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March 26, 2018
By Damien6975 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Damien6975 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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The Pacific Ocean couldn't seem any better to Desmond, glistening in the bright sun and waves hitting the side of his boat as he heads out to fish. He normally went fishing with other people but this time he was going by himself, he wanted to have some privacy and fish in silence. Then Desmond heard a large crash and went to the back of the boat to find that the motor fell off into the ocean. He started freaking out because there was nobody to help him and he had no paddles but he was still moving very fast.
Desmond woke up on an island of some sorts. He was drenched and was bruised in many places. The island looked pretty big and he was scared of thinking of what was in the woods. He knew he had crashed but when he was driving this boat he didn't see any island in sight. He must have floated a long way to get here.
He decided he had to build a type of shelter and find food very quickly. It looked like mid-day but he couldn't tell. Desmond then started his journey into the jungle. He found a couple of broken down trees and brought them to the beach. Then he started building. He created a teepee made of wood that sat next to one of the trees. It was getting dark now it was around five or 6. He decided that he would go to sleep now and find food in the morning.
He woke up on the soft sand of the beach and decided to go find some food. He once again entered the forest. He came upon berries but the only ones he picked were the raspberries because he knew they weren’t poisonous. He seen many snakes and spiders but none of them were to big for him to be afraid of. He had headed back to the shore with his pockets full of berries. He knew he could only survive a couple of days on berries. He had to find a way off this island. This was his next and biggest challenge.
He was gonna have to explore the island maybe there was someone on the island that could help him. Before he started on his journey he figured there was going to be animals, so he found a good tree branch that he could sharpen up and make into a spear. He finally headed out. It took him about an hour to reach the other side of the island, it was the same as the otherside. There was a beach and everything. He didn't see any animals or food so he decided to head back to his camp.
After about another hour he arrived at camp. What he seen made Desmonds heart leap. Everything was knocked over and half of his berries were gone. He was wondering what or who could have done this. He needed to spend less time thinking and more time putting his shelter backup because it was starting to rain.
He got his shelter back up and realized this was his time to get water. The only thing that he had from the crash was his canteen which he always keeps around his neck when he goes out to fish. He ran out from under the shelter and held the canteen up it took a while but the canteen was finally filled.
As soon as he got back in the tent he heard a roar. It was near so he jumped out of the shelter to see what it was. As soon as he did that he realized he messed up. He saw a bear about 15 feet away from him. He quickly grabbed the spear and the bear attacked. The bear leaped through the air and and jumped on him. He dropped the spear that's when lightning struck it was very loud and it scared the bear right off of him. The bear ran out of sight, and that's when pain exploded inside of Desmond. On his left leg and right arm there were huge gashes and as soon as he looked he passed out.
He woke up with pain stabbing at him. He almost immediately ripped of his socks and then gave himself a bandage that would slow down the blood flow. He was going to have to clean the wounds out. He started crawling towards the water but as soon as he passed a tree the sock on his arm got caught and ripped. He stumbled and that made the sock on is leg rip too. He was almost positive he was gonna die he was gonna give up till he decided he wasn't going to give in.
He made his way to the water and instantly put his whole body in. He took his shirt off and started  to clean the wounds. It was very painful but by the time he was done his leg had stopped bleeding and it was numb. His arm was still bleeding but he had managed to make it stop bleeding as much as he could. He gathered leaves and pine branches so that he could make a bandage for his arm and leg. The bandages weren't too comfortable but it would do until they heal. He knew he was going to have to keep energy in his body for the wounds to heal up so he ate berries all day till he fell asleep.
He woke up and headed to the water to wash his gashes. He still had to crawl because hi leg was still in pain. He quickly washed up and headed back. He could make a fishing pole. There was sticks and some string lying around so that was his next goal. He finished making the pole in about five minutes. He headed back to find dirt so he could look for bait. He found five worms on his journey and said that will be good enough. He bent a metal piece of his necklace and made it as sharp as he could.                                                                 
He then started to fish. He heard a quiet buzzing and was starting to get scared and then it got louder and he realized it was a boat he got really excited he was going to be saved.
“Help,” he screamed, “I'm over here.”
He heard the engine getting louder and he finally seen the boat. It was headed towards the beach. He started waving his hands and jumping up and down so they would see him. The boat arrived at the beach and the two police officers hopped out.
“We've been looking for you for five days,” said the officers.
“We got a missing report that you had crashed and your body was nowhere near the boat.”
“This island is three miles from where the boat crashed, you floated a long way.”
“Thank you, but I need some help I was attacked and I need these gashes to be stitched.”      
The officers brought him back to his town in California and took him to the hospital. He got bandaged up and went back to his home. His family was ecstatic once he walked in the front door. His family also asked a ton of questions about what happened and he told them everything. And after that experience he made a promise to himself that he would never go fishing or do anything out on the ocean alone.

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