Three Boys, One Problem

March 26, 2018
By strackat BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
strackat BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
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Honk! Honk!  Gosh dang it the bus beat me, again! I hope to heck dad doesn't wake up, he a had a long night.  The feel of the scratchy jeans with the holes in them don't feel to well as I am hiking them up. I head down the stairs one step at a time, right were the stair meets the wall so I don’t make one creeck, right when I feel my big toe hit the cold floor, I sprint to the door, well I tried, until I ran right into my father.
“God dang it you boy, a bear couldn’t wake you up!” I stand there with my eyes feeling like they are about to pop out of my head.
“Well, it’s not my fault I had to sleep on the roof last night because of your crazy party.” Right after I said that I knew I shouldn’t have said a word!
He threw me up against the wall, knocking the wind right outta me. The throbbing pain just creeping up my back, his hands are like a hammer pounding into my back, I could feel the blood slowly run down my back! As he is betting me, I can see Azure and Drake looking through the window, plugging their nose from the unpleasant sewer smell of the old, run down house. 
I quickly broke free and before i knew it, I was quickly catching up to Azure and Drake trying to get away from the house, I soon found out that is wasn’t very easy with the breath knocked outta ya.
“I can't stand this pain any longer, physically or mentally. I am gonna’ run, I’m gonna’ run far, and wide, or until I can’t feel my legs any longer, whichever comes first!  You gotta come?” You could probably  barely understand what I saying, I was so out of breath.
“I don't think this is such a good idea, Estelle, we are only 14!” Drake said with a nervous voice.
Luckley later, I talked him into coming in the exposition, Azure thought it would be nice to get away from home, school, life.
Later that night we left a letter for Mrs. Addington, she is always sitting in her creaky, old rocker knitting, or making cookies for only god knows who.

Dear Mrs. Addington,
My father was up all last night again,
I can’t sleep and therefore,  there is no reason to even go to school,
If I’m not going to comprehend any of it!
Sorry if it kept you up late. Also,
Surprised you couldn’t hear my yelling!
To cope with all of this I decided it it would be better if I just took a break,
I am taking two of my bestest friends along with with me.
Their is no need to worry, I will be back in four days,
If not back by then, call someone, anyone,
And tell them we are up in the mountains in Oregon.
I really don’t think that my dad would even notice. 

