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High School Friendship Mistakes

March 29, 2018
By BrandyL BRONZE, Port Byron, New York
BrandyL BRONZE, Port Byron, New York
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          “So how was the date with jake” Kaylee asked Kelly “It went okay” Kelly quickly responded. “So Amy how’s your day?” Kelly asked. I thought for a moment “okay, I guess”. “Kelly don’t try to change the subject!” Kaylee said as she added “something happened didn’t it, I won’t tell anyone I promise”. “Yeah something did happen” Kelly said. “well?! Are you gonna tell me?!” Kaylee said, Kelly responded by saying “We broke up” Kaylee looked at her shocked, “Oh..” was all she could say. “Amy, so are you ready for that test in social studies?” Kaylee asked “No! I’m not, I didn’t study I forgot!, I almost forgot that test! This is bad! What am I gonna do!” I was terrified! My grade can go down! “Amy you’re the smart one in this group you will probably do better than us with even studying” Kaylee said. She looked at Kelly, then back at me “It’s just a test” She added “no it’s a test I didn’t study for!” I replied.

The bell rung and everyone walked to class. I took a seat .at a desk and Mr. Mithson handed out the test. “Remember this test is worth 20% of your grade for this marking period”. I looked down at the paper. question 1, Oh this question is easy! It’s A, Wait I think it’s B. Okay I think I got this maybe I didn’t need to study.
After everyone was finished the bell rung and we all handed it in as we walked out the door. Next class it should be easy. I entered the classroom and sat at a desk in a group, My friend Jason sat next to me. We’re in a group of four? I wonder what we’re doing? “Today we have a--” Mr. Malone began to say but then stopped. He walked over to a group and said “Kyle give me the phone”  Mr. Malone said, Kyle handed his phone to the teacher and Mr. Malone took it, he walked to his desk and said “we all know I don’t give second chances with phones.” Mr. Malone set the phone on his desk. “We are in groups if you didn’t notice, we are doing a group project to see how well you work in groups.” ”The project is about rocks and minerals, The rules are on the board make sure you read them.” I have the worst group! Maria and Chris always talk and never pay attention! Jason he doesn’t really pay attention either but, at least he won’t leave me to do this by myself! Chris used to be always studying and paying attention in class. But, ever since he got with Maria he’s non-stop talking to her. What can we do for this project? “Maria do you know what we could do?” I asked “what?” She said confused. “do you know-” I was about to repeat but was cut off, “nope, Now where was I? Oh yeah! So Chris do you remember-”. Maybe…“Jason? Do you know what we should do?” he didn’t say anything. He just looked at me. Maybe he’s trying to think? Or doesn’t feel too good? “Jason are you okay? You know if you don’t feel good you don’t have to help” I said. “I’ll be right back” He said as he stood up and walked over to Mr. Malone. I couldn’t quite hear what he said to Mr. Malone but, Mr. Malone started to walk over to our group “Maria you will be switched with Sofia, now please pack up your things and move to the group over there” he pointed over to the group with Sofia, Mike, Kyle and Jake. “What? Why!” Maria wined “because your not working well in this group.” “Sofia” he called. Sofia got up and walked over “this is your new group bring your stuff over here” Mr. Malone said then he walked away. “you will pay for this” Maria said as she picked up her things and gave Jason a look. I could tell she did but i didn’t see the look she gave him.“Maria! Get to the group now!” Mr. Malone told her “This class is so unfair!” she called out as she walked to the other group. “Um, hi” Sofia said once she sat down in the spot Maria sat in. I had a weird feeling that something bad is gonna happen. But I can’t focus on that right now. I need to think of what to do for the project, Maybe we should do a poster? That could happen, but i’m not really good at art. Maybe a essay? No too much work and I don’t think they would agree to it either. Maybe a... “I think we should do a powerpoint” Jason implied. “Yeah a powerpoint does sound like a great idea” Sofia agreed “That does sound like a great idea, it’s simple and easy” I said. After that we decided to go with the idea of a powerpoint. But after Maria left our group all Chris did was stare at Jason we tried to get his attention but every time we tried he just looked away. Once the bell rung everyone rushed out the door except me, Jason, and Sofia. Mr. Malone seemed bothered by this. He looked over at us “well at least three students listened” our teacher says ‘the bell doesn't dismiss you i do’ but everyone doesn’t listen to it they even pack up a minute early. But the only reason Jason stayed behind was because I don’t pack up early. Sofia doesn’t either, but we don’t really know her that well.

