put up signs advertising the fundraiser.

Courtland's annual fundraiser is a humongous event where everyone in town and the surrounding areas would come to enjoy each other's company, eat food, and have a great time. During the fundraiser a ginormous competition were held. For a twenty-dollar entry fee, people could compete to see who could complete the obstacle course in the fastest time.  Whoever was the fastest and most accurate would win Daisy. 

When the sun went down, the town became a ghost town and was as quiet as a mouse. While the whole town was asleep, Trevor opened Courtland's pasture and snatched Daisy. He then rode off into the gorgeous sunset on Daisy. Even though Daisy was bucking like a bull trying to get Trevor off her back, she still could run as fast as a cheetah. The Mayor was the first one up the next morning and went to the pasture to pamper Daisy. As he started to get Daisy some hay, he realized she was nowhere to be seen. 

The whole town could hear him when he screamed, "Daisy is gone! Daisy is gone! Someone has stolen her!"

When the Mayor yelled, everyone in town awoke and went out to their porches. A young man, named Jonas, was already on his way to the pasture, sprinting as fast as he could. 

As soon as Jonas saw the Mayor he asked, "Can I help find Daisy? I promise I will find her."

The Mayor responded excitedly, "I would love for your assistance. I will appoint you to lead the search party." Jonas was overwhelmed and thanked the Mayor a thousand times.

By the time Jonas was able to organize a search party and start to look for Daisy, Trevor was already in another town, twenty minutes away. Jonas and the rest of the search party combed every spot in town and could not find the precious horse. The rest of the search party had gone home, and Jonas was ready to give up. Then the Mayor drove by, and Jonas remembered what he had said about finding Daisy. The thought of what he said, made Jonas change his horrible, fixed mindset into a resilient growth mindset. 

He stated aloud, "I will never give up. I will find that horse for the fundraiser, no matter what I must suffer." 

Jonas continued to search wildly around Courtland and the surrounding areas but still no Daisy. Then one day someone stopped Jonas and said they might have seen Trevor and a horse that looked just like Daisy heading toward the town of Pildo the night Daisy was snatched. When Jonas started to search Pildo, he came across a man with a shaggy beard, a disgustful, sour odor, and looked suspiciously like Trevor. Jonas thought he had heard Trevor lived in Pildo, so he followed the man to his home and did a thorough search of the property and the surrounding areas. After what seemed to be many hours, Jonas found Trevor in an abandoned barn and with him the most dazzling horse, Daisy. 

Jonas told Trevor, "You and Daisy are coming back to Courtland with me." Trevor put up a fight, but finally gave up and returned to Courtland with Jonas. Trevor was then tossed in jail immediately while Daisy was gently brushed, fed, and put back in her pasture.

A few weeks went by and everything was coming together perfectly. Daisy was still in the special pasture made just for her and Trevor has been sentenced to a year in jail. Everyone could go to bed without panic and trouble, until one night towards morning; Trevor sneakily broke out of jail and without making a sound stole back Daisy. This time, Jonas was the one who went to the pasture to feed Daisy and instantly realized she was gone and that Trevor had silently and secretly escaped from jail. 

"He is a soundless, sneaky snake!" yelled Jonas. He was as angry as the ocean's threatening waves. All he wanted to do was drive his fist into Trevor's red, wrinkly face. 

Jonas ran to the Mayor's house, rang the doorbell, and shouted, "Daisy is missing and Trevor has escaped from jail; but they couldn't have gone far." Then Joans sprinted off the Mayor's porch and got in his rusty, old, yellow truck. He tried to start his truck, but the engine wouldn't turn over. Then there was an extremely loud pop and the engine slowly started. 

Although Jonas looked everywhere in town he couldn't find Trevor and Daisy. Then Jonas remembered the creepy old abandoned farmhouse just outside of town. He figured that Trevor must be hiding there with Daisy. 

As soon as Jonas figured out where Trevor was hidden, he went to the Mayor and arranged a meeting with the entire town. Jonas explained to the townspeople that everyone would need to help catch Trevor and get Daisy back. 

He concluded, "The fundraiser will help improve our city; but we won't have one, if we don't get our magnificent Daisy back."

In unison, the townspeople yelled, "Let's pinpoint Daisy!" 

Jonas called out his strategy, "We all need to gather at the abandoned farmhouse just outside of town. When we get there, half of us will stay outside and be on the lookout for Trevor and the other half will search the interior. If it ends up Trevor isn't there, we won't give up. We will continue looking until we find Daisy."

The whole town leaped in their cars and sped down the highway like a herd of zebras being chased by hyenas. When they reached the farmhouse, Jonas separated everyone in two groups. The courageous ones were told to select a partner and to go inside as quietly as they could. Once inside, each pair was to search a room. 

Vikki and Jonas chose each other and decided to explore the dark, scary, and dreary basement. When they got into the basement they saw Trevor and Daisy. Vikki got Daisy and Jonas grabbed Trevor and handcuffed him so tightly he was sobbing. Jonas did this like he was a trained police officer.

Trevor was taken to jail and a muscular guard was placed in front of his cell.

When Jonas went to go take Daisy back to her pasture, the Mayor stated, "The town and I have determined to give you Daisy. You have worked diligently and never gave up." Everyone applauded and excitedly shouted for joy because Jonas was an outstanding hero. 

The next day, the fundraiser was held and brought in an abundance of cash which was used to improve Courtland. In the end, Courtland was a happy teddy bear and Trevor was sentenced to jail for seven years. 

The author's comments:

I love writing stories and this cam to me as I was just writing for fun. I love horses and nature so this went perfect when writing the story.

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