                               Sincerely, Estelle


We were off, into the pitch black, ghost still, night sky, with the howling of the moon dogs, not far in the distance. We had to be careful  with the townspeople, we didn’t want anyone to know that we were leaving. We started walking into the wondrous sunrise. Right when we started to get into the depth of the mountains, the sun was just starting to rise over the peaks of the mountains. The beauty of the sun's rays sparkling off the narrow creek would make you breathless.
The first thing we pronounced to do was build a safeguard.
“OUCH!” I have never heard Azure scream so loud.
“You are you alright?” Drake said in a very distressed voice.
  Sure enough that tough as nails kid screamed, “Yeah! Just a little bump of the foot.”
At high noon, we have gathered 20 logs and A LOT of leaves. They were all very dry, and the logs were very holo, with moss growing up them. It was a lot of physical labor to with hold, after we just ran away from home. Luckily, there was a little stream that was real close to where we were building so we didn’t have to worry about water. 
“Hey, Estelle, did you think of how we were going to get food? If I remember correctly we didn’t bring ANYTHING!” Drake proclaimed.
“Well, Umm, I’m not quite sure, do you have any experience with killing things?” I was actually quite concerned.
“Excuse me, I’m a city slicker just like you, but without the snazzy clothes,” Drake was also quite anxious.
“Guys, lets just take this one step at a time, lets get this shelter done, then we can worry about other things,” Azure said very reassuring.
I am sure all of us now have a strong earning for food. Although, I have gone as long time without food back home. It is way better out here for the most part, no one screaming at me. We are out here in the very luxurat amount of trees, just trying to prove something to ourselves and our parents. Anyway, I better get my mind off of hunger and family and start helping the guys, I mean it was my idea anyway. 
“Estelle, quit daydreaming and get over here and help us, you're the one who pulled us into this mess,” Drake said jokingly.
“I’m coming!” I yelled.
We stacked logs, three high, to get us off the Orgaon ground. Then, put leaves on top, right underneath a shady tree.
“It's a success! We have accomplished something that we have only seen done in a movie!” Drake was ecstatic.
I was too don’t get me wrong, but his breath.
I’m sure all of us reak, from head to toe, I know we ain’t looking to hot.
It was getting quite late and the sun was just starting to set, we are all ready for food, but don’t have very much strength. As the day was coming to a end, we decided to wait one more day, but first carve a little slit into the shady tree, that made up our shelter, counting the passing days.
“Azure are you alright?” Drake asked
“Yes, the hunger has gotten to my mind, I would prefer not to take about it.”
Azure, has loving parents that have even possibly even called the police back home, I have been jealous my whole life of that kid.
The sun's rays were shining through my eyelids, at that moment I knew that this was reality and we were living in the wild. The surprise of the shelter still being their with three boys on top was quite surprising. The weather was quite mild, and not too cold and not too hot. There was one major problem though, hunger.  I was hungry as a devouring flame, and POSITIVE that the other boys were too. We don’t have one clue how we are going to get any type of meat or berries. We don’t know how to tell if we find berries if they are poisonous or if somehow we get meat that it doesn’t have a disease.
“Hey, food, we need food,” Azure was very sure that we would die out here before the four days were up.
“Don’t be so worried we are men, we can do anything we put our mind to,” Drake has no idea that this is a huge problem, “Well I saw berries yesterday”
“Guys, this is a problem, we have no idea how to tell if something is poisonous or has a disease,” I said giving them the truth.
We are going to die out here, and no one will find us!” Azure was shook.
“Lets go gather some berries and and we will eat them all at once, so we will die together, I mean our life’s aren’t that great.”
No one said a word, the whole way there. The sun was just starting to to reach the peak of the day, and we could barely stand on your spasticity legs. Drake led us no to far from camp, and their they lay, the glories black berries. Just looking at them made my mouth water, there were hundreds and hundreds. We grabbed them by the handful! I could feel them travel down my throat into my stomach. People take this for granted, how could they, they just need a few days in the wild, keeps them humble. The shimmering stream that was next to our camp was nice and cold, I felt as if I were in heaven. As I was in the process of grabbing berries off the sharp thorns a bunny jumped right out, first thought in mind was are you okay little bunny? Did thorns hurt you? I then had to drill into my mind that this is life or death.
“Hey Drake, there is a rabbit over here,  we need more to eat than just berries,” I said quiet as a murder.
“We need a plan, I remember in third grade history class when the indians used to dig a hole in the ground and put leaves and such on top so the animals that they were catching don’t know that their is a whole there.”
“We need to think this through, would will we do when we catch it?” Azure was quietly.
“We will figure that out later, let's catch this thing!” Drake was ready for the challenge.
