The Way of Enemies

February 21, 2018
By niky_love2214 BRONZE, Enoch, Utah
niky_love2214 BRONZE, Enoch, Utah
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I never really spoke with Ali but I guess that's because I was always the person who stayed in the background, while outspoken Ali went around saying hi to literally everyone on the face of the Earth. She had only ever said something to me once. It was in 8th grade ( last year ), we were doing a science experiment and my long black hair, ( which always clashed with my vampire white skin and vibrant blue eyes), was draped across my shoulder in a braid, fell into some glue. Ali saw and said ¨Hey look guys,¨ as she looked across the room, ¨Vampire girls age is finally catching up with her,¨ she gasped ¨Did that glue have garlic in it?¨ The room burst out in laughter. I turned away and practically balled as I sprinted out of the lab. Glue in my hair and all.
I could use many words to describe Ali Savage. I mean there is the physical description of her, she is a redhead, green eyes, medium height, somewhat skinny, and pale but covered in freckles so it looks like she has color to her skin. Then there is the description of her personality bratty, popular, outgoing, but my favorite is meant headed, liar, son of a gun, spoiled rich, little brat! Ever since 8th grade she goes out of her way to point out any and all little flaws about me, she never said anything to me personally but every time I walked past her and her friends in the hallways she would whisper a whisper that is meant for everybody around to hear. I hated that little, spoiled rich, snobby BRAT! I never even thought that I would be trapped in a room with her.
All my problems started October 19, when I got off the bus from school. I was walking home, Ali and her little group of followers, who rode my bus, caught up with me. Ali pulled down on the handle on my backpack. Thud. I hit the ground hard. She snickered and started strolling down the street. Something inside of me snapped, I´m done with this, I thought. I ran to catch up with her, ¨Oh Ali¨ I sung. She turned around, I put back my arm. I released and as soon as I felt her nose under my fist, I started to smile and smirk when all of a sudden whack. Everything went black.
I woke up with my head throbbing, I was laying in my moms bed. How long had I been out, it was dark outside so that meant it was night, or was it morning. Why was my head hurting? I sat up with a start, my head hurt because Ali had hit me. Why would Ali do that she was never physical? She worked in tormenting your mind not by being physical. I could feel the heat rush into my cheeks and my eyes widen, had Ali only hit me because maybe I hit her. Then my dad burst through the door.
“Good you're awake,” he took a deep breath “Why would you punch Ali she one of the sweetest girls I know.”
That answered my question.
“Answer me.”
I groaned “Because dad she is a bully.”
He gave me a stern look “Are we even talking about the same Ali here.”
“Why don’t you believe me dad.” I sounded like I was on the verge of crying.
“Oh hunny.” he had noticed, he rushed over and sat down by me with a very depressing look in his eyes. “Then I guess this is probably a bad time to tell you that me, your mom and Ali's parents have been talking.” he layed me back down on the pillow. “About how we should send you two to the escape room so that you and Ali can learn to get along.”
I shot right back up “WHAT! Are you CRAZY.” I screamed
“Well no honey we just thought that it would be good for you and Ali to get along and work together as a team.”
“So you are crazy.” still screaming “do you want her to destroy what little self confidence I have left. Dad she's a bully and that's all she’ll ever be.”
“Casey America Trains.” I cringed at my full name, he continued, “you will do this with Ali, you will get along with her, and also have fun.”
I rolled my eyes. “But dad.”
“No buts.” he demanded “ it's already been payed for, its final.”
He stormed out of the room. I sat up it felt like I had heat stroke, I walked out of the room and headed down the hallway to mine. I walked into my room and headed over to my dark blue dresser that stood out against my neon green wall. I pulled out some bright purple pajama pants with a neon orange tank top. I sauntered over to my queen size bed which had a dark blue bedspread and a bunch of dark blue, fluffy pillows on it. I turned on my radio, snuggled into my bed, and drifted of into a deep sleep.
The sun glimmered through my window and gently begged for me to wake up. I layed in my bed never wanting to move, today was going to be like falling into a hole that no matter how hard you tried and tried you could never really climb out. I finally decided to get out of bed and put on a cute, maroon and blue plaid shirt that had black lace on the back, with some ripped dark blue jeans, and my black vans. I brushed my hair and put it up into a messy bun. Then layered my long thick eyelashes with mascara. I strolled out of my room and heard mom and dad talking down stairs. That's when it occurred to me that maybe what had happened last night was really just a dream. I smiled as I rounded the corner, I collided with not mom but Ali! Dang it, it was real all of it was real.