The next class is Algebra I have this class with Kelly and Kaylee. “Hey Kelly, Hey Kaylee” I said and I sat next to Kelly. “Oh, hey Amy” Kaylee said. I looked over at Kelly the  “What Happened?” I asked. “You…” Kelly started but then started crying I what? What did i do? “You know Jake and how he broke up with me” oh it’s about Jake “What about him!” I said a bit angry but then I calmed down “What did Jake do?” I asked. I’m not letting a person hurt my friends without a fight! But then I also have to be reasonable, maybe handle this problem how an adult would. “The reason he was together with me was because of a stupid game him and his friends are playing! They bet on a person that they think you don’t stand a chance with” Kelly stuttered.

What? That’s so dumb! They need to learn to grow up. “When I get my hands on Jake he’s dead!” Kaylee shouted. “Kaylee go take a walk in the hall and come back when your ready and Amy please move your seat” Mrs. Jackson said. I picked up my stuff and walked over to another desk. While Mrs. Jackson walked up to Kelly and she started to talk to Kelly, but Kelly kept shaking her head no. “Well if you would like I could take you down to the office to talk to someone?” Mrs. Jackson offered “no thanks” Kelly answered.

After algebra came the best part of the day. Lunch! I sat down at the table with Kelly, Kaylee, Jason, and Blake. “So people are talking” Blake started but then Kaylee finished “they always talk!”. “Well I wanna know if it’s true” Blake said. Blake isn’t really into gossip so why would he care? “If what’s true?” Kelly asked. Kelly still sounded upset, Is there any way I can help her? Is there anything I can do? “Jason! did Jason really talk behind my back!” Blake shouted. A teacher came over “please lower your voice or I will have to send you to the office” after that he just walk back to  another teacher and they both started chatting. “No! That’s not true who told you that!” Jason stated. “I don’t trust you right now to believe what your saying, Amy is it true?” I guess Blake calmed down because he wasn’t that mad anymore but, I can see that he’s trying to hold back his anger. “I never would’ve thought for Jason to do something like that, so no it’s probably just a rumor” I said. “Jason tell me the truth! Did you or did you not say those things behind my back” Blake asked. But even if Jason didn’t say those things about Blake, Blake would still believe he did and will not forgive him until he says that he did. But sometimes he won’t forgive easily. Because Jason and Blake used to be best friends until one day Jason talked behind Blake’s back. Blake used to be new and others disliked him and eventually Blake found out, and the trust between them broke only for a little while until Jason apologised to Blake. Have you ever heard ‘trust can be hard to earn but easily broken’. The way I see it is that trust is like a vase, it depends on what way it’s broken. If it’s shattered too hard it could be impossible to glue back together, but if it’s just a small piece it’s kinda easy to glue back. You will always see the broken piece.  But Jason will not take credit for something he didn’t do, he’s always been like that. “I didn’t talk behind your back! Why would you even think that!.” “Well you probably did! You probably think so highly of yourself that you would insult me like last time! Forget it Jason don’t talk to me anymore we are not friends and we will never be friends anymore and anytime you need my help don’t come crawling back for forgiveness” Blake said as he stormed off to another table.

Kaylee stood there shocked but, then she snapped back into reality “well that just happened”. “Is it all my fault? Maybe if I haven’t asked what he was talking about he wouldn't have gotten mad and maybe him and Jason couldn’t talked things out and--” “No” Jason interrupted Kelly. “He would’ve gotten mad anyway” Jason sighed. After the rest of my classes were over I headed home and finished my homework, then went straight to bed

