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April 20, 2018
By Nico21 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
Nico21 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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     Everyone always has that one memory that will never leave them no matter how hard they want to forget it, or how much they loved it and think about it all the time. The good thing is, no two memories are the same, and I think that’s what makes hearing about them so interesting. I have had many good and bad memories but this one hit me hard and almost broke me…

      This memory started when I was about 5 and I was asleep in my room one night, when I heard yelling and screaming coming from my parent’s room across the house. I was so worried and confused about what was going on, I ran to my sister’s room and started crying to her “mommy and daddy are yelling at each other.”  She was 7 at the time so she knew a little more about what was going on but basically my parent’s marriage wasn’t going well. Every other night was this yelling and fighting, and all I could do was cry because it hurt me that they weren’t happy together. So after a few nights of this going on I decided I had to do something, the next I went to both of them and while crying asked “why are u guys always yelling and fighting?” Their response was that it was no big deal “mommy and daddy just had a bad night” so then I was happy again but the truth is it only got worse from this night on.

      Next few weeks are fighting again, then one day my dad has my sister and I both in the car and he starts to cry “kids I don’t think this I going to work out with your mom” and my sister and I were both shocked like “what are you talking about dad”. And before we knew it a moving truck is outside our house and my mom is just moving for a month to get some space and then everything will be back to normal so I was told…. So stupid me, even helped load up the truck that will break up this family forever. We all had tried counselling multiple times but it didn’t work, they ask the most ridiculous questions like “so why are you guys mad?” like who wants to talk about that when your mad… they just wanted our money. And so she ended up never moving back home and still to this day I am pissed and feel like it’s my fault, and that I should have known something was up. I could have gotten to talk it out or something and save our family but I couldn’t…..

     And yes, that was a horrible memory that I wish never happened but there’s nothing I can do now but make the best out of it. So I try to make this a learning experience of what I will never let happen to my family because it truly messed things up and changed my life a lot. But no matter what life throws at you always be thankful. Because “things are never as bad as they seem, and they’re plenty of people who have it way worse”.

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This memory has always been my most vivid one

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