We dug a hole like dog, my fingernails were all dirt, and it took quite some time to get it deep enough so that little bunny can’t jump out! We used a lot of the leaves that were near by to build our shelter, so we had to adventure out of our comfort zone
“Holy comolli, there are rabbits everywhere, it’s rabbit heaven,” Drake said.
“I got leaves, coming through!” Azure exclaimed.
“Good thing we didn’t build it too wide, I think that will do!”
We then piled them on top of the hole, and gave up a few berries. Then, waited, and waited, and waited behind the berry bush. 
“There's one,” Azure said almost silently, “Now, just walk straight into the trap.
Crunch! The soul of the crunchy leaves falling into the hole with the rabbit on top was the best sound I have ever heard!
“We got him, we got him, we got him!” Azure was filled with joy.
I have absolutely no idea how this just happened!
“Well, how are we going to kill this son of a gun?” Azure said
Drake picked up a rock and started pelting it, it was trying to hop out of the hole, but didn’t have a chance. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.
“Now, pops another question, how are we going to skin the thing?”
“Drake, do you have anymore ideas?” I asked.
“Actually I do,” Drake was actually surprised with himself,”Lets get a flat rock and tear into the hide!”
That is exactly what we did and that work! Although it was a nightmare to smell the stench of when we cleaned that rabbit, it was so bad that we had to take turns!
“Drake one last problem, how are we going to cook the meat?” Azure said in a shaky voice.
“I don’t know that answer,” Darke said with a trembled face.
As the day turned into night we put another tally right next to the one we made the night before, it’s crazy to think that we have survived in the wild with nothing. We all decided to wait until morning to figure out the fire situation since it doesn't get cold at night.
  The freezing cold struck out of nowhere, it started and your toes and worked its way up your body, soon resulting in your head. There was no possible way to keep warm except tp huddle together, and the stench of all of us was not the ideal situation. It was still pitch black outside, except for the light of the moon and star, sparkling about. We had no idea how to even create a fire, we have tried just about everything.
“ I really can’t take this any longer, I think I may just start for the journey back home, we are going into the first stages of hyperthermia,” Azure was quite worried.
“There is no other way to say alive except to get our blood flowing,” Drake was starting to catch on that we have a 50/50 chance of not making it home.
We all decide if we want to make it back home we need to start now, we started walking in the opposite way of the sunrise. We walked through the enormous amount of trees, weaving in and out. We haven’t barely warmed up and we felt like ice. We soon started to see things that were familiar, the old church that sat on top of the hill, and the sight of the poorest house in the township, my house. I could smell the cookies that Mrs. Addington makes. As us boys reached her house she hugged us and filled us up with cookies and blankets.
  “You boys I was worried sick Azure your parents have been looking all over and even called the cops!”
Mrs. Addington never mentioned Drake and my parents being worried.
“You boys best be getting home,” Mrs. Addington demained.
We all walked home with out heads down, I was worried that I would get a worse betting than I did when  I ran away. Turns out I was wrong, he didn’t even notice.
As soon as I walk in the house he says, “Hey bud, how was your night out on the town?”
I don’t respond I just walk up to my unclean room.
I was more than ready to take a shower and change my clothes. I have never took a shower than five minutes, and I did not day! I then, changed my clothes, and went back outside. Drake and Azure were just about to knock on the door right as I opened it.
“We all smell way better, that’s a plus,” Drake stated.
“We sure do, lets go sit at the picnic table,” I asked.
The table had a bunch of bird poop on it and was barley a table, half if it was touching the ground. It was right next to the abandoned playground that only us boys played on when we were kids.
“We learned alot from this trip, and will use a lot of the skills later in life.” Azure was really thinking.
“We sure did, how about we make a club, for boys who want to learn how to live in the wild.” Drake was catching on.
“I think that is a wonderful idea,” I  shouted.
“Let's put posters around town and see if any more wants to join?” Azure presented, “let's make a scratch”

Does you son want to learn how to survive in the wild?
Bring him to the first lesson on june 16, 1999.
He will learn valuable life skills like,
how to make a fire,
Catch food,
Tell if berries are poisonous,
And MUCH,MUCH, more!

“Guy’s it looks great, lets go hang them up,” Drake explained.
“Hey, wait, what should we call this organization?” I asked the other boys.
“How about, Living in the wild, the guide to success?” Drake thought through the idea.
“What about the name, Azure, Drake, and Estelle’s life guide?”
“Would about boy scouts?” I asked.
“I think that is perfect,” We all agreed.
Drake and I didn’t stop until our hands hurt, Azure drews until his fingers hurt,  we soon put up 30 posters.  Three weeks later we had 20 people sign up! We then tought them how to be real men, and life. In. The. Wild.




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