Once I woke up, I got ready and went to school. The bell rung and I walked into class. As everyone sat down, Mr. Mithson handed back our tests. I looked at the top of the test 8 out of 20!? No no no no! This can’t be right! That’s 40%! I need to check schooltool, 79% Average! At least i’m not failing but at this rate I won’t make high honor roll or honor roll. I’ll be grounded at this rate, I need to retake the test and study “If you would like to take a retest our get extra credit please come see me” Mr. Mithson said. After class ended I walked up to Mr. Mithson’s desk “can I take the test again?” he looked up “sure go ahead just plan out a time, just make sure you finished your retake before Friday” before friday? I don’t know if I have time. “Ok” I said. I went down to my next class and sat with my group. “So the powerpoint, how should we start it?” Sofia asked Jason “well we should make an introduction for the first slide” Chris said. “Since when did you care to help?” Jason asked. “Since when did you care about what I do?” Sofia looked at both Chris and Jason and then said “maybe we should split up the work Chris you do the introduction and make it look good, Jason you can do the slide about weathering, I’ll put pictures of minerals and rocks, Amy you add some art and make a slide about deposition and erosion” I was gonna deny to do some art because I don’t think i’m good at it but, then they would have more work to do, but what if they have to redo the whole projected just because the art I did was terrible! People always say i’m good at art, but I don’t think I am. What if they realise i’m terrible at it. I’m good at it, but i’m not good at setting up the full artwork. I’m just good at the details like a house, i’m not good at planning the house but the inside of the house i’m good at. I just gotta try. “Ok if we use different chromebooks we should be able to edit the same document so i’ll send the powerpoint to you guys” Sofia said. I took out my chromebook and started on the third slide. Sofia went on the slide I was working on and added a picture of water then switched to the forth slide. I moved the picture to the middle to type below it. I moved it show they were on the corner of the page and the corner of the picture of the water it. So it looks like the words were shaped like a diamond around the picture.

After that I went to math once I walked in everyone was talking really loud I looked around there was no teacher so I just sat down next to Kaylee. Wait where’s Kelly? “where’s Kelly?” I asked Kaylee “with the teacher” she responded she seemed angry or upset, I couldn’t really tell. “Where’s the teacher?” Kaylee looked at me and said “with Kelly” really? Are we really gonna be like that today? “You know what I mean Kaylee” she looked up “fine! Mrs. Jackson took Kelly to someone that she can talk to” Kaylee looked down then back up “not only did Jake broke up with her but, her parents are now fighting again” How am I supposed to help my friend through something like that! I’ve never had to go through something like that so I have no tips or anything that  can help her through that problem. I could give her the advise I use when i’m upset, nobody told me this I kinda just love music so I listen to it almost every time I get the chance. When i’m listening to music i’m able to lose all my troubles and enter my imagination. My normal life is different than my imagination. In my imagination I can make myself an important character. I can make it interesting, I can make it so I actually feel wanted. So people would want me to be here wanted to be alive, so i know people care about me. In real life you can’t really tell whether someone cares or doesn’t. Whether someone lies or tells the truth, Sometimes your heart is correct, other times it's not and that could lead to a lot of hurt. You always need to know someone that you can talk to when your upset or when your in that mode that makes you feel unwanted. The thing is you always need to have support. It makes it easier for you to keep going. When your upset and that you believe the world is against you stop, think, and ask. Ask yourself who are your friends? Why are you upset? How can you make yourself feel better? “I’m sorry I have no idea how to help Kelly with anything she’s going through” I looked down at the desk. I heard the door open so I looked up. Mrs. Jackson walked in and turned on the smartboard. After class I asked Kaylee “Are you still dating Ben?” she looked at me and said “Yes, why?”. “What was the reason he asked you out?” she looked down “Maybe because he likes me? I’m not sure I’ll ask him” she looked back up and we walked to lunch! Finally a part of the day that doesn’t have any work to do!

Kaylee walked over to Ben and they were talking. I walked over to the table Jason was sitting at. I sat down one chair away from him. Then I heard shouting “really? I can’t believe you right now! We’re through!” I looked over and it was Kaylee that was shouting. She walked over to me “I can’t believe him right now!”. “What happened Kaylee?” I asked “Ben! I was his rebound from Maria” she said gritting her teeth “how did you found out?” I asked you “when i asked Ben why he decided to ask me out he said because he liked me, then Maria was like also because he asked me before you and i said no” I stared in disbelief. “This is all my fault I should’ve never asked you that question! I’m so sorry Kaylee”. “Yeah it’s your fault remember that, you saved me from a bad relationship. He doesn’t deserve me”  it’s tough to make Kaylee upset. “besides i’ll kill him after I kill Jake” I laughed “Very funny but your not really gonna kill them. You would be put in jail”. “I know but, I want to!” we all think this sometimes, but we never mean we would do it. Kelly is gonna miss lunch. Maybe I’ll bring some chips to our study hall. When i went to my study hall she was their sitting at a desk. I sat next to her and asked “would you like some chips?” She looked at me and said “sure” so I handed her the bag “I’m sorry about what happened” I said “ever since Jake broke up with me some of my friends won’t talk to me anymore i’m just so glad I still have Kaylee as my friend. I mean it’s okay if I have one friend right?” she smiled and opened the bag of chips. I’m not her friend? I’ve been here for her and I stood by her! And i’m not her friend? No she’s going through something. Maybe her thoughts are probably busy thinking of everything that is happening.

