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The Girl with the "Pig-Tails"

April 30, 2018
By ellembroussard BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
ellembroussard BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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One mediocre summer, a young girl named Cece and her mother Jess went on a vacation. Cece was eight years old; she had freckles, green eyes, and she always wore pigtails. They went to Disney world for the first time, and this was Cece’s first time flying in an airport. As their flight terminated, they began to head to get their luggage. Time went by, and Jess received her luggage, but Cece’s bag was nowhere to be found. Cece began to worry and started to get nervous, but her mother calmed her down by saying, “Cece. Your luggage will come soon.” Finally, during their wait Cece, pointed to a bag and shouted, “There it is!” They grabbed the bag and began to head to their next gate. As they walked along the concourse, Cece thought she was hearing things and feeling slight movements in her bag, but she blew it off and ignored it. She began receiving weird looks from everyone around her in the airport and wondered why they were looking at her. Finally, someone came up to her and said, “Is there something in your bag?” Cece decided to check the name-tag of the bag to make sure she had grabbed the right one. Once she checked, she realized she had grabbed the wrong bag and exclaimed, “No!” and immediately opened it to see what was causing the weird stares. An erratic micro pig jumped out and started running around crazily. Everyone around her began to admonish her and scream at her about what she had done, and all she could think to do was to try and catch the pig. She began running around the airport chasing the pig as various people started altercations with her mother about why they brought a pig to an airport. The people started a debate with each other about whether to call the police or animal control. They eventually made an executive decision and called both. The lady who called animal control shouted out for everyone to hear, “Animal control cannot come until tomorrow morning.” The whole crowd sighed as many people still tried to catch the pig. Until, one little boy who observed what was happening decided to pitch in. He ran after the pig as fast as he could grabbed it and caught the pig by its tail. Once he captured the pig, he returned it to Cece and she said, “Thank you so much!” Cece and her mother then announced to everyone in the airport that the pig was not theirs, and that anyone who wanted it could take it. Since no one wanted the pig or ever claimed the bag, Cece and Jess decided that they would become the owners, and they did. A couple weeks after all this had happened Cece walked outside one day to find her luggage sitting on her porch.

The author's comments:

This peice was written as a fun, short story for quick entertainment. 

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