Foggy Window Glass

April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

     When winter rolls around and I stare out my window, I see huge footprints slicing through the snowy ground, bare trees saluting the sky, and piles of snowballs, meticulously shaped by the innocent children of my neighborhood. I watch the flurries cascade from the cotton candy clouds, swaying with the wind until they reach the ground and disappear forever. In the winter, I reminisce about the times I spent with you.

     When spring waves hello, I gaze, mesmerized, at the cherry blossom trees, the pollen sprinkled onto every square inch of the ground, and tulips thriving in my flower garden. The only thing separating me from the heavenly scene is the window of my isolated bedroom. In the spring, i reminisce about the times I spent with you.

     When summer emerges, I stare through the glass, threatening it to shatter from the desire in my eyes. I notice the sun’s sanguine rays peeking through houses, chocolate ice cream dribbling from children’s mouths, and the shrieks of the kids running aimlessly in circles, taking in life’s little thrills. Summer used to be my favorite season, but it looks different through window glass. In the summer, I reminisce about the times I spent with you.

     When autumn boldly presents itself, I watch the once-green leaves transform their pigments, the ground becoming rainbow as they tumble down, and observe the hair or pedestrians getting carried away with the breeze. Autumn was the last time I ever saw your face. In the autumn, I reminisce about the times I spent with you that are no more. But to deal with the pain, all I can do is wat h the world change behind my foggy window glass.

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