The Savior

February 16, 2018
By FordUSA BRONZE, Troy, New York
FordUSA BRONZE, Troy, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill

Imagine you are on a farm baling hay, when all of a sudden you hear your farm animals in fear. What do you think? You don’t, you run over to them and notice that half of your barn is on fire. Your first thought is to call the fire department and you you do with no hesitation, but it will take them about 15 minutes to get there. There's nothing your able to to do except pray to the grace of god that the animals are fine.
       It has been 5 minutes and you can't wait anymore so without thinking you run in and try to gather all the animals. You grab all the animals except the cats and dogs, So you decide to run in again and by the time you do the barn is covered in flames and pitch black inside.When your inside you listen for the sound of the cats and dogs. When you finally get to the dogs you set them free and they run outside, you pick the cats up and put them in your jacket to protect them from the smoke. But as soon as you start walking to get out you hear the sound of crumbling wood. You look up up and notice that the barn is starting to collapse. While the barn collapses you start saying “ God please don’t let this be the end, please protect me in this hour of time I need you more than ever.” After he said the the barn had fully collapsed on him, he was buried in the rubal and mostly dead.
        A farmer from a couple miles away hears all the noise and decides to come down and check it out. When the farmer sees what had happened he calls some of his buddies to help out and take care of the animals. When the guys get there they just stare at the collapsed barn that is engulfed in flames. The guys bring their trucks, trailers, atv’s, excavators, backhoe loader, and some food for the animals. Shortly after the guys get there the fire department shows up.
         When the fire department arrives they discuss a plan to go through the rubal with the farmers and find the weakest points of the collapse. They figure it will it with take about 6 hours just to dig through ¼ of the barn. Everyone starts to pitch in, while the firefighters dig through the rubal the farmers pick up the rubla that the firefighters went through.One farmer rounded up all the animals and brought them to his barn. The fire department puts out the fire and work restless with the farmers to dig through the rubal.
         It has been about 8 hours digging through rubble and they have found nothing yet, they are halfway through and the fire department is thinking about leaving after about 9 hours of digging. The farmers don’t give up they try to convince the fire department to stay at least another hour. A farmer yells stop because of the fire that rose in the back of the rubal that hasn’t been dug through yet. The fire department puts the fire out but wonders about under the rubal if there’s a fire there. So they grab fire extinguishers and sprays underneath to be safe.
          After 2 more hours of digging the fire department decides to pack up and leave. About 20-25 minutes after the fire department leaves the farmers hear a voice come from the rubble. The farmers dig even harder now that they know there’s a person in the rubal.The farmers dig for another 3 hours and haven’t found that voice yet, they start arguing about going home or staying. They decide to stay and sleep in their trucks, they sleep for about 2 hours but got woken up by the smell of smoke, the rubble was on fire again. The farmers call the fire department to put out the fire. Once they arrive they talk about how they were there earlier and couldn’t find anyone. The farmer explains how they heard a voice earlier and couldn’t find it. The fire department puts the 2nd fire out and decides to stay and search again, while the fire fighters finish putting the fire out they hear a voice from the rubal.
           The firefighters and farmers work harder to get to the back of the collapsed barn. The farmers keep picking up rubble while the firefighters go through it. The firefighters end up making it to the end of the barn. All the rubble is picked up but a pile of fallen beams, the firefighters and farmers are confused about where the voice came from. A farmer noticed a hand in the pile of beams. They quickly got the beams off of the guy and put him on a stretcher and load him up in an ambulance and bring him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they have to perform CPR, they get a pulse and keep him stable. When they get to the hospital they guy is rushed into emergency surgery. The guy was found to have internal bleeding, a hematoma, 4 broken ribs, a fractured skull, broken leg, and a broken back. The doctors say he’s lucky to be alive but it will be a long road ahead of him. A few hours after surgery he wakes up and the first thing he says is” how are the animal”, he doesn’t ask how he's doing or is he will make it. The farmers tell him that they are fine and safe. The firefighters ask him his name and he says his name is farmer Dan. Farmer Dan is gracious for the people who saved his life but the farmers thank him for saving god's creation of animal. The firefighters ask Dan hat made him go in the barn when it was on fire he said he didn’t think about fear that he thought about the animals.
        It has been 2 years since farmer Dan has been in the hospital, Dan made a full recovery and is feeling great. Farmer Dan decided to build another barn that is twice as big as his old one. I takes about 14 months to build the new barn, once it was built dan had fit his 87 animals in it but had room to fit 200 more animals. Dan didn’t know what to do with the extra space until he got the idea of making it into an animal sanctuary to help animals who don't have a home if their owner is hurt like what happened to him.
       Dan ended up in the newspaper for his new barn. He told reporters about how his old barn was on fire and collapsed on him and how if those farmers didn’t help him and his animals that his animals would have died of hunger.Dan said that he would do it again if his animals needed to be saved. People called Dan a hero and a savior for risking his life to save his animals. That's how dan got his nickname The Savior. Dan says “ IF YOU CAN SAVE SOMEONE SAVE THEM BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU WILL BE SAVED”.

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