“Ouch” she started
I cut her off “What are you doing here?” I asked
She giggled “What am I doing here?”
“Yeah I’m pretty sure that's what I just asked. Or am I speaking a language you can’t understand oh wait that's right I am. I’m speaking english.”
She doubled over in laughter “I’m” she inhaled “here” exhaled “because you're taking me to the escape room silly.”
That’s when I noticed that one of her eyes was black, I smile at my work. We just stared at each other until dad said “Pancakes Anyone?’
Ali turned towards him and giggled “That’s why I came.” What I would give to clout that snobby gleam off her face.
“What I would give.” I mumble slowly.
We piled into the car, as we drove to the escape room me and Ali just glared at each other. I knew we were there we dad turned off the engine and said goodbye to me and Ali. As me and Ali walked in a larger woman came walking toward us.
“Hello are you two Ali Savage and Casey Trains?”
  “Yes I’m Ali and that’s Casey we are here to do the escape room.”
“ Well of course you are otherwise you would be in the wrong place now wouldn’t you.” She smiled at Ali.
“Ok so where do we go?” Ali sternly said
The lady just held her smile not letting herself get affected by Ali’s snootiness “Right this way your royal Highness.”
I was starting to like this lady. She walked into this hallway and turned to her right, opened a door, told us goodbye, and left. We started looking around and there was a note on the desk that read:
Welcome guest, sorry I’m out right now, there is something going on here maybe it's just the other workers getting to me or it is in the paranormal area. Anyway, your room key is in the umbrella bucket, thank you for staying with us and I hope you enjoy your stay.
“Umbrella bucket” Ali mumbled as she started looking around the room.
I spotted it in the corner next to a sign and sure enough the key was in it. As I stuck my hand into the bucket the sign lit up and said:
“Welcome to our amazing hotel we hope you enjoy your stay 7 - 9 - 6” it repeated itself over and over again.
“I think I found something” I mumbled
Ali whipped around her hair smacking her in the face. I burst out in laughter.
Ali smiled and said “You're very pretty when you laugh.”
I stopped laughing “Thanks” I blushed a little.
“So what did you find?”
“One, a code and two, our room key.”
“What’s the code?”
“7 - 9 - 6”
“Um, oh I think I saw a three number lock around here.”
“There it is.” I said as I pointed to a box with a lock on it
She ran over to the box, put the code in she stood up smiling and held up a piece of paper. Puzzle by puzzle we made our way out of the room.
We stood on the curb waiting for my dad to come and get us. When Ali suddenly started crying.
I gasped and looked over at her “What’s wrong Ali?”
“How are you even talking to me?” she weeped
“What?” I was so confused.
“All I have ever done to you is make fun of you. I guess I have always been jealous of you.”
“Why are you saying all this now? Also why be jealous of me?”
“Something broke in me when we were in the escape room and you laughed at me when my hair smacked me in my face I felt bad for all the times I had ever been rude to you. I am jealous of you because with your pale skin that has no freckles and your black hair that always looks good with your very blue eyes. Casey you're the only girl in the whole schools that is really truly beautiful.
I was stunned “Ali, the truth is” I said as I pulled her into a hug “I have always been jealous of you.”
She giggled and said “Thanks Casey”
We stayed like that until my dad came. To be honest though we didn’t notice he had pulled up, until he got out of the car and pulled us into a big bear hug.
“It’s so good to see you two get along, but come on break it up. We have to get Ali home.”
On the drive back home we filled dad in on what had happened at the escape room, though we left out what had happened on the curb. We pulled into my driveway, got out of the car and walked across the street like two turtles walking in quicksand. We got to her house, hugged, said goodbye, then I walked home.
Ali was a girl of many things but of after the escape room and the time on the she was so much more. We talked a lot at school, I became popular, but most of all I became friends with a girl that a week ago I would have ate 3 gallons of bugs before I even thought to be friends with. Oh and I did stop calling her a little, spoiled rich, snobby BRAT! Now she’s a little, spoiled rich, BEST friend, and she’s as good as it gets.

The author's comments:

This short storie was an assignment for my L.A. class that I took it and made something that I want any kids that have problems like Casey to learn 

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