For 2 days I’ve been thinking of what she said, Kaylee as her friend, one friend? Did she forget about me. I been still talking to her like that what she said didn’t hurt me at all, but it did. I even thought of all the things she said to me “come on Amy! You're too slow! Your giving me anxiety! Amy can I borrow your homework? Amy can I borrow your notes?” her and Kaylee mostly always walk ahead of me when we’re walking to lunch. I remember the first time we met it was at study hall this year, she didn’t have her friends with her during that class. During the study hall she came up and talked to me, I was mostly Kaylee’s friend during last year and I never really knew much about Kelly the first sentence she said was “Hey your Kaylee’s friend right?”. I never really thought of it but, she doesn’t really hang out with me when her friends are near her. I remember one time me and Kaylee were hanging out in between classes she came up and only said “hi Kaylee” I thought maybe she didn’t see me that day so I ignored it, I didn’t think that it meant anything.

Today is Friday so I should be happy the weekend is coming up. though the most of the day leading to algebra I kept thinking about reason why she wouldn’t want to be my friend. Am I not good enough? Am I annoying? Am I someone she doesn’t want to be seen with? Am I a crybaby? I started thinking of all the things my old friends said about me. They called me a crybaby ever since I heard one of my friends say that I kept holding my tears back, every time I got sad or upset. One time I let myself cry, and Kelly was there she was helping me. Everytime I looked at her I just wanted to smile. Did I not mean anything to her? I have to talk to her about this.

As I walked in Algebra I sat next to Kelly while she sits at the desk she’s in every day for this class “Kelly am I your friend?”I asked, she looked at me “yes! Why wouldn’t you be?” . “ 2 days ago in study hall you said it’s okay if you only had one friend but you only mentioned Kaylee”. “I had a lot on my mind that day Amy so please don’t blame me about me forgetting about you” blame? I’m not trying to blame you! And forgetting about me? You were talking to me and I was talking to you that day! Maybe my thoughts were correct, she isn’t my friend. She only hangs out with me because she couldn’t hang out with anyone else in that study hall! I got up and sat at a different desk. That's when Kaylee walked in a looked at me then at Kelly. I waved to her but she just sat in the spot I was in, next to Kelly.

When lunch came I didn’t even try to keep up with Kelly and Kaylee. I walked in the lunch room I saw Jason he was sitting with Kelly and Kaylee. I sat down at an empty group. “Did you get in a fight with Jason?” I turned to see someone talking. It was Chris “No I didn’t”. “well then who?” he asked “No one!” I snapped at him. I calmed myself down then said “go away Chris, Leave me alone” he walked back to his group. I grabbed my phone and put on my headphones, then I started listening to music. That's when someone sat in the chair next to me. I ignored them but then the person pulled off my headphones “what in the name of--”, “Amy what’s wrong?” It was Jason “nothing i’m fine” he looked at me “I get it, you don’t trust me so that's why you wont tell me. I guess i’m not your close friend” he said as he was about to get up “It’s Kelly she- I feel- I feel like she isn’t really my friend” he sat back down “Did you talk to her about it?” he asked “Yeah, but it ended up making me feel worse.” “Amy? You have friends don’t you? I want you to name them.” “Kaylee, you, Blake, Kelly, but I still don’t think of her as my close friend anymore” I said “Well you have me,Blake and Kaylee you have friends Amy even if you lose Kaylee and Blake you're never gonna lose me I’m your friend and I always will be” I looked at him. I hugged him “you have 5 seconds okay, i’m not really a person that likes hugs” Jason said. I let go and thought for a moment, Jason he gives me advice he helps me a lot, he cares about me. I looked at Jason “Thank you Jason, I don’t know what I would do without you”.


     After a few weeks later, Kelly stopped talking to Amy. But Amy didn’t mind because she knows she’ll never be alone. Jason had stop trying to revive his friendship with Blake due to the mistake he did a while ago, But Amy still tries to revive the friendship between them. Even though Kelly and Amy have stopped talking, Amy’s relationship with Jason only got stronger. The two finished out the school together and we both very happy together. Amy and Kaylee stayed friends but, were not as strong as they were. Kaylee was moody all the time and snapped at Amy most of the time. It was only a matter of time that Amy and Kaylee completely stop talking to each other. Friends change and people change. It just a way of life.

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